happy fangirl moments

Who would have known...

…that aside from hiatus scruff, freckles, longer hair and just the most gorgeous green eyes, there would be a point where I would also just sit here with heart eyes because of Jensen Ackles’ ankles showing during a photo shoot. Why is it the most random things that make him just infinitely more attractive? :’) I mean it’s Jensen so he could probably walk around in fuzzy bunny looking like slippers all day and on the red carpet and I’d melt, so that’s that… :) But seriously, this man has it all: immeasurable talent for acting and singing, being an absolute sweetheart, rocking an amazing clothing style and having a wonderful sweet little family.


I have to post now because I’ll be in my fave city tomorrow with my best friend celebrating Odaiba day there! :)
I hope you all have a great day and you’re fine! ♥

Btw, do you celebrate the 1st august? If yes, how? Tell me, I wanna know :3

Happy Odaiba day! ♥