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This is going to seem like a weird post but Happy Mother’s Day to the kids who brought themselves up. Happy Mother’s Day to the kids who didn’t have a mum there to help them for whatever reason and so had to grow up too fast when they should have been messing about and being children. Happy Mother’s Day to anyone whose mother isn’t perfect, but made mistakes and is learning to be better. Happy Mother’s Day to those who’ve decided to give their mum a second chance. Happy Mother’s Day to those who’ve made the decision to cut contact and stop hoping for a miracle. Happy Mother’s Day to the people who are scared of being mothers themselves because they never had a good example set and they’re scared of repeating the same mistakes (you don’t have to be like her, you can do so much better). Happy Mother’s Day to the young mothers who didn’t plan on being parents at this age but are dealing with that huge shock and doing their best under difficult circumstances. Happy Mother’s Day to those who are being made to feel guilty for not loving their mothers at all. Happy Mother’s Day to the kids that essentially brought up their younger siblings but will never have that acknowledged. Happy Mother’s Day to those that have lost a mother and miss her every day, but are pushing on regardless, trying to hold things together. I care about you all very much. 

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Hi love! IDK if you will reply, but may I ask for some angsty Viktuuri fics? HIT ME WITH UR BEST SHOT 💜

YOU GUYS ARE KILLING ME WITH THIS ANGST… but I’m trash for angst so I’m not even mad. Get ready for lots pain and some amazing writing!

Victuuri Angst

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya, Explicit, 147k (WIP)
Pretty sure everyone’s read this one… but if you haven’t, do! Rivals AU where Yuuri’s main goal, ever since he was a child, is to beat Victor and win the GPF. SO MUCH ANGST (like, so much) and deliciously hot, hot, hot! You might die from reading this… it’s that good. My personal favourite!

Submerge by cryingoverspilledvodka, Mature, 38k
The pining and angst is real in this one! Full of angry Yuuri and an equally frustrated Victor. Takes place after their first argument. Relationships aren’t easy, and Victor and Yuuri are no exception.

On My Love by RikoJasmine, Teen, 48k (WIP)
Time travel AU where Yuuri and Victor are happy aged and married, but an accident occurs and suddenly Yuuri wakes up back in Detroit, in a time before he had even met Victor. Yuuri competes against him again, a completely different skater this time. Amazing fic!

Between us by Vitavili, Mature, 169k
Love hurts. Love heals. Sometimes it’s really easy to love. Sometimes it feels like hell. You can forget to love yourself because you are too busy with loving someone else. Stunning fic with heavy angst but a happy ending.

Gods of Circumstance by Ritequette, Mature, 17k (WIP)
During his Free Program at the 2016 Barcelona Grand Prix Finals, Yuuri suffers a freak equipment malfunction and falls, hitting his head on the ice.
When he wakes up, he’s back at the 2015 Sochi GPF. Get ready for angst, angst, and more angst. Thumbs up!

Break the Cycle by SigmundFreud, Explicit, 26k
College AU where ex boyfriends Yuuri and Victor can’t stay away from each other. LOTS of mutual pining, arguments, miscommunication, and, of course, angst. Thumbs up!

and I feel life (for the very first time) by smudgesofink, Teen, 10k
In which Victor helps Yuuri with his skating, but Yuuri helps Victor find himself again. Oh, man, I was sobbing while reading this. Very angsty, indeed!

“let’s (not) end this” by YuuriVityaNyan (NarryEm), Not Rated, 1.7k
It’s as though Viktor’s world came crumbling down.  All that they have built up to in the last eight months: gone. Okay, this physically hurt me to read this… like it’s pure angst… that’s it…

the gentle light that strays and vanishes by nauti, Gen, 7.7k
Yuuri and Viktor go back in time eight weeks before the 2015 Sochi Grand Prix Final separately, only to find each other again. Angsty and sweet. Must read!

Never Enough by ireallyloveicecream, Mature, 35k
All Katsuki Yuuri wanted was skate on the same ice as rising star Viktor Nikforov. But when his dream comes true and they meet, his awe for him mutates into a cut-throat motivation for retaliation, sending the two of them into a rivalry that should’ve burned into the history of figure skating. Intense rivals AU!

Hold Me Tight by smudgesofink, Teen, 11k
To say that Victor is touchy-feely is the understatement of the century. So when Victor just stops touching Yuuri, without explanation, without reason, it makes for a painfully jarring experience. It’s all fluff… then goes straight into the depths of angst.. *cries*

but all they ever, by webbedfeet, Gen, 3.7k
Yuuri could do anything for Victor’s sake, even if what he had to say felt like ripping out his own heart and tearing it to pieces. He just never thought he could do the same to Victor’s heart. wHY DO I PUT MYSELF THROUGH SO MUCH PAIN????

