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A Birthday gift for the good @nerogengar
Have a happy B. Day, my dude!

Saitama & Genos © ONE and Yusuke Murata
Art © Anjelzjelly129

happy (belated) valentine’s day, @autiacora. i hope this is canon fluffy enough for you (but you know, with a touch of ack flavored sadness™ snuck in there too). thank you for being here and contributing to such a great community. you’re a joy. <3

lemons and bellflowers

The Survey Corps had been traveling for several days. They were meant to subjugate an abandoned castle between Utopia and Karanes Districts, however it had fallen out of too much disrepair from wandering titans that they had to move onto one that sat on the outskirts of Utopia. It must have been over half a decade since it was last used, but its stone walls still held up strong against years of weathering. Some rotten doors had to be knocked down, and mounds of decaying leaves had to be shoveled out, but in the end they had all worked together to get it into good working order. And all up to Levi’s standards, nonetheless.

However, Levi wouldn’t let anybody, especially Erwin, enter the commanding office until every cobweb was cleaned from the corners of the room and every finger print washed away from the windows. It smelled like lemons and vinegar, both considered luxuries in the Corps, but ingredients that Erwin managed to sneak into the quarterly budgets. A happy Humanity’s Strongest brought along with it positive scout moral, after all. And keeping a clean working space for his commander was one thing that made him very happy.

Or as happy as Levi could ever appear.

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Pleasant little things

• the weathers warming up but a few days ago the wind kept knocking out the power and yesterday morning there were big fluffy snowflakes
• I refashioned some old clothes into a cropped tank and two strapless tops and reweaved leggings I made almost four years ago
• I did a salt sweep, cleaned and cleansed my bedroom and made a new essential oil combination for my diffuser
• I brought a table out from storage to use as a desk / working altar
• I’ve sorted more things to donate
• I sat for a super lovely meditation and doubled my usual time
• I practiced yoga while the sun was setting and watched the colours change through my window


❤️ H A P P Y X I U M I N D A Y ❤️🌸

Minnie turns 27 today! I can’t believe how fast time flies. Minseok is in all honesty one of the most beautiful human beings ever, and by that I don’t mean appearance, i mean potential, personality. I got to be in the fandom for only two years but that didn’t stop me from quickly loving everything about Minseok. He has such passion and dedication for whatever he does and he’s the most selfless person ever, and tbh every single thing about him is pure beautiful. I got to witness the glory of him acting and singing and dancing and performing his heart out and that experience was as breathtaking as it could get but most importantly, i got to witness how he started breaking out of his shell and started opening up little by little and honestly guys, Kim Minseok is a legend and it really is a honor to have someone like him to look up to 😌🙌

Happy hump(back) day! 

This humpback whale was spotted near Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, off the coast of Massachusetts – one of the world’s premiere whale watching destinations. Each summer, humpbacks and other whales journey here to feed in the sanctuary’s rich waters! 

(Photo: Peter Flood)

He’s a Myth {Michael Mell x Reader}

request:  anonymous: Sneezes Mer!Mell x Reader,,,,,
Oh my god, yes????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sweet boy?!?!!?!??!!! All perfect and mer-mazing?????
There’s gonna be a part two, based on how this first part is received.

warnings: some swearing, but mostly cute stuff. 

word count: 3k

Mermaids don’t exist.
Silly fairy tales aren’t real, animals don’t talk, and happy endings? You could die laughing.


Once upon a time, your parents were happy. You’d lived in Connecticut, near the water, and every day, you’d sit out and just watch the way it moved and rippled, and you dreamed about what might be out there. Fish, for sure, of course, but what if there was more? What if those mythical creatures were out there, just looking at you the way you hoped you were looking at them? Magic was such a big part of your mind, and you just wanted to believe in them.

You were young and stupid.

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Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll

Imagine based on the song Sex Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll by Saliva requested by @dmagicreality

This ended up kinda angsty and fluffy which makes no sense if you’ve heard the song but that’s where my writing took me. Everything else I tried was just not working and that’s what I could manage with writers block. sorry not sorry for always ending my imagines with a cliff-hanger

btw I found out I suck at song imagines

Happy x Reader

Warnings:: drug use, swearing, sex mention

italic: Happy’s pov

bold: song lyrics mention/relation

Happy left to Charming three weeks ago, I didn’t really expect him to ever come back to Tacoma. Even when he went Nomad I lost hope that I’d seen him as often as I wanted to. We’d been friends with benefits, if I could call it that – we slept together, barely talked, Happy being as silent as he was didn’t help much either. I did most of the talking to be honest. He surprised me sometimes though: he bought me a present for my birthday and I hadn’t even told him when was my birthday, so that meant he went through the trouble of finding out himself. He also cracked a joke from time to time without breaking that stony façade of his.

