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Matsuura Kanan
When spring comes and it’s getting warmer, doesn’t it just make you want to go somewhere far away?♡ Even when you can’t travel, you embark on something new - to me, spring is definitely the season of new beginnings. Soon, before I get busy with diving again, I want to travel with you♡
Places she would like to travel: Maldives, Palau, Great Barrier Reef

Tsushima Yoshiko
If I, the Fallen Angel Yohane, used my pure black wings, I’d be able to fly to even hell in just a flash - but that would just be boring♡ I favor a laid-back journey on the train! But when you’re with me, the little devil Yohane, you’ll never know what will happen - it’ll be a mystery tour♪
Places she would like to travel: Hokkaido (Tasty food!), Hawaii, Tokyo

Kunikida Hanamaru
I generally get lost when I go to unfamiliar places as I’m bad at getting around by myself. But, if someone’s with me, I love viewing sceneries I’ve never seen before♡ If I get drowsy while looking through the window, I’d be happy if you woke me up, zura♡
Places she would like to travel: USJ, Tohoku, Shikoku (Shikoku Pilgrimage♡)

Sakurauchi Riko
I’ve always lived in Tokyo and when I moved to Uchiura, I lived a life full of beaches and mountains for the first time. I’ve completely fallen in love with nature♡ I think there’s still a lot of wonderful places in Japan to visit, so I’d be happy to tour all over Japan♪
Places she would like to travel: Kumamoto, Fukuoka, Tohoku

Watanabe You
Ever since I was small, I’ve aspired towards becoming a ship captain. So when it comes to where I want to go, it’ll definitely be on an adventure~♡ I’d pack a sleeping bag on a huge rucksack - I hope I can experience various things on the way! I’ll dive into the seas of the world and take a splash♪
Places she would like to travel: Pacific Ocean, Antarctic Ocean, Patagonia!

Takami Chika
I’m a hot springs inn girl, so if someone mentions a trip, hot springs come to mind♡ “I want to go to hot springs here and there~” is what I’d normally think, but truth is, the place I want to go to the most is where μ’s went to, New York!! Dreams have to be big after all, don’t they?♪ Aqours will also work hard towards Love Live! and get to New York!♡
Places she would like to travel: New York, Tokyo, Kusatsu Onsen♡

Kurosawa Dia
The place I would want to go to is a city with a big art museum. I think I want to spend time leisurely there, feeling the flow of history and the exquisite exhibits around me. I’m certain I’ll even lose track of time passing by. Learning through the past - as always, good things stand the test of time. Would you like to join me?
Places she would like to travel: Paris, Madrid, London

Ohara Mari
I’ve lived in a foreign country for a long time, and I love port towns. It’s an exciting place where various cultures mix and many tastes clash to create new sensations♡ I’ve also been excited a great deal here in Uchiura♪ That’s why this time, it’s my turn to give you that excitement♡♡
Places she would like to travel: Yokohama, Kobe, Singapore

Kurosawa Ruby
I love idols a lot, and so I want to go see the idol stages all over Japan~!! I’m sure it’ll be an exciting trip from the very first step♪ The way to the idol stages is a shining road of the stars! I want to shine soon too~♡
Places she would like to travel: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine March 2017 issue
Translated by XiantheMiguel
QC by Lucia Hunter


I have had feelings about you similar to the ones that you’ve had about me. They confuse me but, ironically, my head injury has provided some clarity. When I’m not at a hundred percent, it frightens me that I won’t be able to help the greater good; but when I am fully healthy, I can’t risk Scorpion not working, so you and me…whatever feelings we have about each other, it’s destabilizing.

*Request: Happy imagine where you’re Abel’s nanny and in college and like in a sorority or something where you’re the opposite of happy but y'all fall for each other*

You were sitting on the couch of your boss’s house, trying to study when the little boy you were babysitting called your name. “What’s up sweety?” You said picking him up. “I want chocolate milk.” He said looking at you with his big eyes. “No sir, last time I did that you peed in the bed. Your mom said no liquids before bed.” You said firmly. Abel sighed and said, “Well, can you please sing me a song?” “Yes sweetheart.” You said smiling. You sung him your favorite song him your favorite song, “I’m carrying your love with me, West Virginia down to Tennessee. I’ll be movin’ with the good Lord’s speed, carrying your love with me.” He fell asleep somewhere after the second verse. You pulled the cover over his body and closed the door silently. “You sing pretty good.” You jumped because a man you didn’t know was in the living room. “Who the fuck are you? You said scared. You knew your boss was in a gang of some sort but you didn’t ask questions because the money was great and for a college student any type of money was good. For all you knew about this strange man in the living room, he could’ve been a killer from a rival of some sort.

