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imagine CEO namjoon.

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  • what’s there to say? we already know he’s a great leader.
  • heir to the country’s largest publishing/printing firm.
  • also the greenest publishing/printing company in the country, like top five in the world, all thanks to namjoon’s initiatives.
  • he takes the whole inheriting business thing very seriously, determined to deserve the company and to be the best boss ever.
  • graduates early from a prestiged business school abroad and shares the responsibilities at the company to give his ageing father a break.
  • he’s so !!!! invested !!! in the health and happiness of his employees !!!!
  • wins All The Awards, for his green initiatives, planting trees, and making jobs, and protecting the environment ect, but also for having the happiest employees in the country.
  • he’s always arranging conferences and seminars for his employees to educate and encourage health/happiness/safety/equal opportunity/respect/ect in the workplace.
  • he works so hard to make sure everyone even down to the lowest branches are insured and that there are daycares and mom’s get the paid leave they need and deserve and that everyone gets and equal and fair wage.
  • bless him.
  • unfortunately all this work on top of his official workload means he doesn’t have much time to look after himself.
  • but in his mind he’s suffering is worth the safety and health of so many others he doesn’t even mind tho he’s kinda sad.
  • so, you work in the HR department.
  • and the head of the department fucks off on maternity leave and by some miracle ???? you get a hasty promotion.
  • no, you’re not really the head of HR but your function is pretty much the same and you don’t mind because the pay is goOD.
  • part of your responsibilities as head is to keep namjoon briefed on the general mood and concern of the people in his branch, i.e the large building full of people he feels directly responsible for.
  • he even has a whole suggestion box system, so once a week you just have to go through the notes people leave you and present a list to namjoon with a few possible solutions etc.
  • piece of cake.
  • except he’s hot as all hell.
  • i mean, it’s not a problem, far from it, he’s just very distracting.
  • but your meetings with him are the highlight of your work week so you do a really good job or at least you try, and also wear something nice.
  • and you think he’s just kinda clumsy and awkward.
  • but actually he finds you really distracting as well.
  • and your meetings are A Mess for the first month or so, until you get into the swing of things and get your shit together.
  • and the complaints he gets are never a big deal because everyone is happy and has nothing to complain about like ???
  • his secretary complaining that him playing smooth jazz all day in his office is getting kinda annoying and please would he play some classical or maybe bossa nova for a change.
  • or that his wacky ties and other questionable fashion choices are giving them a headache.
  • or jeon jungkook complaining about someone’s coffee breath again.
  • an anonymous submission says jimin is apparently??? too??? cute???
  • jung hoseok won’t stop moonwalking to the photocopier while humming thriller and it’s not even october and michael jackson doesn’t even moonwalk to thriller ugh ???????
  • yoongi keeps falling asleep at his desk and forgetting to go home at the end of the day.
  • harmless stuff like that. 
  • (namjoon stays late so he starts driving yoongi home because that’s just the kind of Great boss he is.)
  • and most of the time you two spend these meeting gossiping about drama between the departments and rolling on the floor laughing.
  • and you’re so in awe that someone can be so wonderful and selfless, making use of his privilege to protect people less fortune than him.
  • and your meeting are usually after lunch, so you come back from lunch to find him buried in paperwork and you begin to wonder, who takes care of him?
  • you ask if he had lunch and he’s like lol of course not have you met me
  • and you suggest postponing the meeting because there’s nothing urgent going on and you can take care of “kim taehyung keeps sneaking his dog into the office” on your own.
  • but he’s like “nO!!! please, our meetings are the only break i get, they keep me sane, they’re kinda the highlight of my week.”
  • and you sputter like ????? “im,,,what??? me ?? too?”
  • from that day on he starts taking you out for lunch every week and that way your meetings get twice as long.
  • and eventually you have to ask him, since nothing is going on in the office, “what about you, namjoon? how are you doing?”
  • and he thinks for a moment and he’s like “you know what, i feel kinda shitty actually.”
  • so you let him vent all his sadness and weird existential thoughts and angst for a few weeks and eventually suggest maybe he takes responsibility for his own health and happiness and maybe a good step would be to see a therapist?
  • and he does because he values your opinion and honestly it’s the only selfish thing he’s done in years and it makes him feel 1000001x better to have his concerns and ideas affirmed and listened to by a professional. therapy is cool, kids.
  • and one day shy joonie hands you a little poem he wrote you on a post-it, describing all the little detail he’s observed about him that makes his heart race and his head go all slow and foggy.
  • because he really,,,,,,,,,,,,, really likes you, and hopes this isn’t weird or anything if you don’t feel the same way that’s cool but he’s felt this way for a while and you’re the best thing that’s happened to him since this company and he just thought you deserved to know and he’s sorry.
  • and you have to like glue yourself to that dining chair so you don’t climb that dang table and throw yourself at him because namjoon is the most wonderful man on earth you treasure him and you want to keep him safe and happy because he deserves as much kindness as he’s prepared to give and he has nothing to be sorry for and you love him.
  • and he loves you too.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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Room 316 (M)