I missed him, more than I cared to admit. A few years back I had the fame of being a bubblegum bitch for spitting out guys like they were bubblegum after I had enough of them. I wasn’t like that anymore but the fame stuck and I couldn’t put it behind me.

Before Happy left to California, he started to spend more time at my place. He used to sneak out in the middle of the night and I would wake up with one side of the bed empty and cold, but on the week before he left he came by every night and I woke up with him, sleeping right next to me. I didn’t tease him about it, but I really wanted to, especially when he snuggled closer to me.

It was the third Saturday since he left and I was home alone, blasting a rock ‘n roll song through my entire apartment as I smoked a blunt. My hair was up in bun and I had on sweatpants and a white bra, bare feet as I danced around. My weekends were boring now that Happy wasn’t here, so I needed something to distract me.

The song ended, giving enough of a pause so I could listen to my doorbell ringing incessantly. I frowned, putting down my blunt and planting my feet on the ground. It was late, almost 9pm. I didn’t get visitors – not ever. It was probably a neighbor coming to complain about the loud music. The next song started and I pressed the pause button on the stereo.

The doorbell kept ringing.

“In a minute!” I yelled as I searched around my living room for a shirt.

Whoever was on the other side of the door was not having it and kept pressing the doorbell. I finally found a white tank top between my couch cushions and pulled it on as I made my way to the door.

“I said in a minute, bitch!” I said as I swung the front door open. “Oh.”

Happy pressed the doorbell one more time and then dropped his hand to the side of his body. He looked the absolute same since I last saw him, even had the same white t-shirt beneath his kutte, the chain hanging low on his pants. I stared at him, waiting for him to say something.

Having her eyes on him was almost a relief. He loved the way she looked at him. There was never any fear on her eyes since the moment they met and she had heard things about him. She had heard his brothers in the Tacoma charter calling him the Tacoma Killer more than once and yet she never asked. He figured she was too scared to ask but as time came by he realized that maybe she didn’t care, or maybe she didn’t ask because she wanted him to simply tell her. He liked to think it was that.

She didn’t care about his reputation and he didn’t care about hers.

She talked a lot and he was hoping that that would help him, maybe she would talk enough to empty his mind out of worry. The club was his everything but he couldn’t deny that sometimes it wore him out. The life was tough - it was shooting straight through the night and breaking down doors to get whatever the club needed. Rarely ever it was ordinary and that was what he wanted from time to time. He needed a break from bringing pain. But he didn’t know what to do. Only thing he knew was that he just needed her, she would make it better, somehow.

He rode his bike all the way from Charming straight to Tacoma just to see her, hear her voice. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t crave her touch as well.

Feel like I’m going insane without you, girl,” he admitted, his voice very low on his throat.

Her brows shot up, her pretty lips parting while she stared at him. He immediately regretted saying it when he watched her reaction but then he saw the glint in her eyes when she pulled her blank expression back together. She couldn’t conceal the feeling in her eyes, not like he could, and she was looking at him the exact same way she looked at him when he wished her a happy birthday and gave her a present. She seemed absolutely delighted.

His gruff voice made my skin tingle in the most unexpected way. It was like my whole body missed him, right down to my soul. And as much as I wanted to jump in his arms I restrained myself. He could’ve just said that. Maybe he was high. It wouldn’t be the first time he came knocking on my door while high.

“You need to tell me if you’re for real, Hap, I can’t be sure with you looking at me like that.” I said, watching him closely so I wouldn’t miss anything.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?” he knitted his brows together.

I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“You never look like you’re kidding, baby,” the pet name escaped my mouth and I pressed my lips together, hoping that wouldn’t make Happy frown or grimace at the name.

“I’m not kidding, little girl. I need you.” For the first time in forever I saw Happy’s face shift, leaving that emotionless expression behind and truly allowing emotion to show through.

