Anonymous asked: can you write something where Cas is going after a djinn but gets captured, and ofc his dream world is Dean and him being happy together, so he’s very disappointed when Dean & Sam save him and he wakes up.

Author’s note: Several other followers requested Destiel + Djinn, but I’m going with this one. And you know me; there’s a happy ending. :’) 

Castiel couldn’t remember ever being woken up by something as simple yet wonderful as the rays of the rising sun.

When living in a bunker where most of the rooms were underground -locked away from the rest of the world-, a natural wake up call such as that was very much out of reach. Instead, the annoying alarm clock on his phone usually had to do the job. Either that, or Dean yelling him awake from the other side of the door because there was a hunt that they needed to get ready for. Or sometimes even because it was ‘laundry day’, which Dean claimed was utterly important.

Somehow, today was different, strangely so. The warm glow of orange and yellow waiting behind Castiel’s closed eyelids made him blink his eyes open, inviting in a lot of confusion when he became aware of his surroundings. The bed that he’d been sleeping in was huge, more like enormous, almost big enough for three people to sleep in it. The room was spacious and light; drowning in the daylight that Castiel secretly craved in the mornings when he woke up, but couldn’t have.

Glancing to his right, he spotted the giant, floor length window that was offering him aforementioned light. He crawled out of the bed, still mildly disoriented, wobbling towards the window on unsteady feet. He couldn’t tell which floor the apartment was on, but he’d settle for ‘way up high’. Close to the sky. So close that Castiel felt connected to it in a way that he hadn’t experienced since he’d fallen and lost his wings.

Breathtaking shades of gold, orange and violet were mixing with blue, only interrupted by a sky scraper here and there. Below, the city was coming to life.

Somewhere, deep down, hidden behind the foreign feeling of warmth and contentment, Castiel knew that something was off. He was feeling a little disjointed, like that one time when he’d decided to join Dean for a couple of strong drinks only days after he’d become human.

This wasn’t the place where he was supposed to be, was it?

Looking away from the window, he noticed a small painting on the wall, on it sunflowers and honeybees. He did know that painting… Perhaps he did have a little too much to drink last night after all. What had he been thinking about earlier anyway? Dark rooms, underground. Dean yelling at him to wake up and get ready for the day… That didn’t seem right, but Castiel’s brain didn’t cooperate, memories shifting. He couldn’t quite figure it out.

He frowned, turning his head and staring out of the window again. Small drops of rain were clinging to the glass now, but the sun never faded. The carpet was soft and warm, enveloping his bare feet. Looking down, Castiel’s eyes fell on the striped pajama pants and soft shirt that he was wearing.

Did he own any of those things? He probably did.

He didn’t get another second to think about it, when two warm arms suddenly snaked around his waist, another body hugging him from behind. A chin rested on his shoulder, and Castiel inhaled the appealing scent that he would know whenever, wherever. Dean.

“Morning, angel. Sleep well? I’m making breakfast for us, in case you’re hungry.”

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See this is what I don’t think some people get. Love like they have is rare. It’s so rare. Love can be fucked up. You love someone who doesn’t return those feelings or you love the right person at the wrong time or the wrong person at the wrong time. You love someone who hesitates or who always leaves. Happy endings… not everyone gets them. They’re still rare enough to be special. And I think what people don’t understand is that the kind of love they have is a pre-written happy ending. Because no matter what happens, no matter what the world throws at them, they’ve had each other through all of it. They’ve had chances -lots of them- to leave, to give up, to throw in the towel and call it off, but what was meant to break them has made them infinitely stronger. And that’s how they’re going to last forever.

When you have someone who would do anything, give anything, just because you are their home, and when you reciprocate those feelings, you’ve got the happy ending right there. Their happy ending isn’t some distant future thing. It’s right now. Because they have each other. And they love each other.