word count: 5.1k

genre: smut + a little fluff; CEO!seungcheol

pairing: reader/seungcheol

summary: your boss, CEO choi seungcheol, has been injured in a car accident and you go to visit him; strictly out of worry as a friend and employee, definitely not because you harbor a sort-of crush on the man. but as the anesthetics leave seungcheol a little loose, he ends up saying more than you were meant to hear and it reveals a lot about what you mean to him.


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  • *at drive thru speaker*: uh, yeah, you got any of that uh.... serotonin? heard it's real good. makes you feel genuine happiness and shit.
  • employee: i can't think of an ending for this post help

I work in a small local pizza store. There’s usually three people up front to answer calls and be cheerful to the customers, but the rest of us are behind a partial wall cooking food in giant ovens or grills or deep fryers.
Over the summers, when it’s 90 degrees without the ovens and we have no A/C, we also have a deal that if you pick up your orders on Wednesday you get two free toppings. So of course we get a million complicated orders on Wednesday and have to get everything done as fast as if they were fewer and less complicated.
One Wednesday a family comes to pick up their order and the mother decides to walk behind the wall and watch us hurrying around and trying to work as fast as possible. She then goes online and leaves a 2 star review saying “The food was good but not all the employees looked happy, only the people up front were smiling.” So of course the next day the owner comes in furious and says that no matter where you are on your shift you have to be smiling at all times, and he would be having the store manager check the footage to make sure everyone did it.
So now even when we’re getting grease burns and sprinting around a boiling kitchen we all have to be forcefully grinning the whole time because of this woman.

If you work alone, I bet no one mentioned to you that yesterday was Employee Appreciation Day 😒 So happy belated employee appreciation day to all my self-employed friends who work alone! You’re skills are improving ✔️ you’re getting better at being organized ✔️ and you’ve shown a willingness to learn new things ✔️. Sorry, we’re not doing bonuses this year, but you can continue to eat cookies all day and spend hours crafting motivational playlists on Spotify without ever looking over your shoulder, so there’s that 🙌 

The Spicy Cologne 

by millionlittletings (108k)

Published : 2017-05-06

New job, new city, new life. Louis is pretty excited to start the next chapter of his life.

Harry Styles, the sole heir of the Styles Group of Hospitality Ltd, is a man like no other. For the world, he is a recluse charmer and a sharp businessman. Behind all that, hidden from the world, is a man struggling with himself and his last abusive relationship.

As their paths cross, everything around them is put to test, from their will to their patience and courage, only to reach a point where nothing ever will be the same again.


Note : Past Abusive Relationship, Slight mention of blood, 

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Fuck customers that continually complain about something that's out of your control, even when you repeatedly tell them that there's nothing you can do

Customer: “Your store is not located in a place that makes me happy!”

Employee: “Well then, let me put on my cape and tights so I can superman this bitch right on top of your house if that’ll make it more convenient for you.” -Abby

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Girl, I need to have the elevator scene in Mr. Min POV or if not, the the MC arrival at the company banquet in Mr. Min POV!! Pull these heartstrings more 😩😍

You have waited so long for this!  How could I not deliver?

If Yoojung thought she was doing a good job of hiding her nervousness by physically dragging you into the elevator behind her then she was sadly mistaken. Yoongi gave her a contemptuous look as he entered the elevator and stood next to you but it wasn’t lost on him that Jeon stood on the other side of you, the three of you squashed in the too small space because the kid wouldn’t take the fucking hint and not stand so close. He could feel you shift uncomfortably, your shoulder brushed against his, and he wanted to snap at Jeon and ask him if he couldn’t see how uncomfortable he was making the entire situation but he knew he had no justification. Shouting about something so trivial would only draw more attention to the awkward tension between you and Yoongi and that was something he couldn’t afford.

