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god shut up misha/cas is still a minor character no one cares about him

Sorry nonnie – 

I can’t 

hear you

over all the love

all the concern

all the care

(let’s throw in a prolonged/reversed version just for good measure)

all the acknowledgement/validation

Or, perhaps I’m whipping this outta thin air and Misha actually is so minor, eh? 

‘As executive producer Andrew Dabb told TVLine in our Fall TV Preview, “death is not the end for Castiel. It’s a part of his story. That being said, he’s more dead than people usually get on our show when we pick up our season. Castiel has a big role to play for us, but that may not be as soon as some people are hoping.”’

*Jensen’s chainsaw ripping through your hate*

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I love the foster sibling au! I was wondering if it was still when Percy/Piper was a demigod or not because maybe then Tyson could get to meet Piper? He'd be such a good big brother to her perhaps! Anyway have a good day :)

still not sure about the au, but this idea was just too cute to pass up. tyson and percy would be the BEST big brothers. 

“you have your mother’s eyes” 

Lily stood there with her back straight, tears streaming down her face. Her arms spread wide out, as if that will protect the infant that was behind her in the crib. She looked up, into the face of the intruder. Searching, hoping, for a flicker of hesitation. Instead, all she saw was a smile. Perhaps even a laugh, she did not know. She could only hear her own cries. “Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!”. She was begging, hoping, he would comply. In that moment, her vision was blurry. She wanted to turn around and kiss Harry one more time, wanted to tell him how much she loved him….”Please … have mercy … have mercy…”.  One more kiss, one more look, one more moment. “Please”. The last thing she saw was a green light coming towards her. 

“you have your mother’s eyes”

Harry looked into the face of his opponent. His back straight, but his body aching. His clothes having stains of dried blood. He must die. It must end. He did not say a word. He couldn’t. Instead, he pictured Ron and Hermione. His best friends. The ones he dreamed of having during his childhood, when Dudley and his friends laughed at him. His two best friends who stuck by him, who protected him. He pictured his parents, whom he saw moments ago. He knew they were beside him. His mother was likely standing in front of him, like she had done years ago. But this time, it was Harry’s turn to protect those he loved. Ginny’s face popped up into his vision. When he had seen her in the castle, he wanted to hug her. Have one last moment with her. One last kiss. He straightened his back again, and looked into his opponent’s red eyes. He saw the mouth move and a flash of green light, and everything was gone.


NARUTO X HINATA | 2014-2015

it is almost the first year anniversary of naruto and hinata being officially made endgame. since then, our fandom has been blessed with a ridiculous amount of naruto x hinata and uzumaki family. what a glorious year it has been! thank you, kishimoto! ♡

“You know Bruce,” Dick started oh-so-casually, “you can never replace my father.” he looked completely calm, as if he did not just drop a bomb by saying that.

Bruce felt a pang of hurt at those words, though he was quick to push it aside. Instead, he said, “I know, Dick.” Better be his aloof self than letting Dick know how much those words wounded him.

Dick shook his head, his neutral mask was cracking, his emotions were showing. First and foremost, there was impatience. “You don’t get it, Bruce. You’re my dad, but you can’t replace my father.”

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I saw this text post talking all about noodle going to school when she was young and how the boys would do to the pta meetings, soccer games, ect ect. So could u write a little bit about her life during school and the roles the boys would play. Thanks

(So I’ve written a little scenario of a PTA, well just a meeting with a teacher, I really hope you like it! It is short but cute, I think. Not as much 2D as I would’ve liked.)

Murdoc was clutching Noodle’s tiny hand as they walked down the empty halls of the school. It always felt slightly like an alternative reality when one walked down empty halls where there usually were loads of people. Noodle knew that being here with your parents, especially when no one else were, was only a bad thing. She looked to the floor, not saying anything as Russel followed behind them. Murdoc had yelled something at 2D, who was still sitting in the car as if he wasn’t allowed to go with them. It was obvious, he didn’t like it by the frown on his face as Noodle looked back at him as they walked inside. She had wished he had been the one with her, he made her feel slightly less uneasy by this.

Her teacher came out of his office, looking down at her with a smile. As soon as he noticed Russel and Murdoc, he raised his brows and then furrowed them in confusion. It was obvious that he had not expected the sight of a young black man and an older man with a satanic cross around his neck. None of them smiled at each other and it made Noodle whimper. Murdoc looked down at her and let go of her hand to run his own over her hair, “Easy now, luv, everything’s great.” Noodle found the calm tone of his voice reassuring. Maybe everything was okay after all?