“What does that mean exactly?” I asked, my heart hammering inside my chest.

I needed him too, but not for a night stand. I found that I needed to be with him and I couldn’t stand it if he said he just wanted my body. The past three weeks had been the loneliest weeks of my life. I hadn’t realized how fast my days went by when Happy was near – after he left, life was slow, uneventful. Before he left, I knew that I would find him on my living room watching cartoons when I got home and when he wasn’t there I knew that he would appear in the middle of the night and wake me up to have sex. Afterwards I’d tell him about my day and he’d nod, never saying much when I asked him about his day, then I’d sleep with my head on his chest.

“Come back to Charming with me,” he finally said, putting my fear to rest. “I can’t live there without you.”

I smiled broadly, curling my fingers and toes so I wouldn’t launch myself over him.

“Are we going right now? Because I need to get my shit together… Might need some help with that, actually.”

Suddenly Happy’s hands were on me, gathering me up against his chest and pulling me off the ground. My feet swung in the air while I laughed, meeting his dark eyes. I realized, more than a little startled, that Happy was grinning – I’d never seen his lips do more than a twitch before and now I was seeing teeth and joy in the face of a man that was known as extremely dangerous around Tacoma.

“Whatever help you need, girl,” he said, walking inside my apartment with me glued to him. He kicked the door once we were in and the door closed with a slam. “But only after I get your hands on me.”

Mc having a miscarriage to save the RFA or something important to them


  • After you married you wanted to become pregnant as soon as possible 
  • When you finally got pregnant it was the best day ever
  • You were so happy 
  • Your doctor gave you a picture of your baby and you went immediately to Jumin 
  • He was so happy to hear the news. 
  • His wife carried his baby. 
  • He is very protective and always kissing you 
  • But somehow god didn’t want you to be happy 
  • When you were in your third month you went outside to walk for a bit
  • You both didn’t knew, that your Cat followed you outside. 
  • Jumin saw Elisabeth 3rd and panicked. 
  • It was scarier when she walked across the highway.
  • But you knew what to do to save his happiness 
  • You saved your little pet 
  • Jumin was so grateful but a moment later you cried out 
  • There was Blood between your legs and you were hurt badly
  • it was like a nightmare for him. 
  • you collapsed and he couldn´t do anything 
  • his heart was aching and he wanted to throw up when he smelled your blood. 
  • he could barely do something so a passenger called the police and an ambulance 
  • only when Zen was with him in the hospital shouting at him he realized what happened 
  • his dad looked for the best hospital and a good doctor 
  • but when he saw your pale cried face he knew 
  • ,,Why did you save her? Why!´´
  • The only thing you can hear is his heartbeat and your snobs
  • he embraced you and stokes you until you fall asleep to cry alone 
  • it was his fault. 
  • his wife did something like that because she thinks that he loves the cat the most 
  • ,,What is it. How can i be happy to have a cat when my wife hurts herself and lost our little happiness?´´
  • he whispered to you 
  • the next time when you got pregnant he was scared 
  • but he looked after you so that nothing went wrong


  • you were the most beautiful pregnant woman in this earth 
  • Zen loved seeing you in your pregnant form even if it was only your 25 th week 
  • other 15 and you could be able to hold your beautiful baby boy 
  • when you told him he was so happy. The most beautiful moment in his life 
  • this day you rested near the stage on a chair and watched his play 
  • but something happened. 
  • The other actor was to strong when he had to push Zen and your boyfriend ended up losing balance 
  • ofc you couldn´t let this happen and since you were near by you saved him 
  • you caught him and he felt on you 
  • when he realized that all his weight was on you he immediately got up 
  • you were moaning in pain and crying 
  • he was trembling ,,Why Mc, why?!´´
  • ,,I couldn´t let you get hurt!´´
  • and with this you ended up throwing up 
  • luckily someone called for an ambulance 
  • but you lost your baby 
  • you cried and his happiness was crushed at once 
  • it was his fault 
  • he rubbed your back while you desperately tried to get to breath 
  • it takes you a while until you can go to work 
  • you were stuck at home in your bed with a depression and Zen could only hug you
  • the RFA helped you a lot to get ride of the new room since you couldn´t bear with the memories
  • two years later when you got pregnant again 
  • Zen paid so much attention to your healthy and well being
  • you are even beautifuler than the other time and your baby is the sweetest one of all 
  • constantly keeps telling how great you are and how happy he is about her being here.


