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Steven Universe stickers! (that i might print one day)

the first ones are older but after “Lars’ head” I felt like adding this cotton candy boy to the collection 

Happy Birthday Steven Universe

So Steven Universe is probably one of the few shows that I call “The Best Cartoon Shows in History” like, this is even better to watch than older Cartoon Network shows in my opinion. 

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What makes this show so great are…

1) Look how far the Crystal Gems has gone through from this

to an actual loving family 

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2) It mostly taught everyone a really helpful life lessons like 

Don’t keep your demons in, it’s only a thought

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3) It’s Cartoon Network first ever women creator 

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4) It shows LGBT 

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5) It’s beauty 

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6) It’s creativity such as…

Gem fusion

The creation of Gems 

Diamonds being their superior

7) It has really great character development, such as

Connie becoming a swordsman

Peridot and Lazuli friendship

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So this is what I love about the show, it characters, setting, creativity, and life lessons. 

Thank you Crewniverse for creating this wonderful show