“No, everything is actually not great,” the teacher said and held out his hand. Russel moved past them to shake his hand and present himself, Murdoc followed right after, not looking very impressed. The teacher, Mr. Davidson, looked at them both skeptically again as the walked into the office together. He leaned in to whisper, “Where are her parents?” Noodle tilted her head at the whispering and gasped as Murdoc’s facial expression turned dark.

“What do you mean ‘Where are her parents’?” He scoffed, walking up to him and Russel had to grab his shoulders. Murdoc looked like he was going to swing his fist at the poor man, “We’re her bloody parents! Russel, have you heard this?”

“Calm yourself down, you know we can’t be her biological parents. She’s Japanese…” There was a short pause and then Russel cleared his throat, “Adopted, sir.”

Mr. Davidson looked slightly uncomfortable as he held open the door and Noodle walked inside as well. He closed it and went to sit down behind his large desk. Holding out his hand, he gestured to the two chairs on the opposite side of him, “Please, take a seat. I, as much as you, would like to get this over with.” Murdoc huffed and stood, frozen to the floor, refusing to obey. Russel on the other hand sat down and helped Noodle do the same.

Mr. Davidson let out a big sigh and then reached for the pile of papers on his desk. He searched for a moment and even though Noodle understood very little of what was going on, she felt the anxiety in her whole body as Murdoc let out a quiet growl and crossed his arms over his chest.

Finally, the teacher found the right paper and looked up, “Noodle got in a fight with one of the other kids the other day. I don’t know why but we do certainly not tolerate violence here.”

Russel turned his head and Noodle shrunk in the chair as she was starred down, “You did what?” Russel’s Japanese was still rusty but the phrase came out loud and clear. Noodle knew exactly what the problem was and started babbling, saying various of things, among other that the other kid had been teasing her about her hair. It was too fast for Russel to understand and when Noodle’s bottom lip had started quivering, Murdoc had taken a step forwards and banged his hand into the desk, “Noodle most certainly wouldn’t do such a thing without good reason. There must’ve been something wrong with that little shi-”

“Murdoc, calm yourself, please!” Russel broke him off, holding his hands over Noodle’s ears, who had started smiling widely at the outburst. Murdoc closed his eyes briefly and took a deep breath.  

“You know what? Fuck that,” he growled and leaned over the desk to grab the teacher by the collar, “Shouldn’t you be in charge of what happens in the school yard? Find out what is wrong with that kid, or I’ll come by and I’ll… Yeah, you know what I mean, there’s no way she’s going through an incompetent school system like I did.”

“Alright, out we go,” Russel was already up on his feet, Noodle on his hip and dragging Murdoc towards the door. Mr. Davidson said nothing, obviously in complete shock, as they went out of the office again.    


“How did it go?” 2D asked as they all arrived back to the car. Murdoc didn’t even look at him as he got into the front seat.

“Let’s just say that Murdoc ain’t allowed to show his face at the school anymore,” Russel sighed as he buckled Noodle’s seatbelt.

“How dared he say that!?” Murdoc exclaimed as he turned on the engine rather aggressively.

“Say what?” 2D asked curiously.

“That we ain’t her parents,” Russel explained.

“Well, I am not her father, I don’t even know her mother, do you, Muds?” 2D furrowed his brow and Murdoc turned in his seat to look at him. 2D’s brows rose in surprise at the glare he received, and he held up his hands in defeat, “So sorry, I’m just trying to understand.”

“Shut up, Faceache.”

“You two better figure this out, scoot over, I am driving,” Russel rumbled and Murdoc reluctantly obeyed.

“If I were anything, I’d be a big brother,” 2D tried and smiled at Noodle, “None of us are related to her.”

“Well, we’re as good as!” Murdoc huffed and turned away.

“Sure thing, can we go get ice cream now?” 2D asked, turning to Russel, “Russel, how do you say, ‘Ice cream’ in Japanese?”


Noodle’s face lit up and she grabbed at 2D’s arm as he repeated it, talking very fast and enthusiastically. Ice cream it was then.

Know ya Crime Fighting Partner

I wrote this short, silly JayTim drabble for @drabblemeister. Happy birthday sweetie!! <3</p>


“Are you ready, contestants? Then here we go for the final round. Team number one.” Barbara reads off her cue card, “What is your partner’s favorite place to catch a criminal?”

Bruce holds up his whiteboard that says, the docks, and Cass rolls her eyes.

Stephanie lets out a pained groan. “Are you kidding me, old man? You think she likes to spend time in a place that smells like dead fish? Obviously the correct answer is,” Steph says right as Cass shows her own board, “In front of the police precinct.”

