happy flipper

some shows give christmas specials- i think we need a mr. robot special that’s just happy. “oh shayla is alive! elliot is happy! flipper and qwerty are safe and taken care of! everyone loves everyone and it’s all joy!” because they could simply reveal it as a hallucination in season two but at least we could have some happiness for a teeny bit.

Constants//Variables [Elliot Alderson x Reader]

Author’s Note: YOU GUYS. I FINISHED WATCHING THE SEASON FINALE OF MR. ROBOT RIGHT BEFORE I STARTED WRITING THIS. My mind was blown so many goddamn times I’m surprised I can still think straight. 

Word Count: 1,864 (I was hoping to at least reach 2,000 with this one, but this works too.)

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Made my first ever tumblr collage edit dedicated to the lovely Elijah Wood when I was bored and can’t stop thinking about the bae. 😍😍😍
There are way more pictures I wanted to add but this is the size as far as it could go.

Turtlebaek by EXObubz

Swimming across thousands of miles is no easy task, but Turtlebaek knows that he can’t give up. When his daddy said, “Tell papa I love him and I miss him. Make sure he eats the food I packed him,” Turtlebaek knew that he must get to his papa.

When he sees the island of Micronesia, he knows he has made it. He is lucky. He sees his papa at the shore attempting to catch fish, but as soon as he arrives on shore, the filming crew is done filming and are taking a break.

“Papa,” turtlebaek whispers. “Papa.”

Chanyeol looks around to see if anybody is around him. Then when he is sure, he starts looking down. “Turtlebaek, is that you?”


Chantelle smiles when he sees the turtle poke out of the water. “What’re you doing here, baby? Papa’s working.”

“I know,” Turtlebaek shyly says, “but daddy told me to come over and visit you.”

“How is daddy?” Chanyeol asks.

“Daddy’s fine,” Turtlebaek says, nodding his tiny head. “He said he misses you. Oh! Papa, make sure you eat daddy’s food.”

“I know, I will,” Chanyeol assures. When he hears the crew calling him, he pets Turtlebaek with a finger. “Swim back home now, okay? Be careful. Tell daddy I love him.”

“Okay,” Turtlebaek says before asking, “papa, can you pick me up?”

Chanyeol laughs. “Of course! Come here, baby.”

Grunting, he picks up Turtlebaek and Turtlebaek puts on the happiest face in the world. As he is flapping his flippers in happiness, a crew member catches the moment on camera.