  • this little blond boy was so happy! 
  • he wanted to hug the whole world! 
  • He was so happy for the whole pregnancy 
  • he knew exactly what to do for you and you were so grateful that he was such a nice help 
  • you both had to move out and so Jumin found a great house for you both 
  • the whole RFA helped you to carry all the stuff since you couldn´t help 
  • in fact you were almost 8 months pregnant and it was really hard for you 
  • but you were happy that your baby and you were healthy and save 
  • the new house had soooo many steps so Jaehee helped you to walk them 
  • the both of you wanted to help the boy so you wanted to order the stuff 
  • ofc without working to much that´s why Jaehee was with you 
  • Jumin brought his staff with him to carry heavy things when you got there you saw Yoosungs Computer 
  • it was dangerous. The computer could fall down all these steps… 
  • and that´s what happened 
  • someone of Jumins staff pushed the computer 
  • it was an accident but since you stood a few steps behind Yoosungs lovely computer you wanted to catch the heavy thing 
  • but you didn´t and you felt down 
  • you felt down the whole 40 stairs 
  • Jeahee could only cry while you laid there in a lake with bleed with the computer in your arms 
  • The RFA came to check and as soon as Yoosung saw you he literally flew down to you 
  • he cried to the unconscious you while Jumin ordered driver Kim to take you to the hospital 
  • but they were to late and you lost the baby 
  • when you came home you really hated the staircase 
  • walking up this 40 stairs without your baby felt like hell and so was feeling Yoosung 
  • you bought this huge house and now it was quiet with only you two 
  • you both cried until you fall asleep and Yoosung tells you that everything is fine 
  • but he´s feeling really bad since it was HIS computer and you saved it for HIM 
  • two years later you walked this 40 stairs as a happy family with two wonderful twin brothers 
  • you don´t hate the staircase anymore since you have happy memories now


  • Again your boyfriend wasn´t around 
  • you felt really pissed about it 
  • so to calm you down Jaehee wanted to make a good caffe for you 
  • she even gave you her most beautiful present 
  • it once was her mothers complete 
  • it was her only memory and she showed it to you
  • you were so lucky 
  • she ave you a hot cup of coffee and had a nice chocolate cake for you when she let fall the tablet 
  • to save the cake she let toppled down the table by mistake 
  • the complete her mother was about to crush down when you hold the hot cup and ended falling down 
  • you burned yourself and hurted your head 
  • you cried and shouted out it was like you were on fire 
  • she called for help but they were to late 
  • you broke up with your boyfriend after this accident and can´t do anything anymore 
  • you are to depressed to be happy 
  • you lost something so importand to you…your heart couldn´t take it 
  • but Jaehee saved you 
  • you decided to adopt a disabled boy to raise him with much love and happiness 
  • the RFA Boys are so proud 
  • a new Prince is there in your family


  • your cute future husband was so happy when he new about your pregancy 
  • but he was also afraid that someone could hurt you to take revenge on him 
  • but this fear was bullshit 
  • you were pregnant with his boy and he just wanted to live happy 
  • one day, you were only 10 weeks pregnant, you wanted a cake 
  • since you were to lazy to walk so much you just took Seayoungs car 
  • you knew how much he loved it but still you knew that nothing would happen 
  • but gosh girl you were so wrong 
  • after you came back from the shop you saw a few boys playing with the car 
  • you got so angry shit mood swings 
  • and shouted to them 
  • but then one of the boy took a knife out of his pocked 
  • a police man who was near by saw the whole show but before you could save you the gangster boy hurted you with the knife 
  • right in your belly 
  • that was so scary 
  • you cried and shouted for Seayoung 
  • You needed help and when you just shouted ,,My Baby!´´the officer knew 
  • you were pregnant 
  • he called for an ambulance but they came too late 
  • Seayoung was called and he rushed to you with Searan 
  • the dooctor told him that it was lucky that you lived because it could be much worser
  • he apologized to Seayoung and told him that the baby died 
  • his heart is crushed and he just wanted to see you 
  • he told you and you wanted to thrown up 
  • you even did it 
  • you apologized to him that you were unless 
  • you couldn´t even save your baby 
  • you were even unless to save a car 
  • but he stops your throughs with a kiss 
  • he would love to try again 
  • but first , you never knew, needed to kill the badass 
  • that´s what he did with Searan. 
  • Jumin even covered you up 
  • that´s when fife month later you told him that you were pregnant with twins 
  • you gave birth to two wonderful red haired girls 
  • Seayoung and Seara are just happy 
  • the new Choi princess are so beautiful that even Zen looks ugly near them 
  • finally, you are a happy family with happiness