Damian shakes his head as he munches on popcorn. “Really, Father. Anyone would have known.”

“Team number two,” Barbara prompts. “Same question.”

“Okay, I got this,” Dick says. He presents his answer, “The playground off thirty-second street.”

“Alright!” Steph cheers, and she high-fives Dick.

Bruce’s eyebrows draw down a millimeter, maybe in irritation that he’s clearly losing, but probably in confusion about why Stephanie would like to fight crime at playgrounds. The fact that he doesn’t know just shows how very lame he is.

Barbara adds a tally mark next to their names on her scoresheet. “One last point for team number two. Team three, what’s your answer?”

Jason holds up his board. It says, “Food.”

“Um, Jay, that’s not really an answer,” Dick says.  

Jason just grins while Tim turns around his own whiteboard. Which reads, food.

“What?” Bruce asks, that irritation finally showing in his voice.

“He likes to stop crimes at restaurants because then the managers insist on giving him free food,” Jason explains.

“And yet another point for team three,” Barbara says, marking off another point. She holds up the sheet. “And the winners are Jason and Tim.”

What?” Bruce asks again. “How? Why?”

“It makes sense,” Damian says, finishing off the rest of his popcorn. “They’re both pathetically obsessed with each other.”

Jason coughs and looks away.

“Next time we’re choosing our own teams,” Stephanie says. “None of this random pairing bullshit. Cass and I are going to kick ass. Even Jason and Tim’s.”

Dick grins, watching Tim slowly inching further away from Jason. “I don’t know, they got every answer right. How can you beat that?”

Cass smiles. “Can’t beat true love.”

Jason sputters, his face turning red, and Tim mumbles something about pressing case work as he runs out of the room.


-My drawing for Inktober day 31-


Happy Halloween everyone!

Besides giving out treats and a fun little party, in Sanctuary someone found a camera for a photo shoot! So it’s time for fun and funny poses! 

Gene of course is the Silver Shroud, Piper is the Mistress of Mystery, synth Shaun is Grognak, and Nat is a deathclaw. 

This was a really fun inktober! I enjoyed it a ton and had nice time with it. If you missed any of my inktobers from this year, here’s the link.

The maknae of a kpop group should not out rule the older members and they should be sweet all the time...

Actually…SOME MAKNAE’S ARE TOO SAVAGE FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. Since they basically grew up with the older members, that’s where their own personality comes from. BUT IT’S HILARIOUS WHEN THEY ALSO OUT RULE THE OLDER MEMBERS AND ACT BY THEIR OWN WIT XD. Watching them grow up is amazing. Some are legal adults now but within the group, they are still the maknae. The older members also treat the maknae with respect as well so IT’S A HAPPY FAMILY EITHER WAY :D. (gifs are obviously not mine)

FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE, (obviously I don’t know your favs so that’s why I’m saying ADD MORE DUH) IF THERE ARE MEMBERS ON THE MAKNAE LINE, ADD THEM TOO! I’m just using the actual youngest one out of all of the members, not the line.

Park Jisung (Jisung) NCT

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Jung Chanwoo (Chanwoo) iKon

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Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook) BTS

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Ahn Hyejin (Hwasa) MAMAMOO

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Kim Chanmi (Chanmi) AOA

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Seo Sangwon (Yano) Topp Dogg

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No Minwoo (Minwoo) Boyfriend

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Cho Hyeyeon (Hyeyeon) Gugudan

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Na Haeryung (Haeryung) BESTie

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Oh Heejun (Heejun) KNK

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Yoon Sanha (Sanha) ASTRO

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Kim Yerim (Yeri) Red Velvet

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Kim Yugyeom (Yugyeom) GOT7

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Han Sanghyuk (Hyuk) VIXX

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Lai Guanlin (stage name not found yet) Wanna One

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Seo Joohyun (Seohyun) SNSD (Girls Generation)

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Lee Chan (Dino) Seventeen

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Choi Junhong (Zelo) B.A.P

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Oh Hayoung (Hayoung) Apink

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Park Junghwa (Junghwa) EXID

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Im Changkyun (I.M) Monsta X 

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Kang Chanhee (Chani) SF9

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Yoon Dowoon (Dowoon) Day6

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The leader of a kpop group must…

The rapper(s) of a kpop group must…

The visual of a kpop group must…

The vocalist(s) of a kpop group must…

FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE, (obviously I don’t know your favs so that’s why I’m saying ADD MORE DUH) IF THERE ARE MEMBERS ON THE MAKNAE LINE, ADD THEM TOO! I’m just using the actual youngest one out of all of the members, not the line.