First Fight by apollosoyuz, Gen, 2.4k
The first time they fought was loud and then quiet. In which Yuuri panics and blames Viktor, and Viktor doesn’t realize the impact his petty response will have on Yuuri until it’s too late. Fluffy ending!

reminders about adam young:

  • his subconscious reaction to learning about environmental issues is to replace a nuclear power plant with a lemon drop full of eternal clean energy and regrow the rainforests
  • he turned a terrifying nightmare hellhound into a fluffy puppy with a funny ear
  • he wrote a book about a detective that somehow involved cowboys, dinosaurs, and a spaceship
  • his love for his hometown was so enormous that an angel could notice it
  • he accidentally made aliens who were worried about the ozone layer appear 
  • he fights and defeats satan and his destiny because he loves his friends and his world and he wants to protect it
  • he could do literally anything he could think of and with that power he reset the entire world so everything was okay and made chain stores and big highways avoid his town 
  • he is the most wonderful person ever and i love him with all my heart
Here’s the thing you never understood about me: I’m able to be happy no matter the circumstances because that is how I choose to live my life. My happiness does not depend on a singular person or group of people, I choose to be happy because that’s what I want to be. I’m not happy because of you and just because I’m not with you does not mean I’m going to stop being happy. It doesn’t mean I haven’t gone through my fair share of grief, because I have, it’s that I choose not to let it rule my life

It was really hard to pick a couple for my art giveaway (I literally spent hours trying to decide). Ultimately, I decided to draw Jyn and Cassian from Rogue One requested by @adriane-star!

Overall, I got a lot of messages from people requesting characters that would have been really happy together if circumstances hadn’t gotten in the way. I think I was particularly moved by this requests, because the potential of a great love is both tragic and hopeful.

I went with Jyn and Cassian because (well, I loved Rogue One and I hand’t fanart-ed it before) and because I felt like out of all the couples I got requests for, they really really deserved a shot to have a future. 

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! 

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Ooh!!! #12 with fuckboy! Taehyung 😏 please and thank you ☺️

✎ things you said when you thought i was asleep ✎
1.6k words ; angst [ pg-15 ]

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a/n: i tried to make this happy but i wrote this after spring day came out and went emo real fast

For as long as you could remember, you and Taehyung had always been an inseparable pair. Wherever he went, you did too. Whatever you did, he followed. Sometimes voluntarily, other times he’d force you out of your place to tag along as his wingwoman.

To say that it didn’t hurt whenever Taehyung pulled you out of your shell only to shove you back in would be the ultimate lie.

It was common knowledge amongst all the students that Taehyung was never one for commitment. A few have said it was because of his parents’ divorce, others because of a past lover who had shattered his heart. But you knew differently.

Taehyung didn’t have commitment issues, he had trust issues. Not with anyone else, but with himself. He didn’t trust himself to care for such a thing as fragile as love, didn’t trust himself to give his all to a relationship and a lover who would depend on him, lean on him, believe in him. despite the multiple times you’ve told him otherwise, he wouldn’t listen. He trusted you, but never your words, nor your actions that continuously reminded him how deserving of love he was.

And for as long as you could remember, you have always, always been in love with Kim Taehyung.

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Myungsooooooooo please ^^ - squishymyungsoo

Okay @squishymyungsoo and @blacksuffering your request has been heard and here I am to fulfill it!

And by happy circumstance, this concides with Myungsoo’s 26th birthday!

Let’s start out with full honesty here: When people hear INFINITE, people think of Kim Myungsoo. Everyone knows INFINITE’s L, usually for his striking visuals. But I really want to show the different sides of him that others might sometimes miss.


Myungsoo debuted in 2010 as INFINITE’s visual member, and it’s not hard to see why. The boy has all-natural, flower boy good looks as if he has stepped out of the pages of a manga. But what may often be overlooked is his vocal ability. He may not have the most lines in songs, but especially in recent albums he’s proven that he’s more than just INFINITE’s visual. He even appeared on King Of Masked Singer and shocked everyone with how good he was. Watch the grand reveal and revel in his lovely voice below:

Then there is his special solo stage from INFINITE’s concert, the Korean version of Love of My Life:

What I’m trying to say here is this: look how much Myungsoo has worked on his voice!! Coming from debut when he was often overlooked as ‘just handsome’; he has overcome all of the negative comments regarding his abilities as a performer and proved to everyone that he can sing, and boy does he do it well!


