happy dizzie day




Cutiepie  Ravi (fluff)

[admins note -  I’m sorry this took so long to write but between school and vixx having a comeback soon i’ve been stressed. since its  valentines day I think what i wrote would suit ^^ - Admin banana]

“Y/N” Wonsik calls from outside your apartment window.

You crawl out of your bed still half asleep,hair all messed up, you open your window with a yawn and look down to see your boyfriend Wonsik smiling up at you, holding a giant teddy bear,some balloons and roses.

“Hello there Handsome” you giggle.

“Good morning beautiful!” Wonsik beamed “I have something for you!” Wonsik said waving the teddy bear around. 

“I’ll be down in a few minutes!” you smile “I need to get dressed”

after that you closed your window and quickly went to your closest. you find a cute winter dress with red and pink hearts and some cute shoes to go a long with it. after you finished getting dressed and you were happy with the way you looked  you grabbed your gift for Wonsik and then after that you ran down the stairs and jumped on Wonsik with a hug almost causing him to go off balance. but he quickly recovers and twirls you around until your both dizzy.

“Happy Valentines Day Y/N” Wonsik said planting a kiss on your forehead.

“Happy Valentines Day to you my love”  you said looking up at your boyfriend.

“oh by the way these are for you” Wonsik said handing you the teddy bear which was a bit larger than you, the balloons and roses.

you gasp. “oh my gosh the teddy bear is sooooo fluffy!!!!!!” you said squeezing it. then you smelled the roses which were white, your favorite type of rose. “and you remembered my favorite flower!” you start to tear up.

“of course I did” Wonsik said with a smile “take a better look at the balloons” Wonsik said pulling one of them down to your view

the balloons read ‘to Y/N my one true love.’ now you were truly in danger of crying. you hugged him tightly

“you’re the greatest most sweetest most amazing boyfriend in the world” you exclaimed.  "Oh I have something for you"  you said pulling out your phone and headphones offering one of them to him. you pulled up a song that you had wrote and composed yourself. after the song finished Wonsik was starting to tear up big time. he pulled you into a hug. his hands  running through your hair his forehead on yours. he leaned in and whispered.

“I am the luckiest guy in the world to be in love with you” Wonsik said before leaning in and kissing you on the lips.