He felt a bit like an idiot, truth be told. The black garment box was clutched to his side and his fingers gripped it a bit tighter than normal. What was he thinking by buying the lingerie? You had explicitly said you didn’t want him to buy you anything and it only then dawned on him that perhaps it was because you wanted Jeon to buy it instead. His stomach rolled and tightened with the thought though he tried to stubbornly push it from his mind.

The doors closed to the elevator and in the reflection of the metal he could see you staring at him with wide, intimidated eyes. He felt his eyes narrow in silent condemnation. He was aware of the heavy silence that filled the cramped elevator car, each passing second only serving to point out the tense nature of every member. “How’s the overtime coming, Jeon?” He had asked the question to the other man but kept his eyes on you. He noticed that you didn’t break his stare, your eyes locked in the reflection of the elevator door, and couldn’t deny that a part of his ego was boosted to see you so trained on him though the younger man was right next to you.

“It’s going well. We both worked diligently yesterday and I think we made some real headway. Hopefully we will finish before tonight,” Jeon said in a tight voice, one more controlled than his usual.

Yoongi struggled to keep a smirk from spreading across his face when you didn’t break eye contact with him. You were being so obedient and docile without putting up any kind of a fight, a far cry from your usual self. Part of what he liked most about you was, though you always relented and submitted, you often fought him for that control. You didn’t give into him easily like most women he came across. You were a walking, breathing contradiction and it secretly intrigued him. It was a bit like a hunt or a chase, one that he knew was stacked in his favor, but you were his prey nonetheless and not even cocky Jeon seemed to stand a chance if Yoongi was in the room. He took a deep sigh and relaxed his grip on the box of lingerie before he spoke. “Yes, it would be good if you both got some time to rest before work tomorrow.” Though he was certain you wouldn’t be getting much rest once he gave you the present.

“So, if we finish early today where would you like to go for dinner,” Jeon suddenly asked and immediately your eyes broke their stare with Yoongi. He, for his own part, was left to quickly catch his breath and control his face at the question. What dinner? Had you agreed to go to dinner with Jeon of all people? And in what capacity? A friendly and strictly platonic celebration of completing the overtime project or something more scandalous?

Yoongi’s eyes finally turned towards Jeon’s reflection only to see that the young man had been staring at him the entire time. He bit back the urge to say something, to keep you from answering the question, to keep himself from hearing any more about the dinner that he certainly didn’t care about and resigned himself to tighten his grip on the box again.

“Oh, I d-don’t care,” you mumbled.

“Now that’s not fair,” Jeon said and Yoongi could see the smirk on his face appear, a twitch of one end of his lips that spread slowly, before he finally pulled his eyes away from Yoongi and turned his head to stare at you. He nudged your shoulder which sent you into Yoongi’s side. He focused his attention on the door to the elevator, refused to look at you even when he saw you nod a silent apology to him out of the corner of his eye. All he could focus on was that although Jeon was smirking in his usual cocky manner, his jaw was tight and clenched. “I was the one who asked you on a date. I only think it’s fair if you choose where we go.”

The awkward silence descended on the four of you again as everyone waited for your answer for their own reasons. Yoongi tried to focus on the door and the smudged handprints that covered the reflective surface and certainly not on the way you looked up at Jeon with wide eyes and a parted mouth. He absolutely didn’t care that Jeon looked down at you with that same cocky grin that he was sure you and most women found attractive but just appeared sleazy to him. And he couldn’t have cared less about what your answer was. He was merely having trouble breathing because the air was so stuffy in the compartment.

“Uh, I g-guess I’ll see what I feel like later.”

So you wanted to go on a date with Jeon. That’s fine. It didn’t bother Yoongi at all. He was only vaguely aware of the slight crinkling sound the box of expensive lingerie made as his fist tightened around the edge.

