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Royalty AU - Crown Princess Marinette of the Dupain-Cheng Twin Kingdoms

(Adrien) (other classmates coming soon)

So about Nashville. I’m done. I have no desire to watch any more episodes. At the moment I have no desire to rewatch past episodes either. My investment with the show was with Rayna and Deacon. I like some of the other characters but not enough to sit through watching Deacon grieve Rayna. I have absolutely no interest in watching that.

And the more I think about this whole thing the more pissed I get at Marshall and the writers and how they handled this. They had apparently decided on this stalker thing before Connie wanted out. And instead of Rayna getting a final story writing the album with Deacon, getting some last performances together, everything had the shadow of the stalker hanging over it. And it made it hard to enjoy the nice moments we did get. All because they were so hell bent on doing that long confrontation/hostage scene at the end of 508 and were unwilling to change course.

Also killing her so soon in the season. That also seems to be the writers’ idea. That they were going to split the season into a Rayna half and a post-Rayna half. And they couldn’t kill her in the midseason finale, so let’s push it back from there. Connie seemed willing to give them more episodes to wrap up Rayna’s story (and has apparently already filmed more scenes). But the writers thought they should wrap up her story in the first half. Just no. We barely got our show back. And you think the answer is to torment the main character and then kill her before it’s even been a half season?

And thinking death is the only option? Ok so Rayna can’t just disappear for years. But that assumes the show will last years without her. Put her in a coma. Let her wake up in the finale. At least that option has hope.

Deacon is my other favorite character and I cannot imagine a scenario for him that I want to watch. We’ve seen enough depressing stories for him. And Rayna was it for him. She was his happy ending. Period. He’s loved her his whole life. And after all the time they kept them apart, they don’t even make it to their first anniversary? He has a half finished album of songs with her about their relationship? Best case scenario he holds it together. But within the span of this show I cannot imagine him moving on or being happy. This will weigh heavily on him forever. And I don’t want to watch.

So goodbye Nashville. Thanks for making me regret wanting this show to be brought back.

OG Gilmore Girls rant incoming. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Against my better judgment, I settled in a few days ago to watch the Thanksgiving episode of season 3 and ended up watching a lot of season 6 episodes I avoided watching on my last rewatch. I kind of wish I hadn’t. It’s still my original opinion that ASP did her best to destroy the show that year, and that David Rosenthal & co (who, contrary to their reputation, were mostly not new to the show or completely absent from fault for season 6) did a fairly decent job of fixing what she had broken. But on this latest rewatch, I became really angry at Lorelai and more sympathetic towards Luke for some of the messed-up stuff that he did. It doesn’t excuse any of it, but i definitely brought into perspective a lot of the damage that the original writers are capable of doing to their own work.

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i like art positivity and i like positivity thats like “all art is good art!” but at the same time nothing ever helped me fight through intense art self-loathing quite like being able to look at something i made, think “wow, this fucking sucks!” and laugh about it and move on

accepting you’re gonna make bad art sometimes, maybe even lots of times, was the biggest weight off my shoulder. it was hard pushing it off, and i still get bogged down in perfectionist mindsets, but im not nearly as hard on myself as i was before, and i enjoy drawing so much more now because of it. 

it wasnt too long ago i would rather Die than post fanart in multiple tags, or post anything i didnt run by several friends to see if it was even good enough to post, or even draw my own damn ocs (who do you think you are thinking your characters are worth drawing for fun, i told myself constantly) and now like

i can post this and not feel deep intense shame (tho maybe i should)

this sort of stage in my life right now is the most ive ever had fun drawing, and i dont think i wouldve reached this point if i didnt learn to just laugh at my own art, and hell, at myself. i dont have to pretend every work i make is or was or has to be a masterpiece. not everything’s gotta be so serious. some things can be bees.

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Mafia AU :D

(( 5+ headcanons meme. I LOVE these sorts of AU’s :3  ))

1. Before prohibition, Hildon was working within the Mafia as an undercover information for the local newspaper. Who in turn would sell/offer tip offs to the local police.

2. After alcohol was outlawed, Hildon’s allegiances seemed to get a bit more muddied. His love for wine and other now forbidden drinks is well known to his boss Absalom, but if they continue to get content for their paper… that’s all that matters. The law is for the police to handle, not the newspaper.

3. With so much blood shed being part of the alcohol smuggling part of the Mafia, Hildon worked more with the communication between groups. He helped arrange for safer passages for the smugglers to use, and helps make sure messages are safely delivered on time to those who need it.

4. After prohibition is lifted, Hildon tried to get less involved with the Mafia. He got reassigned within the newspaper to work in the copy room and avoided going out for stories if he can.

