happy collars

Things to make your pet happy! 🐾

🐾 Pick them up and let them cling to you.
🐾 Lots and lots of cuddles.
🐾 Use nick names when talking to them.
🐾 Saying good boy/girl/pet and always giving praise.
🐾 Good morning messages.
🐾 Let them curl up on you and nuzzle into you.
🐾 Tell them you love them.
🐾 Encourage their ideas.
🐾 Head petting.
🐾 Collars/ears/tail

MariChat May Fic Rec 2017

Ahhh (。◕‿◕。✿) I love fanfics~

And now that we’re on day ten, I wanted to recognize those that have participated thus far (Also, given the circumstances, they’re fairly title-less, bare with me XD):

Day 1 - Milk

Day 2 - Purring

Day 3 - Homework

Day 4 - ‘Romeo, Romeo…’

Day 5 - The Baton

Day 6 - Game Night

Day 7 - Happy Pawing

Day 8 - Fashion

Day 9 - Bell Collar

Day 10 - “What if?”

If there’s any I missed, a link that’s wonky, or a fic you feel should be included in the list, please send me a message.

Happy Birthday, Yoosung!! ❤

Please do NOT repost w/o credit OR permission, thanks!

fun fact!!! byun baekhyun invented chokers