“There’s nothing against that right, Mr. Min? I can’t remember seeing anything against two employees being involved romantically in the handbook when I started but, I figured, you would be able to tell me if there was something wrong with us dating.” Jeon’s annoying voice did little to mask the implication. Yoongi allowed his eyes to dart towards the younger man only to find that he was boldly staring back at him through the reflection, his lips still twitched into the same smug lopsided smile.

He forced himself to look away and straight ahead of himself. He studied his coat in the reflection, busied his free hand with straightening his collar, and spoke with a steady, calm, and entirely practiced voice. “The company has no problem with employees dating. But as mentioned before, it can’t affect your work. The moment I see either of you slacking, you’ll be written up.“ His eyes flickered towards your reflection for a brief second to be sure your attention was back on him. He wanted to be sure you understood him entirely. “After all, we want our employees happy. But the company must always be considered more important during work hours.”

“Absolutely. It’s not like we would run off to an empty office and have sex during work hours,” Jeon said in a near growl.

Well played. If there was any doubt that Jeon knew about your agreement with Yoongi it was clear now that he did. Yoongi felt his shoulders straighten and his heart stutter for a split second. Anyone knowing about the arrangement was dangerous. His mother had ears and eyes everywhere. All it would take is one disgruntled employee with a penchant for revenge to let the information slip. If his mother found out she would certainly interfere, possibly fire or blackmail you into doing her dirty work in order to keep your job or gain a promotion. It would be markedly worse though if the employee went to the media with stories of Yoongi sexually harassing his employees. The damage to the company reputation, not to mention that of his family’s, would be tremendous.

Gratefully the doors to the elevator opened and Yoongi slipped through them as quickly as possible. He could feel his blood boiling but mixed with it was a sickly nervous apprehension that swam in his gut. It wasn’t until later, slinked back in his desk chair and tapping a pen on his half finished work as he stared at your back while you worked, that he began to wonder if his anxiety wasn’t solely related to how being exposed would affect him. But worrying about your safety and well-being wasn’t something that he would do. It couldn’t be that.

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As someone who's basically just not a shitty person, I always treat retail workers with respect because I can just imagine the amount of shitty people they have to deal with. There's this guy who works at this pet store who was absolutely AMAZING when we came in, he was a breeder of lizards for years and he had tons of experience and information to help us. I was really happy because the other employees at that store don't give a shit and never clean the cages or help you. Shoutout to lizard guy

Flower Festival: Employees

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To end off the day, Max sends every single one of his darling employees a gift of one pink rose and a cheery note, wishing them all well, and thanking them for their continued support and service to him. Most bosses had reputations for being mean and uncaring to those who worked under them, but Max would like to think he wasn’t like that at all. Even though he was their superior, Max treated his workers with kindness and respect, as if they were friends, rather than servants. 

Of course, he didn’t cross too far over the line that separated boss and employee, and kept a significant amount of authority about him. This was just his way of being a decent person, and a good boss. ♪

The Ability to Choose where Villagers Move -

Yes, I know you’ve definitely heard this one before. The most outstanding problem in Animal Crossing: New Leaf was the issue with villagers moving into that perfect spot right in front of your house. Annoying, right? I even started plot resetting because it frustrated me!

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Since that cleaning job I got from that one lady is pretty much down to one or two days a week for only 2 hours each I went and found a second part time job. I’ll be working for the same company I’m working through at the clinic, just not the same title/tasks. I’m going to be a caregiver/aide at a home that has special needs and/or disabled adults. They’ve bumped my pay rate up at the clinic to the same as what I’ll be earning as an aide. I really love the company I work for. They encourage and praise me a lot and seem like they’re willing to help when and where they can in keeping me happy as an employee. Any caregivers that follow us with advice to help me at my new job? -Abby

Some movies are a master class in how to make a good movie. Some are a master class in cinematography, or the use of soundtrack and score. Some are a master class in shot construction and editing. Some are a master class in screenwriting structure.

“The Circle” is a master class in how not to make a simple genre film.

Spoilers will follow, though if you find yourself surprised by anything in “The Circle,” you’re not really ready for a master class in film. You’re probably still stuck in Introduction to Cinema 101.

Here’s the genre “The Circle” belongs to:

A naive, callow twenty-something is hired for a too-good-to-be-true dream job at a secretive company led by a charismatic father figure and learns there’s a sinister reality behind the charming facade. Complications ensue as the twenty-something decides to expose the illegal doings of the firm, putting herself and those she loves at risk.

