happy festivities


okay so you know how stranger things and parks and rec are both set in indiana,,well I’m convinced that everyone from hawkins visited pawnee to go to the harvest festival in 1983


{ 03.04 } 国木田 花丸 。.:*♡

Happy Birthday Hanamaru ( ´ ∀ `)

September 3, 2017

Beyoncé with Michelle Williams, Chad Johnson, and the Roc crew in the Roc Nation VIP tent as the crowd sings Happy Birthday to her, per Jay-Z’s request, at Made In America day 2 in Philadelphia.

They sang the traditional version then the Stevie Wonder version. Jay-Z demanded that those who don’t know the Stevie Wonder version, don’t sing, lol.

“Shoutout to my beautiful B in the house tonight. Happy birthday my love.”

“We’re gonna pay respect to the queen and give her a proper happy birthday.” 

“Don’t fuck this up because I gotta home.” Haha.


what do you mean this didn’t happen?!? (7O      A  O)7

a stupid, fluffy promptis comic because - even though the main story’s ending was JANKY AS FUCK - i’m still really loving the new festival! (^     O ^) One of my favourite little things about both of the FFXV festivals has been the confetti!!!! i don’t know if it’s something anybody else even notices or cares about~ but i LOVE CONFETTI!!!! though~ honestly, it’d be a huge mess and really, it’s probably a to have that much! LOL! LOL! ALSO! i’m glad they made up for Prompto not being able to go to the Chocobo festival by having Prompto be with you ALL THE TIME in this one! LOL! LOL! LOL! XDDD