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Part 1 // Part 2 coming..soon?  

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The Yoon Kingdom

Ask any citizen of the Yoon Kingdom, and they will tell you that the mountains and valleys to the far North and West were put in place by the first Yoons that walked the land.  It’s believable, as the royal family is known for their stunning height.  Who else could have crafted mountains that tall?  The Yoon Kingdom is most known for their stunning scenery.

The Lee Kingdom

This kingdom is surely the most striking.  The citizens tend to take after the beautiful royal family.  Some claim that the first Lees were gods, and that they are responsible for putting the stars in the sky.  One look at the Lee royal family, and anybody would believe them.  In addition, the Lee Kingdom is well known for their extensive libraries.

The Kim Kingdom

Kim Kingdom citizens never have a bad day in their lives.  There are countless festivals and feasts thrown by the royal family to keep the spirits of their citizens high.  Any person, citizen of the Kim Kingdom or not, is welcomed with a warm heart.  Aside from their festivals and feasts, the Kim Kingdom is most well known for their distinct architectural style of buildings.

The Park Kingdoms

The two Park Kingdoms were once one, a very long time ago.  Now, two separate families rule over the two lands that share a border.  

The royal family of the central Park Kingdom serve as the main support for the government of the land. Without them, the land would likely fall into ruin.  The kingdom is also known for its lush forests and game hunting, a gift that the citizens claim was bestowed upon them by the sky gods.  

The Eastern Park Kingdom is known for having citizens with strong souls and bodies.  The extensive coast lines offer many opportunities for fishing and for trade with far off lands.  However, travelers might find themselves feeling a bit closed out when they meet the citizens of this kingdom.

The Moon Kingdom

The Moon Kingdom is the oldest of the kingdoms.  As far back as the records go, the Moons have always been around.  For this reason, the Moon royal family is often deemed as the True Royal family.  Despite this grand title, the Moon royal family is actually quite elusive.  The kingdom is most known for their grand balls, which occur every other year, and their extravagant parties thrown for the royal families and nobles of the land every season.

To learn about the princes of these fine kingdoms, please keep reading beyond the cut.

Prince Yoon Sanha

  • He is the youngest of three princes in the Yoon Kingdom (so he is not the crown prince).
  • The prince is most often found studying (as advised by his parents, the King and Queen Yoon).
  • However, he does slip away from his studies.  This happens more often than not because his tutor has a weak spot for him.  How cute can he be??  It’s not fair.
  • Instead of studying, Prince Sanha will often take his most recent favorite musical instrument, set up in the middle of a busy area (usually outside of a flower stand), and play music for the people.
    • This always draws a lot of attention.
    • It also always ends up in the King’s Guard coming to fetch him.
    • Why can’t he just stay at the palace? his father always thinks.
    • The citizens’ happiness always goes up after seeing Sanha out of the palace.
  • Despite the far traveling distance, Prince Sanha has become close friends with Prince Minhyuk.
  • Prince Sanha also enjoys making friends with other boys his age from his own kingdom.

Prince Lee Dongmin

  • As the oldest son of King Lee, Prince Dongmin is next in line to take the throne in the Lee Kingdom.
  • Prince Dongmin seems to be the favorite prince of the entire land, whether they are residents of the Lee Kingdom or not.
  • While his looks are certainly stunning, he is loved more for his quirky personality.
  • Prince Dongmin is kind of a clutz.
  • Most often, people can find Prince Dongmin riding out to one of the libraries in the kingdom.  He’ll just pick up his things in the palace and suddenly leave (much to the disapproval of his parents, but they don’t really stop him because at least he’s learning).
    • His favorite library is the one closest to where Lee Kingdom meets Kim Kingdom and Park Kingdom.
    • This also happens to be the library furthest away from home.
    • He’s definitely not running away from his responsibilities.
    • Okay, maybe he is.  But could you sit through 3 hours of a language class a day when it’s a language you don’t want to learn?  Probably not.
  • Prince Dongmin often visits Prince Sanha unexpectedly throughout the year.  He has a soft spot for the young prince.  Who doesn’t?

