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Is cultist Ciel a sociopath? Is he a BB version of The Omen's Damian? Was he responsible for the death of Vincent and Rachael, the attack on Tanaka, and the family's mansion burning down? Was he also a part of the original cult's kidnapping? Or was he brainwashed by them?

Honestly, at this point, it’s hard to pinpoint much about real!Ciel. You have this kid who seems mostly sweet and happy and memories and flashbacks, but he was also the one who shoot Prince Soma and helped to orchestrate Agni’s death. He’s cold and evil. Could this always have been the case?

A lot of sociopaths can appear charming, so there’s a chance that real!Ciel was always evil and corrupt. Our!Ciel just never saw his brother that way or he ‘constructed’ a set of memories so that he had a loving, kind brother. I’ve seen other fans theorize he could have always been as he is now - and he might have killed his parents, attacked Tanaka, killed Sebastian (the dog not the demon), and set the manor on fire. The idea that he could be so cruel and calculating is an interesting one. It could explain why our!Ciel thought he had to act so cold. He was trying to act like his brother

The only thing I find odd is that he was part of the cult. Unless all the flashbacks are wrong, he was tortured and killed on the altar. I doubt that could have been a part of his plan. Perhaps he had been working with them and they betrayed him, or they were simply in the area when the mansion caught fire.

Call me crazy, but I like the idea that he was always a bit of a bad seed. Vincent was raising what he thought was the next Watchdog, but he was really raising his killer.

Could our!Ciel be brainwashed? Yes. We don’t know anything about where he’s been for 3 years or all that’s happened to him. By all accounts he should be dead, so maybe this is why he appears so evil and cruel.

Honestly, there’s little to go on at this point. He could have been a good, loving child and most of the memories show him at least being good to his brother. At the same time, he might have always been dark and cruel. Of the two, I sort of like the second idea better, but I’m not sure which it will turn out to be.

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Different press conference, same boredom.

i wish i could relate to the dream of being free from my abusers and one day sitting at a cafe, bathed in sunlight, spending time with a loved one and eating croissants

but i know from my times at cafes with loved ones that mid-embrace, in the warm sunlight, surrounding by people i love and trust, at any moment i can and will suddenly convulse under the power and pain of a flashback

the most i can hope for is a warm hand to rub my back while i writhe and scream. nothing more

We have the perfect opportunity for Pre Kerberos flashbacks in Season 3, and I’m being completely serious about this. We’ll probably see the team struggling emotionally without Shiro being there. And Keith is supposed to fly the Black Lion, he’s supposed to be the head of Voltron. With the character development he got in S2 it’s unlikely that the writers will ignore how Shiro’s disappearance has affected him. And the thing is we don’t know specifics about what they were, how they met, how Shiro changed his life? And “changing his life” is something they can’t just ignore…

Keith won’t just be thrown off by suddenly leading the team. The others are probably going to question his orders in the beginning. Lance will probably challenge his judgement. (He’s a good balance to Keith though). I kinda think that Keith would ask Allura to fly Black at first, but no, Black trusts him. And Allura has to be at the castle. She can’t. Black won’t listen to anybody else. He has no choice. And he also has to (feels the need to) live up to Shiro’s expectations. With all that happening we HAVE to have a scene where he’s just alone and thinking back to when they first met.

  • Obi-Wan: Five years ago, The Council said we had to start a recycling program for Earth Day so Anakin took the lead on that and introduced us to a very close friend of his named Recyclops.
  • Anakin (in flashback): Happy Earth Day, everyone. I’m Recyclops. Did you know that an old milk carton can be sawed in half and used as a planter?
  • Obi-Wan: The next year he really stepped things up.
  • Anakin (in flashback): Who has put a number seven plastic in a number four bin?
  • Obi-Wan: A year after that Recylcops really began to take shape.
  • Anakin (in flashback): Recylops will drown you in your over-watered lawns.
  • Obi-Wan: Then tragedy struck Recyclops when his fictional planet was attacked by some other fictitious thing...I can’t remember.
  • Anakin (in flashback): Recyclops will have his revenge.
  • Obi-Wan: I think this was also the year he renounced Earth Day and vowed to the destroy the planet he once loved.
  • *Present Day*
  • Ahsoka: Oh my God, you guys, look. It’s Recyclops.
  • Anakin: Recyclops destroys! [starts tearing through the camp]
  • Cody: Oh, is today Recyclops Day?
  • Anakin: Yes.
  • Cody: I thought you were killed by Polluticorn.
  • Anakin: Polluticorn wishes. [starts spraying the office with something]
  • Rex: That’s aerosol spray. It’s terrible for the environment.
  • Anakin: Humans are terrible for the environment.
Olicity 5x20 - Flashback or Present?

I know that some Olicity goodness will happen on 5x20.

The guy that spoiled 5x10 says it’s going to be sex and a talk.

No one seems to know if it’s present S5 or Flashback to S4, the only clue is a bit cryptic “Not today but present time”.


Either way I’m okay with it. Why?

1. If it’s present S5 and it’s a twist on S3 (Big if’s) then they won’t be together at the end of the episode and it will be as painful and glorious as 3x20. 

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And then, chances are, comes a hellish 21 that, excluding S1, is always as painful as it can get.

2. If it’s flashback to S4, which to me may be considered “present” because it’s not 5 years ago, knowing the show, they rarely give you something in Flashback that doesn’t reflect similarly on the present. So my hope will build up on having an Happy Olicity at the end of this.

3. It’s not the first time SA seemingly innocent comment turns out to be true so maybe this is just another example and we will have a Flashback to Summer of 2016 ( @almondblossomme @nalla-madness theory)

And he was using S4 GA gear for 5x20 shooting yesterday. So maybe it is a Flashback to S4 or Summer 2016.

