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So for those wondering who Colton is and why everyone’s freaking out about him, here’s a video talking about his experience with theatre. He’s so, so sweet and has dealt with a lot and he’s! Only! 21! How amazing is that that this incredibly genuine, goofy, talented 21-year-old got to go on as Evan Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen and make his Broadway debut today? Basically, everyone SHOULD freak out about Colton Ryan getting to go on today and how incredible he must be feeling right now.

Commission [3] Complete! ~ @super-aids1 

I have never done a Binding of Issac animation before, and this one was just right up my alley! xD! Angel Rooms can be a blessing or a curse… So what happens when it’s literally a gift from god? owo

Thanks so much for commissioning me, Super-aids1! ^^ 
I hope you like it! This was a blast to animate! Especially his spazz! :D