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Jiyong letting us know he’s on a boat

Lull Before the Storm (1944) - the English Lion and the American eagle crouch side by side on the cliffs of Dover, preparing for D-Day.


My contribution to @inuyasha-valentines!! I hope all of you had an amazing day full of happiness an love.

Summary:  Everyone in the office knew Kagome and Inuyasha were having a not-so-secret affair. They weren’t EXACTLY wrong… (Not a cheating fic)

I was inspired to write this thanks to this post. It was so INUKAG that I just had to.

Already up on FF.net and AO3   :D

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This is my gift for all of you! The amazing people that keep this fandom alive!!

Sango saw her work-friend walking towards the building they worked in. She could have been smiling and calling her to go inside with her, but this time it was not possible. Kagome, the cute, sweet, honest and decent woman that had been her desk mate and best friend from work for the last year was now walking beside him.  

Sango’s big chocolate eyes narrowed as she stared at him. He was not the drop-dead gorgeous type. Neither had he the best character or disposition—that she knew from experience. What did Kagome see in him to betray the man she had loved for more than a decade? A man that—before she met HIM—was the center of her life, along with their two sons.

Shaking her head, Sango saw them stop just before reaching the building’s door. After he whispered something into her ear and she giggled, he pulled her to the bush line until they were hidden by the myriad of green leaves. By the look on his face and the blush on her cheeks, Sango knew what they had been doing.

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Gus is so loved by so many people :’)


we tried to carve a porg pumpkin 😂 happy day after halloween!!!

(also omg one lady was like “star trek, nice! you look just like him!!” and i was like ‘wait who’s him’ because i didn’t actually have a character in mind but then i realized she was probably talking about sulu and i was like !! :DDD !!!)


The Rally/March was INCREDIBLE - Mom and I were up towards the front so we couldn’t really see just how much of a crowd there was at first, but when we walked around it stretched allllll away across the street =) 

Here’s another poster that made me smile, partly because the lady was so sweet and also because FUCK YEAH, REMEMBER THE LADIES. 

Happy Valentine's Day babes!! cx

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and thought what better day than Valentine’s :)) Here’s a list of my Follow Forever sim blogs! I look forward to all your guys posts and hope your Valentine’s day is amazing! If you don’t have a Valentine, I’d be happy to be yours c;

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