“I’m Happy, I was sent here by Jax.” He said. The man looked painfully awkward, standing the way he was. “How do I know that for sure?” You said folding your arms. “He said that he sent you a text.” You walked to you phone and saw a message from Jax. “Oh, sorry my phone was on silent.” He nodded his head. “Do you want something to eat? I made some chicken with rice.”  You said trying to show Happy some hospitality. “Sure.” You nodded and walked to the kitchen to make his plate. You gave him his plate and he scarfed that food down like he hadn’t ate in months. Once he was done with that plate you fixed him another, “You didn’t have to make a second plate.” He said grabbing the plate. “Well I did.” You walked to the couch and started to study again. After about 5 minutes, Happy came in the room and sat on the couch and turned on the TV. “Do you mind?” You asked. He turned off the TV and laid there. “What you studying for?” He asked. “You closed the book, “ I was studying for my test over the play Macbeth.” “That play by William Shakespeare? Where, that duke or some shit kills the king with his wife?” He said and you were shocked. “What? You think I’m stupid right?” He said. “No, but not that many people are into plays, let alone remember them” You said. “Well I’m not them.” “Clearly.” You said.


You sat in your room and talked to your roommate. “Tiffany, he knew so much and helped me study with my test. We talked about so much and about his life and how he ended up in Charming. Happy was so fascinating.” You said in a daze. “Y/N aren’t you forgetting that he is fire and you are ice. They don’t mix sugar.” Tiffany said snapping you out of your daze. “I know we don’t mix okay, I just am happy to find someone different than the boys on campus or in the frats..” You said. “Girl what would your daddy say about that? Get the fantasy out of your head and get ready.” She said. With that you got up and started to curl your hair. You walked into the frat party with Tiffany and two other girlfriends. “Hey Y/N.” Your old boyfriend Justin said grabbing you. “Look, not tonight alright?” You said. “I just want one dance beautiful.” “We are done so dancing for us r even talking. Go dance with Chelsea. You know, the girl you fucked while being in a relationship with me?” You said with a smirk. “If I can’t have you, nobody at this party can have you.” He said to you. “Get the fuck Justin.” You said walking away from him. You checked your phone while walking to the restroom and noticed that you had 3 missed calls from Tara, Jax’s wife. “Hey Tara, what’s up?” You asked. “I’m sorry to bother you on your day off. Could you come over? I have to go help Jax out with one of his wounded friends.” She said sounding worried. “sure thing, I’ll be there in 20 minutes. 

You knocked on the door, which Happy opened. “Where’s Tara?” “She left, and I’m staying here with you and the kid tonight.” He said letting me in. “Aren’t you like the club’s pitbull?” He laughed at that comment. You had never seen his teeth, you liked it. “Well, you have a pretty smile you should smile more.” You said avoiding eye contact with him. “Thanks, so where you coming from?” He said eyeing you up and down. “I was at a party before I came and didn’t have time to change. I just got some clothes and came straight here.” You said. “Well, there sleep. We can watch a movie if you want?” He asked. “Yeah, let me change.” You said walking into the restroom… The two of you were watching “Queen of the Damned” n two separate couches. Every now and then you would glance at Happy but he was too focused on the movie to notice you. You were falling asleep but trying to fight it. Happy got up and pulled the blanket over you causing you to wake up, “I’m up, I’m up.” You said. He laughed and walked back over to his couch. “So, I talked about me. How did you ended up in California.” He asked. “I didn’t wanna be in Louisiana anymore so I decided to come to school out here…” You said which started an all night conversation. The two of you started playing cards and fell asleep on the floor.


