happy fandom easter

I was formed by war,
Molded by death,
Forged from impossible decisions,
And broken by the weight of it all

You were sculpted by chaos,
Chiseled by destruction,
Hardened by incomprehensible loss,
And destroyed by the people you love

I look at you after it is finished,
See that you are also in fragments,
Mere remnants of the person you once were,
And I find that all of your remaining pieces
Align perfectly with mine

—  Pieces, by @as-inevitable-as-morning
IHFAP #87 : Easter Edition

Hey Dragonites! Happy Sunday and I hope that you all have a fabulous Easter!

As a Christian, Easter Sunday does so much in reinvigorating my faith and bringing me back to what really matters in my life–my relationships with my family, friends, and Jesus. Easter is the ultimate sign of new beginnings and new life. Even if you’re not religiously aligned, aren’t a Christian, or are even just unsure, I pray that today you are able to take a breath and connect to who or what really matters to you. Whether that be individual people in your lives or even something like a hobby of yours that always feels like a breath of fresh air in the storm of daily anxieties, pursue it! Because when all the fluff and stress of the daily routine fades away slowly but surely, it’s where you devote your time and heart that reveals who you truly are.

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Bel’s Easter / Festival of Chocolate Appreciation Post

So today is one of my favourite days of the year. I get to run around like a 5 year old competing with the rest of my family in a race to find chocolate hidden in our garden. Then a) I have chocolate to eat whenever I feel like it, b) we sit down to evenly divide up our eggs and eat freshly made hot cross buns, c) there is always coffee.  

So I feel like it’s the perfect time to say thank you / i love you to some of my favourite people. This is not in any particular order btw. 

My Parabatri: @ladymatt & @blj2007 * - I think you both know how much I love you <3 you inspire me and are just the sweetest and most wonderful friends so thank you <3

My Squad / Actual Rays of Sunshine: Laura @ithilien-writes *, Elena @claryfire, Sas @dorkberto *, Emma @fraywoodbane *, Chaon @jigthejiggetyjigger , Tate @mattlightwood *, Jessie @sfjessii *, Liv @hoteldumorts *, @bloodyinspiredmalace *, Sara @vildlien, Em @andrewminyardy

Super cute people I love & should talk to more often:

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People who inspire me & are awesome:

* Exceptional Writers: @lecrit , @jezthemadficster , @abloodneed , @highwarlockkareena , @chairmanmeow-and-church , @otppurefuckingmagic , @lemonoclefox , @hufflebee , @clockworkswans , @oncethrown , @sweetillusionketz , @m-aleciseverything , @drakamena 

Amazing Artists: @shirmir , @littleartbot , @artmaristorck , @mortallwarlock , @su-pectrum, @mundanelion , @notbeingcryptic 

<3 ILYSM <3

SHERLOCK - :Easter is Stupid, John!:
Markers and pens on cardstock, PSCS3. (new window for hi-res)

Second pic for my “get this done quick for FanartFriday and Easter” upload tonight, this one for my SHERLOCK followers! Was feeling a bit down, decided to do a bit of chibi-art :D Here’s Sherlock and John “celebrating” Easter with their bunny ears, egg painting, and a special guest appearance from Bluebell the Rabbit-Who-Looks-Like-A-Cat.

Sherlock’s not a big fan of the bunny ears I guess. He’ll wear them for John, though. Not sure if the Brits celebrate Easter like Canadians / Americans do, but just humour me because I love drawing grumpy-but-not-really Sherlock. Cheers, all :) Have a safe and happy long weekend!

Join me for Fanart Friday on Friday Nights right here on Tumblr between 8 and 8:30 pm! NEXT FF is APRIL 25, 2014! I TAKE SUGGESTIONS! :D


*doots a trumpet* AND HERE WE HAVE IT!!!! MY BRS SONA (AKA THE EDGIEST THING ALIVE) and yet they look so fucking cool look how tall they are
i actually had a lot of fun designing LMG (it took me all yesterday morning 

i was messing around with ttob on skype and now LMG only speaks in emoticons like a fukin weeb but they usually wear a monotone expression and they fucking talk out the emoticon

its horrible