4. As being a Flashback may save me some pain that I will have if the Writers are making a 3x20 parallel and considering #2 of the list, I think I can handle it if it’s not present time. 

5. I want Olicity to be a Real adult relationship (like Dyla), to build that kind of relationship, taking the point of almost no communication Oliver and Felicity are in, 4 episodes don’t seem like enough and I rushing it will spoil a bit of my fun. So, yeah, I’m okay if it’s just Flashback to S4.

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Chapter 538: Gruvia Thoughts

I hope you anons don’t mind being grouped together.

Yes, I did read the chapter, and I feel the same way, anon #2, I was VERY comforted by the moment with Gray, but I’ll get into that more in a bit.

As for my thoughts, anon #1, technically my thoughts are “!!!!!!!AGGUHGGYFTDDTGUH!!!!!!” haha!

But more articulately, I reblogged a bunch of posts that did a wonderful job explaining everything I also feel about the chapter and that moment. ^__^

So, I’m just going to expand on some things from my POV. But first I have to mention a headcanon I shared with my friends a couple of weeks ago, about what I WISH would happen after the book of END stuff was wrapped up, and that’s also partly why I’m so happy with this!

Basically, after Natsu and Lucy had their angsty moment, I wanted Gray to excuse himself (because all the other ships had their privacy during their angst, so Nalu need it, too) by saying, there’s someone he needs to go find. And hearing this, Lucy and Happy (and maybe Natsu) cheekily ask “Juvia?”And that stops Gray in his tracks, and with a bit of tsun he admits blushingly, yes Juvia, there’s something he needs to tell her. 

So, the above is what I WANTED, but I was 1000% sure we wouldn’t get any of that. Because why would Mashima be that nice during such a long drought of Gruvia? 

But INSTEAD, we got THIS. THIS THIS THIS!!!! This is SO MUCH BETTER than what I was dreaming of. Gray didn’t need to be prompted to mention Juvia. When talking about what they wanted to do now, he admitted ON HIS OWN TRUTHFULLY that he wanted to apologize PROPERLY to Juvia! This is what has been on his mind. This is the first thing he thinks about. It feels so gooooodd. ;_;

Not only that, but an APOLOGY! WHAT-NOW-HUH?! 

OK, so I think most gruvia fans ever since Avatar have been DYING for a proper apology from Gray. We never got it. And after everything that happened in this arc, especially Lost Iced Shell, we’ve been craving another one. But, for me? I had NO HOPE for an apology. Not a bit. 

So, the fact that a mention of ANY apology was made, already I’m floored, and so happy. Yes, the flashback panels we got were of 499, but you know what? That’s fine to me, because I did want Gray to talk to Juvia slightly about 499 before running off after Zeref, and we never got it. So, I’m going to be happy with anything Gray chooses to apologize for at this point. 

And I LIKED seeing those 499 panels, because it reemphasized that there’s unfinished business there. It’s obvious Gray still feels terrible about hurting Juvia, even though he couldn’t help it. And he probably feels the worst about not being able to save her/prevent her death, while she was able to save his life. We know Gray has this feeling of failure hanging over him, over the lives lost on his account, or because he felt powerless to prevent them. Juvia, as we saw from his reaction after her “death” was a BIG one for Gray. That RAGE. That GRIEF. And what they made him DO against, not just his enemies, but also his FRIENDS. 

So, an apology? Any apology? BRING IT. It’s already more than I hoped for, and that is brilliant. YES PLEASE. Also, as @thatsvicchan mentioned, it IS a parallel to when Juvia wanted to apologize to Gray about “killing” his father in Tartarus, and THAT lead to my favorite Gruvia moment EVER, the boob hug lol. SO, I have really high hopes for this, because not only are we starting off from Gray’s side this time (he wants to find HER for ONCE), but we know it’s going to end up with CANON GRUVIA. We got a hug last time, sooo can we please have that KISS?! They need it. They deserve it. And so do we!

Now, probably my other favorite thing about this moment, is Gray’s FACE. THAT FACE!!!! That face is EVERYTHING. Some people mentioned Gray looks like he’s blushing, but I just see dirt. Gray is nervous (hence the awkward scratching of his face), and excited (hence the SMILE). Like @dooshiedoosh mentioned, that face is getting ready for WAY more than just an apology! 

Gray knows what he’s getting ready to do, and I love that there’s a nervous kind of energy about him. It’s something he’s looking forward to. It’s something he WANTS to do. He NEEDS to do. This is about his feelings. His emotions. What he’s been holding off on since at least the time he and Juvia were living together IMO. He told her to wait for his answer in 453. He was ready then. He’s even more ready now. This is his future he’s about to embrace, and that face is perfection. It just is. 

Smiley, nervous Gray thinking about Juvia, and wanting to talk and apologize to her. This is what came to his mind when thinking about what HE wants to do when this war is over. Juvia is his top priority, and conveying his feelings to her is his top priority. And I’m just so excited we got this reminder, because I know we wont get anything Gruvia-wise until Natsu (poor Natsu!) and Lucy (poor Lucy!) deal with whatever happened at the end of this chapter. Not to mention that Time Lapse crack (if Ichiya drops out of it, I’ll laugh so HARD).

Anyway, did I really just ramble THIS MUCH about just TWO panels in the new chapter? Yes, yes I did. Because I’m just that immensely happy haha. It feels so nice to be surprised with something more than you’d ever think you’d get for your ship. And it gives me such hope for canon, because if this is what we get when Gray is away from Juvia, imagine when he finally gets to talk properly with her? Within two months, IT’S HAPPENING. BRING IT ON!