That’s a liberal summation of “The Circle” because the second sentence in that paragraph is only weakly implied in the film itself. It’s also, you might notice, a plot summary of the book and movie which exemplified, rather successfully, the genre “The Circle” is trying to fit into (a genre I call “Had I But Known”).

The film “The Circle” wants to be is “The Firm,” with Emma Watson in the part of naïve and callow young Tom Cruise, who discovers the secretive law firm he’s working for has one client: the Mob. A comparison of these two movies, working in the same genre with basically the same plot, provides us with a master class in how not to do a genre film.

Whatever you may think of its basic worth, as a piece of genre entertainment, “The Firm” delivers the goods. We’re introduced to a relatively likeable young lawyer, played by Tom Cruise, a recent graduate with tons of student debt, who’s offered a high-paying job at an obscure Southern law firm run by charismatic Gene Hackman. Tom and his lovely wife relocate to their new city, where they’re isolated from the support of old friends and family, and become both socially and economically dependent on Tom’s new job at The Firm. But all is not as it seems and soon Tom realizes that the supportive and enriching company to which he’s attached himself is actually a money-laundering and law-manipulating front for the Mob. Tom’s discovery puts his life and the life of his wife at risk. With pressure from outside and inside the Firm threatening Tom and his loved one, he must come up with a plan to expose the Firm while protecting himself and his wife from retaliation by the Mob and prosecution by the government. He works out a dangerous and elaborate plan to do so, ending in a climactic confrontation with the Firm’s charismatic leader in which Tom’s clever plan triumphs thanks to both his and his wife’s bravery and ingenuity.

It’s a basic pot-boiler plot, and for it to be successful only a handful of key ingredients are required, all of which “The Firm” provides:

1) A likeable, intelligent but naïve hero with a sympathetic goal.

2) An intriguing, not-all-what-he-seems villain.

3) A simple, easily explained crisis (the law firm you’re working for turns out to be a Mob front).

4) Jeopardy to the hero’s life and loved ones.

5) A clever plan developed by the hero to escape the villain’s clutches and turn the tables on the bad guys.

On the surface, “The Circle” also seems to contain all five ingredients– but only if you interpret each ingredient very very liberally.

1) A likeable, intelligent but naïve hero with a sympathetic goal:

Emma Watson plays May, a nondescript millennial in a dead end temp job. We’re supposed to find her sympathetic because anyone stuck in a dead end temp job is supposed to be sympathetic. But what, exactly, makes her likeable and intelligent? (Emma Watson is obviously likeable and projects intelligence, but I’m talking about the character she plays, May, not Emma Watson.) We know nothing about May’s goals or interests other than that she enjoys kayaking. She’s dismissive of the one non-family member who shows interest in her as a person, a childhood friend named Mercer. Her father has MS and May feels bad about that. As far as character development goes, that’s pretty much it. May is a nobody, not particularly distinguished in her ambitions or talents, not particularly likeable. She is, apparently, reasonably good at customer service. Yay for May. If she were played by anyone other than Emma Watson she’d be instantly forgettable. Tom Cruise’s character, on the other hand, is specific, if not particularly exciting: he’s a freshly minted lawyer with student debt and a lovely wife, well-educated and obviously smart, with ambitions and a goal. He may not be original but he has potential and character resources to draw upon. May is a customer support rep with a bad attitude toward one potential friend and a single hobby, kayaking. No potential, no character resources. When she discovers The Truth about her company she has no particular skill set to draw upon to accomplish point five (which will lead to the greatest failure of the film).

2) An intriguing, not-all-what-he-seems villain:

Tom Hanks plays Bailey, the Steve Jobs-esque charismatic leader of the Google-Facebook-Apple tech company “The Circle.” He’s presented as a socially forward-thinking tech entrepreneur whose main skill set, apparently, is the ability to give tendentious speeches to an audience of happy employees. At no time is he shown to be anything other than a lightweight con artist at worst. Despite the film’s heavy handed message that social media unchecked is Bad, and the assertion of one character that The Circle is up to something nefarious, and an unbelievable public display of callously poor judgment, Bailey never does anything on screen that can be described as villainous. He doesn’t threaten May’s life or the lives of her loved ones (in fact, the “villainous” tech that May comes to distrust actually saves her life, and the company’s free health care saves her family from financial ruin and provides her father with treatment for his MS). We are told (again, by a character other than May, who learns and does nothing of consequence on her own) that The Circle and its leaders are up to No Good, but exactly what that No Good consists of, other than exposing the illegal actions of a hostile Senator, we have no idea. As a villain, Tom Hanks’ Bailey is, like May, not much of anything.

