happy farmer


Seems these old hills
They keep on calling
Clouds ‘round here talk
Man I been listening


I’ve had such an incredible weekend! I’ve been at my sisters and the weather has been beautiful, its finally starting to feel like summer 🌻🍃

• we’ve spent the afternoon and evenings in their backyard, had a bonfire and admired the thin crescent moon
• crafted fascinators and went to a Victorian tea
• had bbqs both nights, my sister even bought meat free alternatives and lots of vegetables
• we’ve been spotting tadpoles and frogs in their pond plus some little ones that still have their tails
• we walked to the farmers market down the road and bought fresh fruit and produce, I also found the most gorgeous amethyst ring there!
• her lilac bushes are in full bloom and whenever I go out to medicate I always stop to smell them
• plus there was a thunder storm late last night & in the hours leading up to it we were able to catch flashes of lightning off in the distance through the patio doors
• and while I was meditating before bed it started pouring too, I just love the sound
• uhm I feel like there’s so much more but oh well! I hope you all had an absolutely amazing weekend and appreciate every little thing too!! 💓


Well, I do believe that’s a head shot, Mrs. Woodhull.

Classical Pieces You’ve Heard but Might Not Remember the Name #3

And yet another!

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anonymous asked:

Just wanted to take a moment to wish all of your OCs whom are dads a happy father's day :)

OH ANON this is so lovely!! ;__; i’m really not doing my best drawing today but ah

this ask made me realize that the only one of my OCs who is a dad is rook! ;v;<3 i imagine he and rj have very love-filled dad’s days haha..

(oh also.. i guess if cat dads count, saintly too:

he loves his cat a lot)

thank you for sending such a sweet message! ;3; i hope you don’t mind quick scribbles, but i really wanted to draw something for this!