Please don´t forget, there is always the sun behind the clouds so even after you lost something, don´t give up and be happy! Everything will be fine


happy Mother’s Day to everyone with a mom living near them

happy Mother’s Day to everyone with a mom living far away

happy Mother’s Day to everyone who can’t reach their mom

happy Mother’s Day to everyone whose mom has passed away

happy Mother’s Day to everyone with two moms

happy Mother’s Day to everyone who’s never met their mom

happy Mother’s Day to moms who will see their kids soon

happy Mother’s Day to moms who can’t see their kids

happy Mother’s Day to moms with young kids or old kids

happy Mother’s Day to moms whose kids have passed away

happy Mother’s Day to the grandmothers

happy Mother’s Day to the female figures and guardians in our lives


anonymous asked:

I love your marriage proposal headcanons! Thank you so much for answering my request. Can you do them this time for Aomine, Kise, Murasakibara, Himuro and Mayuzumi?

Hi dear! Aw, I’m so happy you liked them! *-* I hope you’ll like these the same! Let me know!

Have a nice day!

Aomine Daiki, Kise Ryouta, Murasakibara Atsushi, Himuro Tatsuya, Mayuzumi Chihiro Wedding Proposal Headcanons

Aomine Daiki

-I imagine Aomine being totally lost about it. He really, really want to propose…but something stops him every time and he gets more and more irritated. Once it’s his cowardice, another time your annoying friends, than he doubts himself… He just can’t imagine answering yes. And he hates it. He hates feeling not at his best, feeling as he’s going to lose. So, he decides he’s going to ask it when he really his as his top.

-He waits for the last match of the international basketball tournament of the year. He had asked the coach to let you sit on the benches during the match so that it’s going to be easy for him to reach you. Everyone says it’s the best match Aomine has ever played: he’s the king of the court, a wild animal without leashes, unstoppable. The number one. Every time he scores he grins widely.
He crushes his adversaries, even if they we’re a powerful team. Because this time he can’t afford to lose. Not tonight. He has a bet with himself.

-When, finally, they are celebrating on the podium and the presenter had put around his neck the golden medal, he jumps down from his place and walks right to you, who are already enthusiastic about the victory and jumping around excitedly. All the eyes of the entire gym and the cameras are on you two, but Aomine sees only you. A smirk on his lips, face still flushed and eyes glimmering.

-He stops in front of you and takes off the medal to put it around your neck.
“This is probably going to be the best day of my life,” he grins as you watch him speechless. He then takes off the chain necklace you’ve bought him for his birthday.
But, hanging from it, there a shining silver ring with a sapphire.
“But only if you say yes, babe,” He kneels and stretches it to you, as you cover your mouth.
“A-Are you serious?” You mutter and tears roll down your cheeks.
“Hell yes,” he scoffs blushing, “And please answer, don’t make it even more embarrassing.”
You literally jump into his arms, without words to answer properly but “Yes. Yes! Yes!”

Kise Ryouta
-Kise devises different plans for week. He wants it to be special, but doesn’t want reporters or fangirls ruining the moment. So, what to do?
Simple, he kidnaps you.

-I mean, being a famous pilot brings some privileges no? He rent a small plane just for the two of you and one day, without warning you, instead of dropping you at your best friend’s house, he just puts you on it with two suitcases and a smirk on his face.

-He makes you sit beside him as he maneuvers, with a glass of champagne in your hand. You try to make him talk and ask for reasons, but he evades them and keeps his mouth sealed, chatting instead.

