happy easter guys!!


Happy Easter you guys! Here’s some Domestic!Nalu celebrating the holiday because, come on, how was I supposed to pass up my babies being parents? also i felt bad about puppy natsu and needed something a little happier

“How about a bunny?” 

Lucy sighed as she shifted the easter grass around in the basket, carefully placing the plastic eggs in the free space while trying to save room for the other little knick-knacks she and Natsu had collected earlier in the week. 

“Natsu, for the third time, we are not buying her a bunny.” 

He didn’t respond immediately- too caught up in placing the final touches on one of the dyed eggs with his tongue poking out to the side in concentration. He took a second to admire his own handiwork before pouting at his wife’s words. 

“Fine, what about a baby chicken?” 

Lucy snorted, picking up a tiny, stuffed bunny and gently placing it down on the green-colored strands. She adjusted its floppy ears before side-eyeing the man beside her. 

“And just what will we do when the baby chick isn’t a baby anymore?” 

He shrugged, “Eat more eggs?” 

“We are not raising a chicken.” 

Natsu rolled his eyes and groaned, ignoring his wife’s warning look as he unwrapped one of the chocolate eggs and popped it into his mouth. 

“Come on, Luce.” He said in-between bites. “Every kid needs a pet.” 

“She has Happy.” 

He blinked, swallowing loudly. “Okay, there was so many things wrong with that statement that I don’t even know where to begin, but I will anyway. Firstly, Happy is not a pet, he is a friend. And secondly, which just so happens to be the most important, he is my friend.” 

“Don’t worry,” the blonde teased. “You’re not gonna lose your ‘bff’ to a toddler. Although,” she smirked and pointed to the couch in the adjacent room. “I’d say she is gonna give you some competition.” 

Natsu popped another chocolate egg in his mouth- already knowing his hand would be slapped if he tried reaching for the chocolate bunny- and his smile softened at the sight in the next room. 

His baby girl was curled up on the couch, asleep, lying on her stomach with her head resting on a snoozing Happy- whose tail was wrapped loosely around her middle so she couldn’t slip off the side. 

“Yeah,” Natsu hummed, eyes now falling back on his wife as she struggled to perfect the easter basket for their two year old, despite the fact the toddler was still a little too young to really get excited over it. “She’s definitely more adorable than I am.” 

And she sneaks Happy her leftover salmon.” 

“Shit,” he laughed. “Guess I am gonna have to find a new little buddy.” 

Lucy grinned, “I already knew that. No way could you compete with those eyes.” 

Natsu laughed again and stood, bending down to peck the blonde on the cheek before stepping into the kitchen. “Of course I couldn’t compete with those eyes. She has yours, after all.” 

Lucy grinned, finishing up the final knot on the bow before rolling her eyes. 

“Nice try, but you still can’t have her chocolate bunny.” 

But she won’t even finish it!” He whined, and Lucy laughed at the sulking man she’d chosen to spend the rest of her life with. 

“Tough. You can have whatever she doesn’t eat.” 

“Gross,” she heard him grumble behind her, “gonna have slobber all over it by then. No one likes gross toddler slobber on their chocolate.” 

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Barisi Episode Tag, 17x18

(6.1K. Inspired by Sonny praying and by the way Sonny said “I know” in that church, when Father Eugene asked him if he knew what it’s like to pray to be relieved of weakness. Also inspired by the way Barba kept looking at Sonny in sympathy, because maybe he and Sonny have more in common than he originally thought.

Lastly, I realise it is Easter Sunday for many of you, and this story has a heavy religious theme. Proceed accordingly. Just know that I wrote it with love.)

~ ~ ~

Divine Intervention

~ ~ ~

Rafael is struggling not to stare.

This is the fourth trip Carisi has made to his office, carrying box after box full of folders, full of evidence, full of disturbing pictures of disturbing people, and Carisi looks to be on autopilot.

They’re standing next to each other over Rafael’s coffee table, arranging everything by year, and there have been no smiles, no attempts at small talk, no snarky comebacks, no casual touches, no fleeting looks, always longer than necessary, no ‘accidental’ near-misses, their shoulders only a hair’s breadth apart, no gratuitous exchanges of documents, their fingers all but grazing each other, there have been no words muttered quietly enough to require a step closer to be heard.

This isn’t Carisi.

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What a strange request. What am I going to do with all these DD cups?!

((MOD: Hey guys super belated April Fools day pic! Better late than never right? Sorry for no update this week, I was away on vacation while my computer was getting fixed ^^; But worry not! As the next update will be coming out this upcoming Saturday!))


happy easter !!! ♡