Prince Kim Myungjun

  • He is the oldest non-crown prince in the land.  
    • Just don’t let him hear you say that.
    • He doesn’t like his age to be pointed out.
  • Prince Myungjun is usually the one that organizes the festivals.  Music festivals, tournaments, fashion extravaganzas; he’s in favor of it all.
  • Prince Myungjun is often called “the Prince of Art” because of his art donations to the kingdom.
    • His favorite pass time is visiting villages and painting their roads and buildings for them with the help of some of the villagers, of course.
  • Don’t bring up Prince Jinwoo when Prince Myungjun is in the room.  He will almost always immediately start complaining.
    • It’s not because he has a crush on the youngest son of the central Park Kingdom.  Totally not.
  • He is usually the one that citizens follow when it comes to fashion, as his looks are always sensible but unique.

Prince Park Jinwoo

  • He’s the youngest son of King Park, but King Park has not claimed one of his sons as his successor, yet.  Prince Jinwoo could very well become the crown prince and future King Park.
  • Until then, though, he’s going to keep expanding the protection of animals in the kingdom.
    • He’s already passed numerous laws guaranteeing the protection of some of the more rare wildlife.
    • Hunting season is also strictly enforced.
  • When he turned 16, he was invited across the sea to marry the crown princess of a quite powerful kingdom.  However, he denied the invitation.
    • The citizens of the central Park Kingdom (and most of the citizens of the entire land in general) have come to believe that should Prince Jinwoo take the throne, he would have a king by his side instead of a queen.
    • Prince Jinwoo doesn’t mind the rumors since they’re true anyway, oops.
  • If you bring up Prince Myungjun around Prince Jinwoo, he’ll immediately turn red.  His friends like to tease him by doing this all the time.

Prince Park Minhyuk

  • As the oldest son in the kingdom, Prince Minhyuk is the crown prince.
  • He has a very defined image: strong and silent.
  • Prince Minhyuk has competed in many tournaments across the land, ever since he was a child, and he has come out on top on nearly all of them.
    • He always wins the Park Annual Tournament.
    • And it’s not because he’s royalty.  It’s because he’s just that good.
  • Rumors, however, have started to spread that Prince Minhyuk isn’t the strong, silent, brooding guy that he seems to be.
  • Prince Minhyuk was spotted helping out in the orphanage near the Park palace.  Since then, the entire kingdom has pretty much professed their love for their crown prince.
  • He keeps in close contact with Prince Sanha, as well.  People have often wondered if Prince Minhyuk intends to marry Prince Sanha because of just how close the pair of princes seem to be.

Prince Moon Bin

  • Not much is known about Prince Moon, the crown prince of the Moon Kingdom.
  • He was born on the night of a full moon, which citizens of Moon Kingdom often believe to be the sign of a great warrior king.
  • His younger sister was reportedly his favorite person until she left to marry the prince of a far away kingdom.
  • Prince Moon was once spotted leaving the kingdom in the direction of the Eastern Park Kingdom, though nobody in Park Kingdom could confirm his whereabouts.
  • He will only ever spend an hour at the seasonal parties thrown for the royals and nobles of the land.
  • Two years ago, though, he supposedly spent the entire night at the biennial Moon ball with Prince Dongmin.
    • Some attendees claimed to see Prince Bin smiling and laughing with Prince Dongmin, which is something Prince Bin doesn’t do easily since his sister was married off.
    • The fact that Prince Dongmin made Prince Bin smile and laugh so easily sparked quite a few rumors.  Citizens all across the land are secretly hoping for a union between Prince Bin and Prince Dongmin.
  • Prince Bin is, overall, the most elusive member of the Moon royal family that there has ever been.