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Do you sometimes think about how much Bakugou and Kirishima care about one another and how they both are so supportive of the other and how they make the other become a better person/hero and how good and wholesome and healthy their relationship is and cry? Because I do, everyday

At least two times a week dear anon :’)

Thank you and ooh don’t say that! I’m so weak for when one of them needs to protect the other. I might try and excuse the self indulgency with this ask haha~

Thank you so much! It’s always an honor to be part of the favorite list!


Character design of my OCs for my portfolio

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Kinda weird that people are making gifs of Jackson’s niece… like I know he shared the video but weren’t y'all just saying how we need to respect his/his family’s privacy? Like maaaaaaybe I can understand gif-ing the clips w jackson actually in it but like… that’s a small child

So I keep thinking about Branch post-movie dealidng with anxiety and possible PTSD when it comes to Burgens and feeling guilty that he doesn’t trust them, but his job is to help the Burgens and Trolls get along, and he’s good at it but it takes a toll on him and he ends up having a Panic attack of some sorts and Poppy helping him realize that emotions aren’t bad, and that learning how to accept emotions besides happiness is an important lesson for all trolls because she doesn’t want anyone to feel alone like Branch did as a kid.

I’m not the best writer but this is how I imagine it ending up

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i like the idea of Minato wielding more than one weapon at once