happy endings fashion


Just wanna express AGAIN how much I pleasure I got this holiday season from listening to @lockedinjohnlock-podfics performance of A Good Old-Fashioned Happy Ending by @watsonshoneybee. On Christmas Eve, I de-stressed by taking our family’s golden retriever on a LONG walk, letting her sniff and romp in the snow while I listened to the podfic’s climactic chapters. The air was crisp, my smile wide, my bestest-sweetest-pup was trotting in front of me, Sherlock&John were In Love and Together…life was good indeed. The walk would’ve been nice on its own, but the extra endorphin buzz I got from your voice/words upgraded the whole experience to the level of Bliss.

Just thought I’d share, because it was great and dogs are great and your gifts keep on giving. Here is a picture of the dog post-trudge:

Let it be known that my dog now ships johnlock, because johnlock = longwalk. And lots of pets. She is also soft and fluff and a goof.

Smiling reminds me that I deserve to be happy. This past year has brought so many ups and downs. I’ve met people that changed my life for the better. I’ve dealt with heartbreak. I’ve been rejected from graduate school. And I’ve also learned that life goes on. With every curve ball, I’ve learned and I’ve grown. I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for me. So remember, smile even when you are sad because you deserve HAPPINESS. 💋