happy endings~

so i work at a non-profit museum type place and we had a camp today. Almost all of our staff was home sick and so i stayed over to help run the camps. 

Because we have kids in our care we ask that the parents bring their drivers licence and be on a certain list of people able to pick up the child. today a woman came in to pick up her son but she WASNT on his pick up list. I told her that he next time he was in a camp she needed to be on the list ITS A SECURITY ISSUE. she yelled at me for awhile in front of a group of kids “I AM OBVIOUSLY HERE TO PICK UP MY CHILD” “IM HIS MOTHER"  

jokes on her though because the only person there for her to complain to were other interns who defended me and told her if she had a problem with our policies than we didn’t want her or her kid here anyway.  

TLDR: i woman literally yelled at me for making sure her son was going home with someone she knew and trusted… 


“I think what’s different for us is that…WE have found the love again for figure skating and that’s nothing against our past team, they brought it out of us in the first place but we needed a different path to connect and we LOVE going into the rink every day and we found that again and that feels so great for us. So, hopefully you see that difference out there on the ice, on the competitive ice there’s a lot of pressure so that might not show through as clear in this atmosphere. But we feel it in our souls and for us when we leave this sport, I mean it’s those memories that we’re gonna take with us so I’d say that…pretty fortunate to have 3 runs at it…this one just feels a bit more personal.

– Scott

A Court of Spring and Stars Pt. 30: The End

Word Count: 4290


I wake up in the morning having barely slept but feeling energized. I’m ready to get this over with. I’m ready to end this chapter of my story. I just hope everything works out alright.

“Sunshine, are you sure you want to do this?” Kieran asks for the millionth time as he fastens the straps of my leathers while I work on sharpening my multiple blades, with luck only one cut by one blade will be all we need.

I nod and force my lips to form a smile. “If it’s the only way for me to keep my brother safe, keep you and me together, and keep me from having to kill my father then I want to try.” Kieran nods but he purses his lips in a familiar expression that tells me that he’s about to argue with me about something. “What are you wanting to say, but not wanting to say to me?” I ask.

Kieran’s eyes meet mine in the mirror in front of us as he works on the back straps that go across the shoulder blades. “What if it doesn’t work?” He asks, voicing the question that I hate the answer to. “What if this is just a fairy tale that some troll recorded as a joke and nothing happens? What are we going to do?” I can hear the concern in his strangled voice.

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hc where bullies snatch will’s sketchbook from his backpack “what do we have here? zombie boy has a crush on frog face. awe, how romantic” and destroy all his drawings “you should consider yourselves lucky because no one else would ever want to be with freaks like you” so mike rides his bike to will’s house later that day “mike? what are you-” “hey, thought you could use some company” he smiles sympathetically at will “and a model

Chipped Paint and Old Brick Walls

Summary:  Darcy tends to wander when she’s lost in thought. She may loose her footing along the way, but she does find something in return.

One Shot

Word Count: 601 

Notes: Angst, angst with happy ending, pre-relationship, I own no characters.  This started as me having a bad day and trying to write it out.. it then turned into this after I realized I could make some small edits and ta da have a little Bucky/Darcy moment.

She just wanted to hide. Hide away. Away from the mess of work at the labs. Away from the mess of a room her current living situation was in. Away from the mess that was her current, or possible continuous, broken emotional state. Just away. Far, far away. But not actually to Far, Far Away. She by no means wanted to be a princess. But wouldn’t mind a hint of that attention every once in a while; if only it was from a certain someone.

But that was the problem, wasn’t it? Who would that someone be? Or would she even ever be able to find that someone? With work, family issues, lack of sleep, lack of time, time spent reading, time spent trying not to go insane, yadda, yadda, yadda. There felt to be no room in her life for something that could possibly be that special. It felt that way. Oh, did it feel that way.

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i think a lot about Richie spending time at the Uris house

(light angst with a happy ending?)

  • when they’re younger, playing and running around with Stan, being adorable
  • as they get into their young teenage years, when Stan’s OCD gets stronger and more difficult to manage, Richie is understanding and there for him
  • it’s around the same time Richie’s parents’ start to become more absent figures in his life, and Richie suffers for it, but they don’t notice (a thirteen year old can basically care for themselves, right? w r o n g )
  • Richie’s parents don’t know that Stan cleared out a drawer in his dresser just for things Richie might want to keep safe, or extra clothes for when he doesn’t want to go home to an empty house and no one to cook him dinner or laugh at his jokes
  • Richie starts to sleep with Stan even more after the gang faces IT and Richie starts having nightmares

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tell me there are things that you regret - niallhoranbitches - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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“I bumped into Niall yesterday.”
Zayn was so busy carrying two cartons of milk to the fridge and he almost missed those words. Almost.

Because whenever that name was mentioned, he still felt like a little spark was going over his whole body

sure when flowey fucks up your game files and murders ur friends he’s still a loved character but when MONIKA does it shes “a bitch’ and “a horrible’ person

The thing about Marritza/Ghemor is that it is destined to failure. Marritza is more attached to his regret than he is to love. He is driven nearly insane by it, even though he felt he could share the load of that shame with Ghemor. Even though he found moments of true peace with her. In the end, he cannot bear his sins and all of Cardassia’s sins against the Bajorans, and he goes through with his plot. 

I have seen several takes on Maurice sequels so here is mine:

Clive finally accepts himself and breaks it off with Anne and she’s like “oh thank God I’m a lesbian” and gets with Kitty. Alec and Maurice come live with them @ penge and they fix it up with their lumberjack powers OH and Clive gets with lord Risley because he’s out of prison now

And they live happily ever after