5. As the higher ups are captured by the law, Hildon did serve as a witness in several key cases. Although the high up members got charged guilty, Hildon disappeared shortly after they are placed in jail. After his disappearance, Hildon’s own actions are brought to light. Neither the police nor the Mafia are too sure where he went, and/or if they know, they aren’t saying. (A while later, somewhere far from the city and its crime, a small town mail bat enjoys a glass of wine by a river side.)

not a fuck customers rly but good! yesterday i gusss the chef was a little out of it and he messed up 2 of my orders so someone had to wait an extra 2 minutes for one of her kids meals so we gave her that portion for free (bc she was bitchin abt it). so when the second one happened i thought the guy would b just as bitchy and it was a lot of anxiety. the other one was a guy who came in alone and ordered waffles with fruit and he never put them in so after 20 minutes i went to ask him what’s going on and he put them on so he ended up waiting like 30 minutes for his waffle! and i gave it to him and apologized a bunch and i had so much anxiety bc i was afraid he would start yelling and he was SO NICE ABOUT IT he was like “it’s ok no problem there’s no rush” and stuff like that i don’t remember exactly what he said it was so surprising and nice. it goes to show how badly servers are treated but seriously shout out to that guy he made my day a lot better. we need more people like that.

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Hi, I was looking on the Ghost Force wiki and saw that Nathalie's named has changed to Liv, and there is a ghost companion named Flubby. Is there any new info on Flubby or Nathalie's name changing? Thanks

Heyo, I’m actually an admin on the GF wiki! Nathalie’s name change isn’t official per se, but Xan (he gets a lot of exclusive material) revealed the change on his instagram. I’m kinda upset about it actually cause I really liked the name Nathalie!

As for Flubby, I’m not really sure if he’s a character anymore. The last and only time he was mentioned was back in an article in 2013. He could be stuck in developmental limbo, which is a shame.



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Goodbye, Interrupted
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

by CastielsGracex

Words: 2,549

Summary:  Castiel sat on the small bed in his room. The Winchesters had been gracious enough to allow him to live with them for a while now. Ever since they had been taken, it had become an unspoken thing. Castiel would stay with them when he had nothing else to do.
That’s what Dean had called it after tonight’s stressful events. Castiel had been sure he was going to die and had said some things that he was sure would complicate things down the line when the time came to talk about them. Complications would arise but he knew the Winchesters would always be willing to die for him, no matter what. And that exactly, is why he had to leave.


I just saw one of those women’s reproductive rights posts, and Imma rant a bit about how annoying society is and how dumb I’ve been in the past.

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I’m not even going to lie, but I’m thinking Persephone. I’m thinking it and that means it’s what’s gonna happen, not sorry.

Ace is the god of the underworld, kind of morbid, a little moody, very good friends with Sabo, god of magic, and Luffy, who no one can remember what he’s god of because he keeps claiming it’s meat and adventure, he could be right.

Marco is technically a god of fire and birds and maybe something to do with flight, son of the King of Gods, Whitebeard, who is a great guy. He just, Whitebeard needs to stop adopting mortals and making them gods, okay? That’s all anyone is asking. It’s all we’re asking here, please stop. 

Whitebeard wants a message delivered to the underworld and so he sends Marco, because sure he’s got a messenger god, but Marco is his trusted son and also, “you need to get out more, son. you can’t just sit here on the Moby all your life. go explore have fun. and deliver this for me.”

Marco, who should be smarter than this, eats something from the underworld before anyone can stop him and Ace already knows this is going to end badly. But they work something out, Marco stays with Ace for six months and then is free the other six, it works for them. Even tho Marco is bored out of his damn mind for six months of the year.

Ace doesn’t know what to do with him, honestly he’s trying his best here but he’s not sure what he’s doing on a good day, what is he suppose to do with this whole other god that can’t fucking leave like the other two that normally visit him??? Marco ends up answering that himself, helping make things easier on Ace by taking the questioning wraith and answering them, but dealing with adventurers, which is about the same time that legends about them being married start to crop up amongst the mortals and Whitebeard sends Thatch with a message, “why didn’t you tell me you ate the pomegranate to live with your husband?? i would have supported your marriage! you didn’t have to do this! all you had to do was ask and you could spend all your tell with him!”

I’m finally watching the golf with friends video and I find myself not really paying attention or caring is this the beginning of the end

Pater Vero

an X-Files fanfic

Please forgive me posting this midway through my other story Elixir Vitae but I believe many of your are familiar with the sometimes annoying concept of having more than just one story in the making. As this is the final chapter of this one, I can focus on the other from now on.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

Chapter Six

“That was fun!” William exclaims happily, letting himself fall onto the stairs of the porch. He’s just outplayed Mulder at a best-of-five basketball challenge from the three-point line. “I wished my dad would shoot hoops with me.”

‘I am your dad,’ Mulder wants to cry out but recollects himself. He’s William’s biological father, his begetter, his genetic roots, nothing else. A man has to earn the label 'dad’, and Walter has done that for William. His own role in his son’s life has been so picayune, it’s close to non-existent.

“Do you have a hoop at home?” Mulder asks.

“Yes, we do. Dad put it up for my eighth or ninth birthday, I can’t remember exactly. He even paved the driveway for me to be able to practice dribbling. It was a loose gravel surface before.”

“That was nice of him.”

“Yeah, it was. But he never played with me.”

“Well, you can’t have all the cookies,” Mulder supplies. “He’s a good dad.”

“The best,” William adds.

Mulder feels a sting in his heart and reprimands himself for it right away. That’s what they always wanted, right? That William had the best adoptive parents in the world? So why does he secretly rejoice over the fact that shooting hoops is something he can do with his boy but not Walter? How come he wants Walter to not be the perfect dad? He feels bad for it but he wishes his son to see something in him he doesn’t see in Walter. He craves nothing more but a special place in William’s heart.

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flower cloak.