happy flashbacks

I really want a movie where there’s this Dark Brooding Male Hero who’s like, a total badass, and during all the fight scenes he keeps getting flashbacks to happy images of his wife, and like his whole narrative is framed around his wife, and all the other heroes on his team know that he’s got this passion and vengeance and think it all has to do with his dead wife… but then near the end of the movie his wife shows up and he’s like “hey babe” they’re all shocked and they’re like, “Wait I thought all your power and passion came from avenging your dead wife?” and he’s like “no bro, I just really love my wife, she’s really cool, she’s what keeps me going” like… a reverse fridge


“Maybe I can’t be like father or you, but I want to become capable in my own right”.

Precious eyepatch!Ciel in chapter 132 

ryan coming back to sit next to lindsay after she yells that she just wants someone to sit next to her added thirty years to my life


black sails ladies meme // favorite scene/moment: miranda enjoying a moment of happiness while gardening


mattelektra week | day one
favorite episode: kinbaku (2x05)

See, I think you’re dying on the vine of this tight-ass party because daddy’s money can’t buy you the one thing you really need. And what’s that? The unexpected.

Hi, I just wanted to remind you all that I will ship Solangelo until I die and then you can try to pry this beautiful ship from my cold dead hands and fail miserably


Different press conference, same boredom.

“Keith means a lot to Shiro too”

I can´t wait to have a backstory that explains more about Shiro´s feelings for Keith. What is it that got him interested in “never giving up on him”? What is it that he saw in Keith that nobody else did? I know the series might probably come up with something like Shiro being interested in Keith because he had a lot of potential back at the Garrison, but there must have been something else, something more personal and emotional that made him want to bond with Keith.

I can imagine all the good things Shiro appreciates from Keith, but at this moment I would like the series to explore that relationship from Shiro´s perspective!

What made Shiro want to stay at Keith´s side and help him and support him when nobody else did?

Klance Fluff because I killed Lance last time <3

Keith rested his head on Lance’s chest. He heard the Cuban’s heartbeat and sighed in content.

Lance, in turn, wrapped his arms around the smaller, resting his head on the other.

They somehow always found each other like that.

This time it was Kieth who was curled on the floor.

He had been thinking of his Galra heritage, about how Lance might leave him. How he was a monster in everyone’s eyes.

Lance, who wanted to see his boyfriend, was startled to say the least. He rushed to the floor where Keith sat curled in a ball and gathered the older in his arms.

Keith automatically threw his arms around the Cuban, sobbing into his shoulder.

Lance rubbed Keith’s back and muttered small comforts and hummed a couple lullabies his mother once sang.

When Keith started to calm down, Lance picked the black haired male up and carried him onto his bed and that’s where they were now.

In each other’s arms, listening to heartbeats