happy collars

Things to make your pet happy! 🐾

🐾 Pick them up and let them cling to you.
🐾 Lots and lots of cuddles.
🐾 Use nick names when talking to them.
🐾 Saying good boy/girl/pet and always giving praise.
🐾 Good morning messages.
🐾 Let them curl up on you and nuzzle into you.
🐾 Tell them you love them.
🐾 Encourage their ideas.
🐾 Head petting.
🐾 Collars/ears/tail

MariChat May Fic Rec 2017

Ahhh (。◕‿◕。✿) I love fanfics~

And now that we’re on day ten, I wanted to recognize those that have participated thus far (Also, given the circumstances, they’re fairly title-less, bare with me XD):

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Day 2 - Purring

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Day 4 - ‘Romeo, Romeo…’

Day 5 - The Baton

Day 6 - Game Night

Day 7 - Happy Pawing

Day 8 - Fashion

Day 9 - Bell Collar

Day 10 - “What if?”

If there’s any I missed, a link that’s wonky, or a fic you feel should be included in the list, please send me a message.

Happy Birthday, Yoosung!! ❤

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My definition of Kitten Play:

 Kitten Play is a category of Pet Play. It’s the mind set of being a cat. No, it isn’t the same as being a furry, it isn’t cosplay, and it isn’t beastiality. Being a kitten and in kitten space can mean different things to different kittens, and it can go as far as you want it to. When kittens have romantic relationships with doms, there are a lot of titles you can give to your parter: sir, master, mistress, dom, etc. Some kittens are strays, which means that they do not have a partner.

  Being an underage kitten isn’t difficult. Although it is a touchy subject, there is nothing wrong with putting on ears, a collar, and being comfortable in your own skin. Again, it doesn’t have to be sexual, and if you do have a dom, you can still have that relationship. Relationships are about trust and respect, and kitten play is something that will strengthen them. Being a kitten is another way of showing your dom that you trust them and are willing to be submissive. However, if you are underage, be careful and safe, and don’t take it too far.

 Getting into the head space of a kitten can be difficult when you are stressed. Tips in this situation are to play with a cat toy (something with a bell, feathers, or that crinkles), wear your favorite set of ears, eat a snack that looks like cat food, or simply nap in a patch of sun. Practice grooming yourself, and make kitty sounds, such as meowing, purring, and chattering. Rub your head on things and people to show that they’re yours, Anything that you see a cat doing will probably get you into kitten space.

  • When in kitten space, some snacks you may enjoy are things that resemble pet food, such as dry cereal, gold fish, and tuna fish. You can lap milk out of a bowl, and eat using no utensils. Don’t forget your vegetables! Cats like to graze on grass and plants as well, and they’ll fit into your kitty diet.
  • Comfy spaces to nap as a kitten include: sleeping in a patch of sun, a cardboard box, a pile of blankets, or anywhere else where you’re comfortable. I personally love to curl up in small spaces; they make me feel secure and happy.

 Getting your first collar can be as big of a deal as you want it to be. It can be a choker that you got at your local department store for 5 dollars, it could be a ribbon tied in a bow, or a pet collar from Walmart. It’s all about what makes you comfortable. If you’re just starting out, it isn’t the best idea to invest a lot in something that you aren’t sure about. Do your research and make sure that it’s right for you before buying anything big. After you have your first collar, you’ll probably want your own set of ears, a tail, and paws. (The purpose of paws are to restrict your thumb movements and make you behave in more of an animal-like way. It’s helpful assisting you in fully feeling like a pet, and they can be very comfy as well.) However, if you want to take the next step and purchase official kitten play gear, you can visit sites such as Kitten Sightings, Kitten’s Playpen, and KittenKraftShop for collars. SimplyPurrfectShop, KittenKraftShop, and Nekollars are good places for both ears and collars. You can also purchase tails from these sights.

 One of the challenging things about Kitten Play is choosing your breed. Choosing a breed comes down to your personality, likes and dislikes, and the way you look. (My breed is a Doll Face Persian mix: attention seekers, not too talkative, short and fluffy, lap cats, very teachable, and not too great with strangers, but very close to their owners.) Start by choosing several breeds that look similar to you, and find the best match personality-wise. Choose a breed that reflects you, and that you can relate to, because again, it’s about you, and what makes you happy.Some common breeds you may recognize:

  • Siamese
  • American/British/Exotic Shorthair
  • Persian
  • Maine Coone
  • Ragdoll
  • Munchkin
  • Domestic Short/Longhair

 Every kitten is different, and every one has different wants and needs. You can take it as far as you want to, and do as much with it as you want. Stay safe, and be happy.