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I’ve worked at my job for a year, and I’m one of their best cashiers (I’ve gotten awards for it) and so at this point I have a lot of regulars. I’m very polite, and very quick. I take pride in my job. 
I also happen to get horrible period cramps, to the point where I can’t walk. But I still have to work because they’re really understaffed. 
Every time this happens I get really slow and don’t really chat as much because I’m in so much pain. I’ve cried at work because of the pain. My managers leave painkillers in my cash drawer for me.

My regulars have noticed this by now and they all tell me to feel better and take my time and try to stay hydrated and basically just try to make me laugh so I don’t feel as bad. 
One of my favourites actually brought me a present last week because she knew how hard it was for me to stand for eight hours straight when I’m in that much pain, and she wanted to make my day better. 
It really made my day tbh.

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But you were a villain. Didn't you know this was going to happen eventually? You should have let her go when she still had a chance...

Our relationship was never about me ‘keeping’ or ‘letting her go’.  It was her choice as much as mine. 

It is true that I feared that my past actions made me undeserving of a happy ending but this isn’t just about my happiness anymore.  This can’t be how it ends.  Because while I may not deserve a happy ending, she does.  She,  her son, her family… they deserve a happy ending. 

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would you ever consider writing a fight scene between them? not necessary a physical fight à la the pugilists, but a fight wherein they get genuinely upset with each other and yell and cry and throw shit but then end up fucking each other anyway

“What the hell is this?” Steve asks.

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Was at the store the other day and needed help finding something. I asked an older guy stocking if he knew where it was and all he said was “Yes”, but not where it was. I know most customers would be put off by this, but it made me laugh because I knew he was kidding with me by answering my question(after all I didn’t ask if he could tell me where). It reminded me of my dad! Same humor and demeanor. Really made me smile and I had to share because he was just so great.

a time to remember || sterek || 2.7k

Loosely inspired by A Walk to Remember


Derek is in third period when he meets the new kid. The kid is tall–not enormously so, but he’s about an inch taller than Derek. Derek thinks the kid might be hot if he wore clothes that actually fit. His brown hair is hair is a little rumpled and his face a little pale and sleep worn, neither of which helps. 

Not that Derek cares, really. He feels on top of the world. He’d gotten to third base with Paige last night and she still kissed him goodnight afterward.

Derek doesn’t remember much about third period. Just the kid, mostly. His name was Krzesimir, seriously.

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Anonymous asked: Do you think you could write a destiel fanfic where Dean finds some fanfiction about the supernatural books and it happens to have destiel and this makes him considerit weird at first but then he gets to thinking… (And fluff!)

‘This feeling of being loved, of no longer being alone, it was a foreign concept to Dean. He didn’t know if he was ready for any of it, but if it meant he got to be with his angel for the rest of his days, he sure as hell was willing to give it a try.

“You’re beautiful, Dean.” Castiel murmured, strong arms pulling Dean close and holding him tight, making him shiver despite the warmth that they offered.

They stayed like that for what could have been hours; in their embrace, curled up together on the hood of the Impala, staring up at the many twinkling stars in the night sky. When Dean shifted and turned his head to glance at Castiel, he found that the angel was already staring back at him.

“The light of a million stars couldn’t compare to the way your soul shines when it calls out to me… I would know.” Castiel answered Dean’s unspoken question in a whisper.

Without giving it any more thought, Dean hid his face against Cas’ shoulder, refusing to any longer be ashamed because of the love that he felt for his closest friend…’

Scowling at the screen of his laptop, Dean downed the rest of his beer. What the hell… This had been a stupid idea. Dean didn’t know what had possessed him to even look this up; cheesy, badly written stories about him and his best friend.

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