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NaLu AU: I Didn’t Know, Part 1

A/N: Well, everyone; here’s my new miniseries, I Didn’t KnowConsider this a thank-you from me to you for helping me breach the 800-follower count! (Yep, that happened.) I love you guys! *showers you all with hearts*

And…this kinda also counts as a present for @bijuewled because I didn’t have time to whip up another piece of NaLu fluff, so here’s a sort-of NaLu fluff-before-angst for you. Happy early birthday, Katie! I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the fluff I promised, but I hope this’ll do!

Final thing—this miniseries is going to get reallydark, so I will be listing at the beginning of each new part any triggers that will be present. As a rule, any M-rated story of mine will not include NSFW elements, so you don’t need to worry about coming across anything like that. Tread with caution!

This part has the following triggers: None.

Rated: M (due to high amounts of graphic and possibly trigger-inducing content)
Genre: Angst
Character(s): Lucy, Natsu
Pairing(s): NaLu
Synopsis: Ignorance is a powerful thing…and there is no limit to how much terror it is able to instill into outsiders. When a certain serial killer that had been running rampant and striking fear into the hearts of the city of Magnolia for seven years is finally being caught in the act by passing college student Lucy Heartfilia, the first words she hears out of his mouth would turn everything she knew about the world on its head.

Lucy could hardly bear to look down at what was left of the victim.

“Wh—what…” She tried to focus on breathing evenly. “What…did you do to him?”

He blinked. “Oh, him?” He stared down at the charred body as if it was a chalk drawing on the sidewalk—politely disinterested. “I just killed him.”

She felt nausea coil in the pits of her stomach at his indifference. “You—you ki—!” She covered her mouth. “Wh-why would you do that? How—how could you do that?!”

His countenance seemed to change at her tone. Uncertainty flickered in his eyes. “I…I wasn’t supposed to?”

As much as raw terror was filling her in huge quantities now, she couldn’t help but feel confused at his reaction to her words. “Wh—of course not!” she cried. “Of course you weren’t supposed to! Killing people is wrong!”

“…Oh…” He looked down at his feet, biting his lip. “I’m sorry…I…I didn’t know.”

Lucy had to be the biggest moron alive.

Now, some people would think that she was just being unnaturally self-depreciating (because the title of the biggest moron alive was pretty hotly debated, especially in recent years), but a smart person would never invite a serial killer to their home for dinner and a sleepover in order to hide them from the law.

Which is exactly what she did.

The question of why she would ever decide to hide a serial killer from authorities would inevitably come up—because no one in their right minds would do something that idiotic. This was usually the point where the matter of common sense would come into play…but not for Lucy, apparently. This person is that incredibly dangerous serial killer people are terrified of. Better invite him over to my place so that he doesn’t get caught by the police!

Even in her head, it sounded ridiculous.

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