3) A simple, easily explained crisis (the law firm you’re working for turns out to be a Mob front).

The Circle, the company May works for, is, on the surface, a typical successful and grandiose Silicon Valley tech firm. Its corporate culture is obnoxiously self-satisfied and myopic. Its employees are happy worker bees who believe they’re on a Mission. There’s a vaguely cult-like atmosphere. The employees are naïve, the bosses are manipulative and probably amoral, though that’s implied more than displayed. But that’s the surface reality. Underneath the surface, however, and providing the crisis that propels our hero to take her life in her hands and risk everything to expose The Truth, is the revelation that The Circle is– exactly what it appears to be on the surface: a typical successful and grandiose Silicon Valley tech firm. Wait, what? It isn’t making deals with authoritarian countries to control the citizenry through technology? Its master plan to undermine American democracy is to make it easier and a requirement that all citizens vote? Its worst crime is the enabling of amateur paparazzi leading to the accidental death of a possibly deranged young man? I may be missing something here, but while all of this is irresponsible and potentially dangerous, none of it is actually, ah, criminal. And none of it puts our heroine’s own life or the lives of her loved ones or her future happiness at risk. Which brings us to ingredient four…

4) Jeopardy to the hero’s life and loved ones.

So, once May “discovers” The Truth that The Circle is, in fact, exactly what it seems to be, what jeopardy does she face? What risk is she exposed to? What danger confronts her and her loved ones? In a tense scene, when Bailey and his apparent dark enforcer, Patton Oswalt (yep, Patton Oswalt is Bailey’s “menacing” corporate henchman) recognize that May is no longer a happy employee, they threaten her with– a better job, more money, more freedom. Or, heck, May can just keep doing what she’s doing. Whatever works best for her. We’re just here to see you get back on your feet. It’s a devastating and frightening confrontation. Yeah, no. But it’s completely on a par with the rest of the film. From one point of view, given the behavior of The Circle toward May, she’s the psychotic villain, not Bailey. There is literally no threat to May, no personal or family jeopardy, not even a hint of possible negative consequences if she decides to quit. She isn’t even reminded of legal issues regarding corporate NDAs, though in fact May doesn’t actually have any corporate secrets to expose, good, bad, or otherwise, because remember SHE’S JUST A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP. Which brings us to the last and most disastrous missing ingredient…

5) A clever plan developed by the hero to escape the villain’s clutches and turn the tables on the bad guys.

Before I get into this one, I’ll digress to share a comment a friend of mine once made about “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” a movie that is the Exception That Proves The Rule of genre pictures. According to my friend, you can take Indiana Jones out of “Raiders” and the ending of the movie would be exactly the same. It’s true: if Indiana never became involved in the search for the Lost Ark, how would the ultimate outcome be different? The Nazis would have found the Ark, would have opened it as they did, and would have been consumed by the Wrath of God. Indiana’s involvement changed nothing. To be fair, he did save Marion Ravenwood’s life. She probably would have been killed if Indy hadn’t shown up in Tibet. So that’s something. And maybe the Ark wouldn’t have ended up stored in Area 51. Not that it’s ever mattered. But, essentially, Indiana Jones is irrelevant to the outcome of “Raiders,” and while it works in “Raiders” because everything else is so damned marvelous, normally a genre story in which the hero’s presence is irrelevant to the outcome is what we in the business call A Bad Thing.

May, in “The Circle,” is completely irrelevant to the outcome of the movie. Why? Because in fact she isn’t the real protagonist of the story– she’s at best a supporting character, at worst a minor cog in the arc of the actual protagonist, the man the movie should have been about, the only empowered character in the film who has a functional choice to make and an actual risk to take: Tyler.

Tyler? TYLER?

Who the hell is Tyler? Why haven’t we mentioned this guy before? What does he have to do with all this?

