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Scarves in February! What next?
10 February 2017

Wet wet wet across the state of Western Australia, which is appropriate for the North-West (being the wet season), but here in the South-West it’s supposed to be hot and dry! Not only that, while the Eastern Seaboard is bracing for a scorching weekend, we’re donning scarves and jackets! Madness!

Certainly my visitors to the exercise clinic were in shock (especially those from tropical Singapore).

The Exercise Medicine Research Institute’s Exercise Clinic at Genesis Cancer Care, which I run, has been hosting professional visitors this week; from Singapore Health, as well as Eastern States Genesis representatives. All were observing exercise as medicine in action with a view to introducing new exercise cancer treatment programs. I put on a bonus session today and watching my clients through the eyes of others reinforces how awesome they are, and how great it is for them to have this opportunity. (And you should have heard the lads singing my praises. So sweet.) #lovemywork

My traps and delts were protesting yesterday’s workout but I had today down for stretching anyway, given I had to work and it was teeming with rain. In the evening The Husb and I high-tailed it to Park & Vine for happy hour, where we were joined by The Girl and her BF, grazed share plates and watched a full moon rising.

queenofthefaces replied to your photo: Dipper’s research ? Don’t tell Ty he made this

imagine its late, everyone else is asleep after a crazy impromptu slumber party via mabel, and dipper is looking down at tyrone who’s passed out next to mabel in a pile of glitter, and in the margins of his notes dipper scribbles “best friend” and smiles a bit before joining them to sleep

i dont have a reaction image which expresses my love for this but this is close enough

im gonna cry thank you for writing this ………………