-He brings you in a natural paradise on top of the world, far from the cities and immersed in the starry skies. Looking around, on the peak of a mountain or a hill, you don’t know, you can see only stars and stars. Just the two of you for once. No public, no fangirls, no photographers and reporters. Just you and Kise.
He shows it to you with pride as soon as you step out, in awe. He had planned to ask it after a romantic dinner outside (picnic gourmet) and while whispering to each other but…he’s too enthusiastic. Excited.
Imagine him laughing openly as he spins with his arms open, shining blond hair against the night.
“SO!” he calls laughing at himself and at the world, “I swear I planned it properly, but if I wait a second more I could explode!” He takes your hands into his and drags you away from the plane and almost into the sky.
You’re without words, a giddy chuckle escapes your lips as his happiness is rubbing off on you.
“This is beautiful!” you whisper and he beams pointing up.
“Do you see the stars?”
You nod tilting your head and he smiles as a child.
“They’re my love for you!” he pronounces easily and heartfeltly, but your heart misses a beat. And, before you can recover from it, he kneels and offers you an open velvet box.
A silver ring with a topaz shines in it.
“Please, be my star forever.” His hands are trembling even if he’s faking to be calm and smooth but…his golden eyes are so fond, so warm as he watches you as the most precious of the treasures.
Crying, you throw yourself at him and hug your boyfriend tightly. He picks and spins you around, repeating against your ear, “I’m so happy, so happy…”

-You spend the next three days in a luxurious onsen near where you’ve landed.

Murasakibara Atsushi
-In a domestic, sweet and comfy way. It’s just that for you it’s like being already married, you already live like that so…Murasakibara realizes you’re not only when one of his friend tells him he’s going to marry.

-It’s a normal evening. You two are eating at the table what he has cooked and you are chatting happily about the day, as he nods, listening even if he seems not to. You think it’s going to be a normal night: you’ll wash the plates and he’ll dry them, putting them away since he’s taller. Maybe then some cuddles on the couch, laughing and munching sweets. In the end, sleeping curled in Murasakibara’s arms.
But then Murasakibara starts a new conversation out of nowhere and changes the rest of your lives in few seconds.

“We’re like married, aren’t we?” He’s stopped eating and his words sound casual, as he looks up from his plate and meets your gaze. You nearly choke on your food and cough, embarrassed by the sudden change of topic.
“I-I think so…” You stutter, not daring to lower your gaze but already feeling your cheeks getting redder.
“But we aren’t,” He adds calmly. A sting to your heart, but you manage to keep your smile.
“Then let’s make it official.” And suddenly Murasakibara is stretching to you a small, open box. In the middle you can see a golden ring with three amethyst.
“Marry me, SO.”
You blinked at him completely lost, fear and happiness swirling in your mind.
“It’s already like we’re married no? I just want to make this official,” he shrugs, “So that I’m sure you’re going to be with me forever.”
Maybe is seeing his red cheeks or the way his hand is slightly trembling, but everything clicks and you start crying. Stumbling you leave your seat and hug him tightly, as Murasakibara pulls you in his laps and buries his face in the crook of your neck.
“Yeah, let’s make it official. Our forever.”

Himuro  Tatsuya
-He’s the mysterious and cool guy who likes to tease, that’s how I see him in a relationship. So, a simple thing but meaningful for you. Unexpected.

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Ficlet of mermaid Hanzo being flirted with by a pirate captain reader? Since you know, MERMAIDS AND PIRATES ARE FRIGGIN LIT FAM.

I love you and I love pirates and mermaids so thank you for this! Hope you enjoy! Also, I imagine Hanzo as a Japanese dragonet in case your wondering what his tail looks like.

The slight spray of salt water was still simply amazing to you, you’ve been sailing for years now and just couldn’t get over it. You made a good living doing what you did, was it ethical? Nat exactly, but what did it matter; as long as no one got in your way they were fine. “Oi, Captain!” One of your crew called out from the crow’s nest.
“What is it you yelled up at him, looking up and squinting your eyes from the sun.
“Land!” They replied, excitement clear in their voice. You couldn’t keep the grin off your face, you’ve been sailing for months now determined to make it to Japan for a big trade deal and couldn’t afford to be late to it. You and your crew couldn’t wait to step foot on land, as much as you love the sea there was something really great about not being stuck with the same 50 people who didn’t understand what hygiene was. When you docked you still had a few days until you had to meet for the deal, so you helped your crew unload other goods off your ship to try and sell. When that was done you were exhausted and decided to go out for a walk along the shore.

