happy deaky


Happy Birthday John Deacon! 🎉 🎁 😍

Here’s to the nicest man in rock, the Quiet Bass Player ™ who could never quite believe he was in a world famous band - he even wore the merch to prove it! We love you for being a talented musician and songwriter, a sharp dresser, a great dancer, a family man, a true friend, and for having the integrity to hang up your bass when you felt the time had come. Celebrate with the people you love, and keep smiling that beautiful smile - Happy Birthday Deaky! ❤


Happy New Year!

I guess this is the first piece of the year. And I’m kicking it off with some IchiRuki! Let’s hope for some in 2015. Or at least something for Ichigo. it’s 2015 after all. And the number 15 is often associated with him.

2014 is over and a lot has happened, both good and bad.

I’ve somehow reached 151 followers! You don’t know how much I appreciate it. To know that many people like what I draw (or re-blog as the case may be) It helps me gain that little bit of extra motivation so, thank you so much. Also it may be time for me to do something as a thank you. A give-away may be in order!

Well, I wish you all a Happy New Year! Let’s see what the coming year will bring. I hope you all have a good one!


Happy Birthday, Severa!

Well, it’s late. But I honestly had no idea on what to do.
So, I decided, ‘why not do something set in the apocalyptic future…’

Why do I do this to myself. 

Also, I like to think that the Morgan we meet and the ones in the Future Past DLC can actually come from alternate timelines. I think it was Noire and Kjelle that mentioned the situation in the first map being similar. But they obviously got out alive. I like to think that it’s because there was no Morgan leading the Risen. Unlike the FP DLC. 

So, she helps with strategy in the future for Lucina. That’s my personal headcanon, anyway. Don’t take any stock in it.

And despite her Tsun Tsun nature. Severa is an overprotective big sister at times. I won’t hear anything else. XD


Happy Birthday Deaky! 

I’m just going to leave this here…. 
(FYI he’s painfully adorable in this)