happy early birthday kise

Happy Birthday, Kise! (closed RP)

Gou had gotten to practice early, like usual, so she could get everything set up. Thankfully the coach was here, but for some reason, he enjoyed watching Gou run practice. So that’s exactly what she was planning for: new drills, more conditioning, and hard work. With a basketball in her hands, she stood in front of the basket, ready to shoot. She’d played basketball before, and she sort of missed it. But everyday, before the boys got in the gym, she’d shoot around for a little, and run plays in her head. 

Apparently today was Kise’s birthday, and non-stop he’d been asking her out for the last three days. Each day she declined politely, telling him she didn’t date people she worked with. It wasn’t an official job, but it was practically the same thing…and a good excuse. Hopefully he wouldn’t try and use the ‘it’s my birthday’ card. That would just make her feel guilty.