Tyler is a supporting character introduced toward the end of Act One, played by John Boyega in a total of three full scenes, a mysterious and close-mouthed “tech engineer” who for some unexplained reason decides to reveal the Deep Secrets of The Circle to customer rep May. The Deep Secret of The Circle is that they have a lot of underground space for server farms, i.e.: they have room to expand their data storage. Apparently this is a Bad Thing and she mustn’t tell anyone she knows. Oh, and by the way, Tyler is the tech engineer who designed the software/hardware/program/magic that makes The Circle a tech powerhouse. But these days he just wanders around the company campus getting upset by storage space and taking naïve young customer reps into his confidence. Tyler is an enigma. He’s also the Deus Ex Machina who gives May the opportunity to make a Big Speech at the end of the movie while he does the actual work of exposing the Bad Things the company is doing.

(What bad things, exactly? We never find out, but they must be Bad, because they upset Tyler, who’s also upset by storage space.)

Yes, that’s right: Tyler is the one who first discovers The Circle is doing Bad Things (they’re planning to fill storage space with data) and Tyler is the one who puts his cushy non-job at risk when he decides to expose those Bad Things, something he can do because he has the skill set necessary to take action to resolve the crisis. It isn’t even clear May’s own turn against The Circle has any influence on Tyler’s decision. In a scene obviously rewritten and re-voiced in post production, there’s an attempt to show that May persuaded Tyler to act, but it’s unconvincing. Tyler doesn’t need May to persuade him; he was previously trying to persuade her. Tyler acts for Tyler’s own reasons. May’s presence in the story is irrelevant. Through her own actions May has no fundamental impact on the story’s outcome. And unlike “Raiders,” there’s no compensating fun to be had in the rest of the film.

So, there you have it– a master class in how not to make a thriller in the Had I But Known genre. Wait till “The Circle” is on Netflix or Amazon Prime, then watch it back to back with “The Firm.” You’ll learn something.

Whether what you learn is worth the time invested is entirely up to you.


The Reason I Choose Korean Beauty Products

I was coming out of work today and I asked my boyfriend to take me to Lotte Plaza. After a slight mix up, we ended up at H-Mart, and though we were surprised (he because he thought H-Mart and Lotte Plaza were interchangeable, and I because I didn’t know H-Mart existed in this state), I was happy to go right on in to browse.

By the time I walked out, I had with me an entire haul of new beauty products, and no food. Confused, my boyfriend asked why I had wanted to add an extra hour to our travel time by going to H-Mart for makeup and face wash that I could buy from Rite-Aid, Ulta, Sephora, Target (the list goes on) all of which are anywhere from five to ten minutes away.

To this, I firstly resisted the urge to be a smart-ass and explain that I didn’t ask to go to H-Mart, but Lotte Plaza. Secondly, I provided these reasons:

1. My skin is healthier.

Korean products do not result in the breakouts that domestic products have cursed me with. Originally, I was using Urban Decay’s foundation, and although I found that the tone matched my skin well, the coverage wasn’t great, and the formula got really gross and flaky after drying. I tried Mary Kae and the coverage was good and went a long way, but it was heavy and my skin reacted poorly to it. From Mary Kay, I went to Bare Minerals, which to date was the gentlest on my skin. However, it did not hide the redness in my skin well, and generally didn’t even out my skin tone well.

It was like I couldn’t win… Until I tried BB Cream.

My first time using BB Cream, I ordered Etude House’s matte formula in the lightest shade they had. Today, I bought Iope’s formula in “Ice Vanilla,” and I have to say that I like it just as much! BB cream is a great alternative to foundation because it tends to be a lot lighter on the skin, and the best part is that it has sun screen in the formula as well. For someone like me who not only has sensitive skin, but a sun allergy, this takes a few steps out of my beauty routine which is especially helpful during the work and school week. Additionally, BB cream smells really good.

2. Free Stuff! I repeat, free stuff!

The best thing that shopping in Korean beauty stores can offer is that there are so many samples and bonus products you get, it’s ridiculous! See the photo above? I bought two things, and walked out with seven. I bought the BB cream and the skin care set, and in addition, I received a sample cleansing set, two face masks, two sample firming packs, a refill for my BB cream (it’s air cushioned, but the mirror compact can be reused), and a full-sized hand wash. It was a hefty price, but I can honestly say that between quality and quantity it’s well worth it.