You woke up to find Tara walking to the kitchen and Happy gone. “Sorry, did I wake you?” She said. “What time is it?” You asked. “Almost 10.” “Shit! I got an exam at 11. Do you need me later? I can come after my exam.” You said running tot he door. “Yeah, please. Go go! Come after your exam.” She said watching you leave… You raced to campus and barely made it to your exam, which you finished very quickly. Before you went back to Jax’s house, you went to your dorm room. You were done packing and made your way to your car. Tiffany stopped you dead in your tracks. “He’s here!” She said out of breath. “Who?!” You said confused. “Happy!” She said and you ran out the dorms. “How do I look?” You asked Tiffany. “Honestly, like shit.” She said laughing and you gave her a “Fuck you” face. “You walked up to Happy and saw him holding your book. “Does this belong to you?” He asked and you smiled like an idiot. “I was on my way to Tara’s house, you could’ve gave it to her.” “Maybe I wanted to see you.” He said with a sweet tone but a stern face. “You know you can smile with me.” You said looking him in the eye. He opened his mouth to respond but your ex Justin walked up. “Who the hell is this Y/N?” “Look man, back the fuck away or I will pepper spray your ass.” You said holding up your pepper spray bottle.He grabbed you and you pushed him Happy quickly moved you out the way and punched Justin in the gut then in the face.

“Oh shit.” You said smiling. “You wanna go out to eat with me?” Happy asked. “After you just defended my honor? You bet your ass I will, but only if you smile.” You said thinking you were fucked. He stood there for a moment and then he smiled. “When we gonna go out to eat beautiful?” He said. “Beautiful? I look so bad right now.” You said shyly, “Y/N, this is the most beautiful I’ve seen you. I don’t want you to change a thing.” He said seriously. “Who knew you were such a sweetheart Mr. Lowman?” You said smiling. “My mom.” With that comment the two of you busted out laughing. “Well, she was right and she raised a great man.” You said. “He put his arm around you neck and started walking, “Yeah yeah, lets go eat. Or you can make me food.”  He said. “Sure, and then I bake you brownies.” You said. “Sounds like a plan Y/N.” He said smiling.

The Nanny

Request: hey, could you pretty please do a happy imagine where you’re Abels nanny and in college and like in a soroity or something where you’re the opposite of Happy but y'all fall for eachother? Thank you!

You were typing up a paper for your English Major, you were watching Abel Teller. For some reason, the most dangerous motorcycle club trusted you with a kid with heart problems. You were typing away sitting at the kitchen table in Jax’s kitchen when you heard the door open and close.

“Tara? Jax?” You called out, but instead a man with tattoo sleeves appeared next to you. You noticed that he was wearing a kutte, so everything was okay.

“Uh, is something wrong?” You asked looking up at the man.

“No, I was told to come check on you guys.” He shrugged.

“Call me Happy. Where’s the kid?”

“Livingroom, watching cartoons.” You pointed behind you and you kept typing. You looked at Happy as he walked into the livingroom. he was super attractive. You sighed and doubted that you would ever get a chance with him, being that you're the complete opposite. 

You finished your paper, and you saved it then closed your computer. Then you walked to the living room and sat on the couch, looking at the time.

“Abel, buddy its bed time.” You said, getting up and taking his hand and going into his bedroom. You changed him into his pajamas and tucked him into bed.

You sighed and you walked back into the living room, where happy was sitting there watching cartoons. You sat on the couch and you looked over at him, he looked back at you and winked at you.

This was going to be the best experience you would ever have.

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Just a little tiny plotless fic in celebration of Flippies Friday.  Set vaguely in some future, when everything is wonderful.  This is definitely not as much about hair as I originally intended, but oh well.

Rated: T

Warnings: None

Words: ~1.7k

Also on ff and ao3

There’s something about the wind, Emma muses, something cool and weightless.  Like she could fly if she put her mind to it.  It drifts easily through the trees, whose leaves quiver precariously on the ends of dried branches.  It carries the familiar, cold smell of decay, the almost cloying scent of flowers certain to be dead by the end of the month.  The thought should be more depressing than it is –

“Do you think flowers go to the Underworld?” she’d asked Killian, just the day before.

“You’ve only had one sip of rum, Swan, certainly not enough for this macabre line of inquiry.”

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A Son and His Sunshine

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(Author’s Note-So first I want to just apologize if this Happy seems super OOC. I am just really starting to flex my Happy writing muscles, so apologies ahead of time. I hope that you like this.) P.S. a little NSFW. P.P.S CSUS=California State University Sacramento & Alpha Chi Omega is the sorority.

Anonymous request-Happy imagine where you’re Abel’s nanny and in college and like in a sorority or something where you’re the opposite of happy but y'all fall for each other?

