happy easter guys lmao

indecent exposure

keywords: police officer!luke, smut, handcuffs, fluff
word count: 2157
a/n: this is something ive had in my drafts for awhile and honestly i love how it turned out. its just legit 2k words of pure smut… i love luke so much, especially in a smut sense bc hes just so beautiful who wouldnt want him in your bed just sayin lmao. 

It’s a typical Wednesday evening, you’re blasting your favorite music out of the speakers in the living room and dancing around in your underwear while doing the daily chores in your house. Cleaning, the dishes, etc. Listening to music makes everything easier. 

You’re getting caught up on chores while your fiance, Luke, is out on call. His job often calls for that, with him being a police officer of course. While you do miss him a lot while he’s out, you’ve gotten used to being alone sometimes in the evenings. It doesn’t bother you to be alone, you almost kind of enjoy it. 

You were singing loudly to a song while doing the dishes, swaying your hips to the beat when you suddenly feel a pair of hands being placed on your bare hips, startling you a bit. “Well, this isn’t what I was expecting to see when I came home this evening,” your fiance soothed in your ear, the stubble from his beard rubbing a little on your cheek. 

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