3. Customer Service

This point is entirely circumstantial, and can differ greatly for everyone, but I’m being honest. In my area, I’ve never had a good experience in a skin care shop or makeup shop where the employees have been as eager to answer questions. Because I have combination skin as well as a sun allergy, I need makeup that works well with troubled skin and also can tolerate being applied with sun screen. Unfortunately, not every employee is receptive to answering questions thoroughly.

The woman who helped me today was not only polite, but she wanted to help me find the product for my skin that would work best. After showing me the brand that she uses personally, as she confided that she also has combination skin, she told me that it has anti-aging properties that are popular for teenagers as well as young adults, explained that I don’t need to worry about all the anti-aging eye creams and things yet because I’m still young, and why having the cleansers are worth while. As she talked, she allowed me to sample the products, and when I told her that I wanted to look at BB creams as well, she perked up and said that she had a great recommendation that was also a promo item. That of course was the IOPE BB cream, which has SPF50+ sunscreen. The dream!

She allowed me to pick out which free face masks I wanted from a choice of six (shea butter, rice, bamboo, green tea, pearl, and another of which I have unfortunately forgotten), and then also guided me through each sample product that was thrown in which she honestly didn’t need to do.

It’s a great experience every time. Again, this is entirely circumstantial and I cannot guarantee that every H-Mart and Lotte Plaza in the world will have happy eager employees, just like I wouldn’t suggest every Sephora on earth has super disinterested employees. If you are in the same area, however, and you have access to Ellicott City’s H-Mart or Lotte Plaza, I will shamelessly advertise their excellent customer service.

Are there downsides? Yes. The only major downside I can think of is the price. It can be an expensive route to take because the products are imported, and the price of shipping is added on top of that for those who may only have access to Korean products online. For me, I budget by waiting for sales, or compromising some parts of my beauty routine by using domestic products in addition to Korean products. Memebox was an especially great discovery because the prices are far less hefty than in other online stores, and the shipping is free after spending $30.00.

Over all, I switched to Korean beauty products primarily because my skin responds better to the products.

It also helps that I find they make me super cute.

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New fmk w/ Loki, Ward, and Tony Stark.

Lab Partner for a Semester: Loki. I want to hear him complain about “primitive Midgardian science” for the entire semester. The lab might not last more then a couple weeks before he blows it up… but it would be pretty fun to watch him prank the other students.

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Trapped in an Elevator for Ten Hours: You know. You know who I’m picking. And I feel sorry for him. Stuck with me for ten hours in a small space will probably be unbearable. But I’m going to be a happy camper.

Employee Trainer at McDonalds: Tony Stark. Can you imagine? It would be hilarious. He would probably try to make all of the work stations completely autonomous, so we’d all be out of a job, but at least we could watch robot arms setting burgers on fire (and possibly take over the world).

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Operation: Alola [Gladion x Moon]

Chapter 1 ↠ Chapter 2

Chapter 1: First Impressions

Notes: You all saw my weird af dream about a Spy AU. I decided to roll with it. :)

Anabel stares long and hard at the projection; pictures of their newly recruited International Police officers covered the wall. The hum of the projector, and the scribbling of her pen on a notepad were the only sources of sound in the room. Looker, with crossed arms and furrowed eyebrows, stands in the back. He watches Anabel drag a hand across her face in frustration.

“What seems to be the matter?” He asks, a smirk present on his lips. Anabel throws a tired gaze to the back of the room.  “Your boss is stumped and we’re running out of time” she mutters, turning her face back to the projection. She gives a vague hand gesture to the wall that causes Looker to shift his gaze from her to the pictures.

“You’ve trained all these recruits. Tell me who should we send on the mission to Alola?”

Looker lifts himself away from the wall and walks towards the front of the room. His footsteps and the rustle of his trenchcoat add a dimension of noise to the otherwise silent room. He approaches the computer and taps a key that quickly scrolled through all the candidates. He stops on the picture of a short black haired girl.

She narrows her eyes at the picture. “I may not work directly with the agents, but I hear rumors , Looker. And all rumors have a sense of truth to them.” 

Looker only chuckles. “Trust me on this”

Anabel let’s out a small sigh. ”We cannot and should not send someone who can’t hold their own in a battle.” Looker taps another key that opens up her stats.


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