There was a sheen of sweat across your forehead from working all day and were happy to have some time to yourself. It was nearing the end of the day and the view you had of the sunset was beautiful; like the sea, you saw it every day but could never get enough of it. You then laid back on the sand and closed your eyes, enjoying being able to relax for the first time in months. You heard a loud splash and weren’t surprised by it at first. But when you sat back up to see what kind of fish it as you were shocked to see a huge dorsal fin sticking out of the water before quickly sinking back in.

At first, you thought it could be a trick your eyes were playing on you, an indication that you needed some sleep. You started to head back to town before you felt… something, you didn’t know what but it was pulling you back towards the shore, the into the ocean. Before you realized what was going on you were knee deep in the water. It was then you saw a face further into the depths; you couldn’t make out the exact details, but you were drawn to it and began walking further into the ocean once more. As you got closer you could begin to make out the details in the face and upper body. They seemed to be male and had an intricate tattoo starting on their shoulder and traveling down the left arm. He had black hair that was let down and reached his shoulders. “Hello?” you called out, trying to get him to talk to you. “Hey… sir” you said after a small pause realizing you had no idea who exactly this person was. “Did you see a large fish in here with a large dorsal fin? It was spiny an-” you cut yourself off when the man turned around and swam away, it was then you saw the fin and his back and were awestruck. After that, you decided it would be best to head back into town and get some sleep.

The next day you had nothing planned and decided to return to the beach, you had convinced yourself what you saw last night was a fever dream and nothing more. But that didn’t change the fact that you wanted to stay by the shore, just to relax and for no reason other than that. Absolutely not, relaxation and that was it. After about five minutes sitting on the sand, you walked up to the water’s edge. Luckily no one else was on this area of the beach so you were able to do this without everyone, including your crew, thinking you were crazy. “Hey so uhm, I know this is weird but are you real?” you said to the open ocean before you “I saw you last night, but I don’t know if I actually saw you?”. “Holy shit I’m fucking insane,” you murmured to yourself after a few minutes of silence. After the sudden realization, you heard a quiet laugh from behind you. You whipped around and saw the man?creature? from last night “Wait you’re real? Holy shit you’re real!” You exclaimed in excitement, but you calmed down a few seconds later not wanting to scare them off.

“Not to be rude or anything but what are you?” you asked when he didn’t immediately swim off.
“I’m Hanzo,” was his simple reply
“No, no like what-” you cut yourself off when you saw him raise an eyebrow quizzically. “Nevermind, so Hanzo,” you started the name sounding pleasant to your eyes when you thought about it, after a few moments of silence you began again “I’m y/n, Captain of The Morrigan,” you announced, puffing out your chest with pride.
“The what?” your posture returned to normal when he didn’t recognize your or the ship’s name
“The Morrigan, it’s the name of my ship,” you replied waving your hand in the vague direction of where it was docked. He seemed confused and even tilted his head slightly. “Listen, Hanzo I’m a pirate, a pirate captain as a matter of fact. I sail the seas taking who and what I please,” your pride returned as you remembered your numerous plunders.

 He smiled as he looked at you. “Sounds interesting,” he eventually said “Care to tell me more?” you sat with him the rest of the day telling him of many of your escapades, your countless treasures, and your numerous enemies.

early happy birthday gift for the great doggo @huroki !!!
maybe it’s tomorrow, today, or another day near this day… but happy birthday!

i know you’re moving on from ut, but we’ll be still here for you! and you’re always welcome to come back when you feel to! .. even if we don’t talk that much, you’re a good friend Xx”DD because you are one of the people who stand for me sometimes ;’)) when i’m attacked (?) hahaha

stay cool doggo!

Read books. Read more books. Get inspired. Wake up early. Put on a warm jacket. Watch the sunrise. Do that twice a week. Three times a week. And so on. Add a morning walk to that. Then a jog. Then a run. Stop at a coffee shop. Have breakfast. Go back home. Have a shower. Plan your day in your head. Go through with your plan. Meet people. Young/old, it doesn’t matter. Just meet people. Share your story. Listen to theirs. Really listen. Many people pour a bucket of magic words out of their mouth if you’re all ears. Help people. Again, young/old. If someone stops you in the shopping centre promoting their business/item, listen. Consider. Even if you don’t end up purchasing anything later. Accept flyers from workers that stand on the side of the footpath handing them out. Even if you aren’t interested. Appreciate the natural environment. Sit by the water and just watch. Clear your mind. Meditate.
Happiness is around the corner.