A Son and His Sunshine

You were nervous. Not the run of the mill, butterflies in your stomach kind of nervous, no, you were down to the bone, ready to run for the hills nervous. You signed up on one of those babysitting sites in the hopes to supplement your income once the summer rolled around, and much to the surprise of your Alpha Chi Omega sister’s and yourself you were hired relatively quick.

The only downside is that it means a summer away from campus; but you refuse to allow that to drag you down, instead you stay true to your optimistic nature and instead decide to embrace the summer with a sense of adventure and hope that the time away will give you some clarity on what you want to do once you finish your last year at CSUS.

At least that’s what you keep telling yourself as you listen to Jax and Tara bickering back and forth through the walls of Abel room, which seems to be more and more common as of late, and turning you smile at the half asleep little boy. You pull the blankets up and over him making sure he’s in nice and snug.

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” you murmur running a hand over his blonde hair, and reaching for the thick book of fairy tales you’ve been reading him you lie next to him, legs crossing at your ankles as Abel curls close to so he can see the colorful pictures that dance on the page. “Once upon a time…”


He wanted to be anywhere else but here. Rolling his head with the hopes of loosening the muscles tightening in his neck he gives a nod to Tara as she heads out the door for work. If there was one thing he hated it’s being on babysitting duty, but given the history that Jax’s little family has he guesses it’s understandable, and with the addition of Thomas, a helping hand is needed to keep things running smoothly for the Teller clan. From what he heard while on the road, Jax and Tara had hired a looker. He hasn’t seen her himself yet, but upon hearing the nursery door open down the hall he licks his lips knowing it wouldn’t be much longer before that particular situation was rectified.

“What if I make some pancakes before we go to the park?” a sleepy voice asks and to which Abel answers in what Happy has come to believe is a new language called toddler babble. She makes a picture stopping short in the entrance of the kitchen her first instinct being to gather Abel up, placing him on her hip. Her hair is disheveled from sleep, eyes zeroing in on him as she takes a subtle step backwards, but he catches the movement.

“Who the hell are you?” she asks calmly, and when Happy doesn’t answer right away he notices the way her eyes flicker to the top drawer of the kitchen counter, the wheels turning in her head.


“There’ll be no need for you to go for the gun Sunshine,” the man’s voice is a thick rasp as he stares at you, and as if to show you he means no harm he pulls up the dark hoodie he’s wearing to reveal a white t-shirt with SAMCRO written across the front. You feel yourself let out a shaky breath as you realize he’s one of Jax’s brothers.

You’ve managed to shock most everyone you’ve met in Charming so far simply by having no qualms about working for the head of an outlaw motorcycle club. To you it’s really no different from Greek life. Sure, the Alpha’s aren’t going around and murdering the Delta’s, or anything like that, but the sense of brotherhood is very much the same.

“I’m sorry,” you laugh as your mood instantly shifts from defensive to friendly. “I’m Y/N by the way,” you offer your name while you put Abel in his high chair being sure to hand him a few of his busy toys. You turn and find the man standing directly behind you. His closeness is almost unnerving, mostly because you find yourself attracted to him, which is just, weird, as he is absolutely nothing like the boys back on Greek row.

“I’m Happy,” he says and for some reason his voice sends a dark thrill through you despite his name catching you completely off guard. Happy? Really? You would have put your money on Grumpy being his name before ever betting on it being Happy.

“Happy?” his name rolls like a question off of your lips and you wince. Good manners have taught you better than that and in disbelief you watch as Happy lifts his sweater and shirt revealing a plethora of happy face tattoos on his stomach and the sight of his smooth, taut skin, has your fingers itching to reach out and touch, and then his name clicks and you offer a sunny smile. “Well Happy, I’m making pancakes, want some?”


It had taken work, talking the pretty little sorority girl out of her panties, and that’s something he’s not really used to. He wouldn’t, and couldn’t lie about the fact that he wanted nothing more than to bend her over Jax’s counter and fuck her mindless from the moment he met her, so when at last it had happened he figured he was just scratching an itch, yet, when he woke up the next morning and found her gone, something inside of him ached.

Which just pissed him off.

So he did what he does best. Buried himself in work and as many crow eaters and sweet butts as he could manage with the hopes of chasing away the memory of being buried inside of her; but it didn’t work. Instead he found himself volunteering more and more often for Teller housesitting duty, especially if it meant he’d get the chance to see her.

