happy easter though!

“Happy Easter! (Brohm Version)

This drawing was suppose to be a speedpaint but it failed sadly. But still, at least the drawing turn out good :D Anyway, hope you guys like this it! :)

(By the way. Happy Easter! Even though it might not be Easter yet for some people but for me its Easter lol)

Stakes on a Plane ~A Joshifer One-Shot~

Well! After quite a bit of straight writing, and tons of inspiration from various people on here, including but certainly not limited it to, these lovely ladies right here, I finally got this little Joshifer plane one-shot done! I had so much fun writing this particular one, let me tell you. It makes me so happy to know that those two lovely dorks were up in the sky with each other for nine hours, doing nothing but bothering each other, bickering, and cuddling. So of course I had to write about it haha!

And I am so sorry; I honestly could not help myself with that pun for the title lmao!

I’d also like to say Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates it, and I hope you all have a lovely day! So as usual, without further ado…

Stakes on a Plane

My voice is groggy as my head bashes back against the hard backing of the chair behind me. As if that wasn’t already a bad enough wake-up call, I feel small hands prodding my sides at a hastened pace.

“Josh. Come on Josh, wake up.”

When I refuse, I feel a light stinging sensation as a hand comes in contact with my face, which is enough to drain the sleep from my system.

“Ow! What the hell?” I whine, blinking open my eyes only to come face to face with Jennifer. She’s smiling, and she rubs my cheek gently before tugging on my shoulder.

“You’re easily injured, I know,” she murmurs before standing up, backing away from the chair I’m propped in, “Come on asshole. We don’t want to miss our flight.”

Oh. Right. Our flight.

Jennifer, Woody, Francis, and I had been idling in the Atlanta airport for quite some time, waiting to board the next flight to Paris. Though I’ve been to Paris countless times on my own, I haven’t been with such an extraordinary group of people, and filming Mockingjay there will certainly prove to be interesting.

As excited as we were to get to the airport and wait for our flight, the large layover proved to be a killer one; six hours in a building with nothing to do but idle around.

And I guess I was more tired than I had originally intended to be, because here I was, falling asleep in one of the more uncomfortable chairs found within the airport.

Sighing and gathering my carry-on’s together, I blink the last bits of sleep from my eyes before tagging along side with Jennifer. She’s smiling and carrying on to Francis about how excited she is to go to Paris and film, and I cannot help but smile myself. And envy her energetic spirit of course.

Boarding the plane doesn’t take long, and before I know it, we’re preparing to embark across the ocean.

After slinging my things beneath the row of seats we have claimed, I begin to shuffle towards the window seat, but a firm hand on my shoulder stops me.

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can we talk about how weird “merry christmas” is though…

happy easter

happy new year

happy thanksgiving 

happy hanukkah 

happy birthday

even in the UK its happy christmas

but no.

merry fucking christmas.

anonymous asked:

Can you make an Easter one where April secretly hides eggs in the lair and then surprises the turtles with an Easter Egg hunt.

“Okay, why are we up this early again?” Raph asked as April practically skipped out of the room.

“Be nice, Raph,” Leo hissed. “April obviously has something planned.”

“Yeah, and I haven’t seen her look this excited in a while,” Donnie observed, a small smile on his face.

“Okay then, I have another question,” Raph said with a scowl. “If we’re awake, how come this shellhead gets to keep sleeping?” he asked, gesturing to Mikey who was currently sleeping face down on the floor. Mikey had initially fallen back asleep against Raph’s arm, but the older turtle had wasted no time in shoving him unceremoniously onto the floor.

Leonardo shrugged. “Probably because he’s the only one of us that can sleep anywhere.”

“And you know how hard it is to wake him up,” Donatello added.

Just then, April sauntered back into the room, four large objects hidden behind her back. To the turtles’ confusion, their sensei followed closely behind her.

Before they could ask what was going on, April bent down until she was practically on the floor next to Mikey’s head.

“Mikey, wake up,” she coaxed.

“April, that’s not going to-” Leo began.

“I have a surprise for you!” April added in a sing-song voice.

Mikey’s head shot up. “Huh? Wha-? What surprise?”

“Well… that worked,” Raph stated, sounding irritated, but mostly impressed.  

“Why did we never think of that?” Donnie asked himself.

From behind her back, April produced four white baskets, each with a different color ribbon on them. She handed the one with the orange ribbon to Mikey. His eyes lit up immediately as he jumped to his feet in one swift motion. He seemed to automatically understand what was going on, but his brothers were still watching the proceedings in confusion as April handed them the baskets with their respective colors.

“What is this for?” Leo asked while looking down at his basket decorated with a blue ribbon.

“Dudes, don’t you get it?” Mikey asked while bouncing on his toes. “It’s Easter!”

April smiled lightly, rubbing her arm in embarrassment. “I know you guys don’t usually celebrate it, but my…” she hesitated, “my dad used to hide chocolate eggs for me every year around the apartment and when Mikey told me none of you had ever had an Easter Egg Hunt I thought…” April shrugged. “I thought it might be fun to give you guys one. I know we’re a little old but-”

“You’re never too old for candy,” Mikey announced with a straight face as if it were the most serious topic in the world.

“…You might still enjoy it,” April finished. She looked to their sensei. “And Master Splinter thought it would be a good idea.”

“However, I did have a few adjustments,” Splinter added with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “You are ninja. You must enhance your skills of perception and deduction. You may only pick up eggs that are the color of the ribbon on your baskets and I have hidden the different colored eggs in locations I know will cause specific difficulties for each of you. There are fifteen eggs each and once you have found all of your eggs in the lair, you will be permitted to search the sewer for the one golden egg. This will be the hardest to find, but if you’re the one to find it, the others are required to do all your chores for a month.”

Raph, Leo and Donatello seemed to perk up at this.

“But there will be candy in the other eggs, right?” Mikey asked with wide eyes.

“Yes, Michelangelo,” Master Splinter assured him with a smile. “There is candy in the other eggs as well.

“Alright!” Mikey fist-pumped. “Let’s do this!”

“Don’t even think about it Leo! I’m getting that golden egg,” Raph assured his brother with a confident smirk.

“You?” Donnie scoffed. “Who’s got a map of the sewers in their head?” Donatello tapped his temple. “I do. It’s as good as mine.”

“One moment,” Splinter interrupted. Confused, the teenagers watched as Splinter walked over to the TV, reached behind it, and pulled out a white basket with a yellow ribbon.

He walked back to the curious group and handed the basket to April.

“You are Kunoichi. You too must find the eggs I have hidden specifically to challenge your skills.”

April blinked down at the basket, suddenly having to rub at something in her eye, and then beamed up at Master Splinter as she took the basket from him.

“But…” April couldn’t stop smiling even though her confusion. “I helped you hide the eggs. How did you manage to hide yellow ones without me knowing?”

With the faintest of gestures, Master Splinter raised an eyebrow at the young girl.

“Oh, right…” April laughed in embarrassment. “Stupid question.”

“Can we start pleeeease?” Mikey pleaded, barely able to contain himself.

Splinter nodded. “Yes, you may. Good luck… my ninjas. Hajime!”

Happy Easter everyone even though this story is a bit late!

And if you’re wondering who I think won the egg hunt well… remember Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders.