happy famiy

Babe, just say nothing. For me you was the true love. Now you left me and I am drowning in my tears, so I say to you sweetheart, I will miss you until the end. Trough my tears I wrote a letter for you; Once again it happend, again captive in emotions. I remembered everything by searching for some love beats. I must thought about, actually I do it everyday. The other day some less then the other, shit it’s hard for me. I see your laugh, and feel like shit, since you left me, I felt into a hole. And it’s weird but true, and I know you want me too, but your dad forbid it. Because he hated me, and you left me, if you loved me that much then you couldn’t be done with it, couldn’t you invent things, then lies wouldn’t came, as like you did before. Now I know what you want, but why you are with them if I can give you everything? As like I gave always, I have fought for us two. Even thought I was the junk, you was the love of my life. You are my number one, and nobody can replace that, nobody can give me, what you gave to me. I got love so right. So why you left? Your family wanted it cuz I wasn’t good enough. Why not good enough? Have I ever hurt you? Have I ever lied, or hit you, just tell me? They thought I was a criminal because I used to be like that. Crazy things from the past, which I already wasn’t bizzy with anymore. And you knew it, but you just let it happen. You were scared cause your dad endangered to set you out of the house. That’s why you left, and did you chose for an idiot who earned money well. So your dad is now satisfied. Your famiy is happy but if you look to yourself, then you arn’t happy cause I don’t stand by your side. So why you are waiting? And don’t choose for someone else. I will always wait for you, cause you don’t want somebody else. Babe, just say nothing, for me you was the true love, now you are gone and I am drowning in my own tears. Recently there are days that I want back to us together, but you don’t want me back so I don’t live for later. And I am sorry for all my faults babe, you have to believe me. I get crazy without your smile and the light in your eyes. Everyday is a fight because I have to live without you. Trough all my tears, I wrote this for you.
—  Mella - door me tranen heen. (dutch rap song)