happy early birthday you dork

Happy Birthday... dork (Alex Galchenyuk imagine)

You rolled onto your side, hitting a brick wall that was your boyfriend, snoring like an idiot next to you. You chuckled to yourself as you looked at his face, his mouth hanging open, his tongue peaking out from the corner of his lip.

“Dork…” you mumbled as you curled up against him, his arms wrapping around yours.

“I might be half asleep but I can still hear you… and I don’t appreciate being called names on my birthday…” he mumbled, eyes shut and voice all raspy.

“Happy birthday babe, but it’s early, go back to bed… dork.”

You added before shutting your eyes and trying to fall back asleep despite the sun peaking in through your shutters.

Everything was peaceful for a few more minutes before Alex felt it was necessary to roll around like a maniac and steal all the covers.

“Seriously? It might be your birthday but I refuse to freeze.” You said as you tried to tug all the covers back over you, failing as Alex did a great job at keeping them close to him.

You watched as he chuckled, his back facing you.

“What can I say, I was cold.”

“Yeah well now I am too.” You added rather annoyed. You heard him sigh before he turned to face you, covers and all. He opened his eyes for the first time that morning and smiled at you as he draped the baby blue duvet over your shoulders.

“Morning birthday boy…” you mumbled as you kissed his cheek.

He smiled and kissed you back.

You curled up and leaned against his bare chest as him warm body kept yours comfortable.

“You smell good…” you mumbled into his chest.

“Thanks… I guess?” he chuckled and kissed the top of your head.

“So… what’s on the schedule for today?” You asked.

“Well, I would’ve loved to just lie in bed with you all day and then make some food and just do nothing… but… Gally wants us to go and have lunch, and then I have to get ready for this game and then my sister has this whole dinner thing planned for us and my family and some friends and… people, so clearly that will not be happening.” You chuckled.
“Look at you, all popular and shit.” He laughed, throwing his head back against the headboard.

“Guess so… but… we can stay in bed a for a while longer, Gally can wait.”

“Hm… I agree.” You said before leaning your head on your boyfriend’s chest and just staying there, not moving.

It took about another half hour before you and Alex finally made your way downstairs and tried to make breakfast.

“Alexander Galchenyuk, I swear to god if you get any pancake batter on the wall I will personally rip your head off…” he chuckled and looked over at you, hands covered in sticky pancake batter.

“Hey… I’m an amazing cook.”

“I’m glad you think so…” you mumbled under your breath and the next thing you know, batter was being thrown at your face, and of course this turned into a whole other battle of who-ends-up-with-less-batter-on-their-face situation before you both realized what time it was and that you had to go, so you both hurried upstairs and grabbed what you needed, batter and all, you showering in your bathroom as you sent Alex down to the guest bathroom because you hated that shower. He trudged off with a sour look but hid his smiled as he walked out the door, and miraculously, 20 minutes later, you were both in the car ready to go.

Lunch with Brendan was fun, and it was entertaining to watch as Brendan and Alex bickered like an old married couple whilst sitting out for brunch, but fun none-the- less.

Later on that evening, after the game and the dinner your body on top of Alex’s, his fingers entwined with yours as you focused on nothing but each other in the dimly lit room.

“Good birthday?” you asked as your bodies molded together, his fingertips traced shapes down your bare body.

“The best…” he mumbled into your neck as he kissed every inch of your skin.

Later on that morning at 3:27 am you turned over and faced the man who was still wide awake and mumbled a soft “I love you.” He looked over at you and smiled before he said it back. And in that moment you wished and hoped that nothing would ever change. You hoped that the man lying next to you would be the one lying next to you in many years, the one to hold you through anything and the one to blow out many, many more candles by your side.

Happy birthday Chuck


“My parents were both in China’s national teams. My father got the gold medal in Asian Game in 1978 and my mother was the world champion in 1982. I also played fencing for 7~8 years. Then, I got the opportunity to audition for JYP while I was playing basketball at school. I passed the audition but my parents were both opposing. My dad jokingly said that he will send me to Korea once when I became the best in Asia but 4 months later, I got 2 gold medals in Asia Junior Competition. So, I was able to come to Korea in July 2011”