Talk to her.

Be around her.

“Damn, did you see the chick who just walked in?” one of the prospects asks nodding his head towards the doors of the TM office forcing Happy out of his thoughts, and when he sees the familiar smile flash he’s on his feet. “What I’d give for a piece of-“ the prospects words trail off on a choke as Happy grabs him by the throat nearly lifting the man off the ground.

“If you value your life you’ll never say another word about Y/N, you won’t so much as look in her direction,” Happy’s voice is a low menacing growl.

“Hey! What the hell is going on here?” Jax calls crossing the parking lot just as Happy lets the prospect go.

“Fucking prospects need to learn to keep their mouths shut,” Happy spits as he starts to walk away.

“What the hell was that?” Jax asks as Chibs and Tig help the young man up from the ground and looking over his shoulder the pieces fall into place as he watches Happy and Y/N talk as she stands with Abel on her hip, and giving a laugh he shakes his head.

“I’ll be damned…looks like our resident Tacoma bad boy has fallen for the nanny…”


You manage to get Abel tucked in bed with little struggle thanks to a full day at the park and when Tara comes home early with Thomas she’s kind enough to give you the night off, which in all honesty you plan to spend taking a bubble bath and trying to find a way to break it to your sisters at CSUS not to mention your parents that you have no intention of returning come fall.

You’ve found yourself not only in love with life in Charming but in love with the family you’ve been so fully welcomed into, and probably more importantly in love with Happy.

You’re not sure when it happened. To be honest, it was purely physical for you at first. He’d been coming around more and more and every time the tension grew by leaps and bounds between the two of you, until finally you gave in to his not so subtle hints. It had been amazing. Thrilling. Even a little scary the way he used your body up until you were almost certain you had nothing else to give only to demand a little more from you.

But after it happened once you thought that was it. So you made a point of getting out of his bed and into your own by the morning after so he wouldn’t assume you were like most of the other women he’s dealt with.

Then, much to your surprise, a comfortable cycle started. Every ten days, when you had a night off you’d sneak off to TM and into his bed where you’d satiate your need for one another and before sunrise you’d slip back into your bed and convince yourself that the growing need to stay in his arms was a temporary feeling and it would go away.

Only it hasn’t gone anywhere. Its only gotten bigger and harder to fight.

The only person you’ve talked to about this with is Tara, who told you outright that while she’d love for you to stay on with the boys, she hates the idea of you leaving college just a year shy of your degree. You don’t know how to explain that in the last couple of months here in Charming you’ve felt more alive than in the years spent at college, or anywhere else for that matter, which leaves you confused and scared and sad.

A knock sounds on your bedroom door and lifting you face you find Happy, no emotion playing on his expression and as much as you try you can’t sum up a smile for him.

“Hey,” you manage a weak greeting and in response he nods as he steps into your room and closes the door behind him.

“Y/N,” your name is a whisper that lingers in the space between you, but something about the energy that usually surrounds him seems off.

“Happy what’s wrong?” you ask coming off the bed but he shakes his head as he steps towards you.

“Sit down,” his words are so sharp that your body instinctively listens as you lower back down onto the foot of the bed. “Shit. Listen, I’m not good at shit like this. I’ve never had to be.”

“I don’t understand…” your words trail off as he gives a growl of frustration dragging his hands over his head.

“If you’d just shut up maybe you would…” there’s very little heat behind his words so you manage to let them just roll off of you as he paces madly in front of you. “I don’t want you to go. I know it’s fucking selfish, and if you want me to I’m sure I could work up to hating myself for asking you to stay, but right now, I just don’t care. These last couple of months with you, it’s like…” his words hit you like a freight train as the weight of what he says settles onto your shoulders.

“Being alive…” you offer, finishing off the thought for him which causes him to freeze mid pace, tense shoulders suddenly relaxing as she crouches in front of you.

“I should have known you’d understand,” he says reaching up to cup your face in his hands. His thumbs rub the tears from your cheeks and letting out a shaky breath you steady your emotions.

“I’m not going anywhere Happy, not until you want me too,” you reassure him and when he offers one of his rare smiles you can’t help but melt just a little bit more.

“If that’s the case, you’re in for a long wait Sunshine,” he says pressing his forehead to yours.