Where to begin, where to begin? Myungsoo has been acting in dramas since 2011, where he made his acting debut over in Japan. This drama - Jiu - gave us the still iconic line “I’M HERE!”. Since then he has been cast in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, The Master’s Sun, Cunning Single Lady, My Lovely Girl, The Day After We Broke Up/One More Time and more. Not only does he slay everyone with his visuals, he’s proven to be a talented actor, able to portray many different characters with ease. My personal favourite drama Myungsoo has starred in is Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and if you haven’t seen it then pleeeeease do yourself a favour and watch it! 


Myungsoo may have this ‘cool city guy’ ‘chic man’ image, but those of us who’ve followed INFINITE closely for a while know that there is a difference between his L Cosplay and the real Kim Myungsoo. Although he has incredible charisma and stage presence, he’s still a little strange, let’s be honest here. Just a few examples I can think of are as follows: all of this mess on Sesame Player, these clips of him falling over, the time he hit Dongwoo with a water bottle, when he fell over on Birth of a Family, changing from L to Myungsoo and just this incredible image-ruining moment on INFINITE Showtime:


There were three main points about Kim Myungsoo, INFINITE’s amazing, strange and talented visual. But what else? Well, let me tell you:

  • Myungsoo plays guitar and he’s good at it and it makes everyone’s hearts flutter tbh
  • He has a really pretty cat called Byul who looks like him
  • Myungsoo does a lot of charity work, but usually keeps it pretty lowkey. Here he is at a home for disadvantaged children
  • His love of photography!!! Myungsoo has released two photo essay books so far, L’s Bravo Viewtiful 1 & 2. They’re full of all his own photos and doodles and comments and they’re absolutely gorgeous. He really has an eye for photography and you can even see that from the arty shots on his instagram
  • He went through a lot of hardships in the past, including a dating ‘scandal’ in 2013 which he spoke about in INFINITE’s movie Grow. Thankfully the other members and the fans stood by him at this time and he got through it
  • He chose the stage name L because of the character in the manga/anime Death Note - he looked a little like him when he had longer hair

And so we have reached the end of this little post full of love for Myungsoo. Hope you guys enjoyed it and #Happy26thLkimDay !! Please give Myungsoo lots of love, ‘cause he’s a precious button who needs it. 

See all the About IFNT posts here.

Make You Feel My Love

Summary: Based on Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love,” you shower Bucky with affection and love when he needs it. 

Word Count: 2,646 (without lyrics)

Warnings: None.

A/N: Enjoy! Positive feedback is loved and appreciated! Each scene of this fic represent a verse and so on. Let me know what you all think :D 

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When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love

Grey clouds brought an ill omen with them and you could feel the cold seep through the thick, glass windows of the Avengers’ Tower and into your bones. Shivering, you wandered into Bucky’s room and fetched one of his hoodies, smiling softly as you put it on and were immediately surrounded by his scent. He smelled of generic soap and the mint gum he liked to chew whenever he was nervous, but to you that was home and you reveled in this.

Stepping out into the hallway and to the kitchen, you stared out to the city with a frown on your face. They should have been back already, but so far, there was no sign of the quinjet. You hadn’t gone to this mission because of your bruised ankle, everyone had thought it was best you stay behind and recuperate. Even though you had initially disagreed with them, you eventually gave in to their pressure and stayed behind, glad you had done so. A week alone had done wonders to help relax you and your ankle was almost back to normal.

The only bad thing about this arrangement was that Bucky was not around. And you missed him a great deal. Enough to have you both Skyping every night and staying online until one of the others grabbed the phone from Bucky and demand he sleep, that his giggles and whispers to you kept everyone else in the room awake.

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Beauty and the Beast (Loki x Reader)

Originally posted by fromhiddleswithlove

Word Count: 830

Pairing: Loki x Reader

AN: You can read part two and part three here

“Please leave my brother alone! I’ll do anything!” You plead in desperation as the Asgardian prince named Loki held your older brother Zack in the air by his throat. You could start to see the air quickly escaping his lungs as he tried to gasp for a breath, attempting to pry the demigods hands away from his throat with his hands but failing miserably. 

Loki’s face wore a bored expression as he turned to face you again. “You know this could all be avoided if you just agreed to help me like i’ve asked too many times now. My patience is wearing thin Y/N." 

 Your mind scrambled in thoughts, trying to decided how to get out of this mess without getting your brother killed or if there was actually any way you could get out of this situation. You see, the god of mischief knocked on your front door about ten minutes ago, trying to persuade you to help him with something he refused to tell you about yet. Claiming he needed your mutant telepathic powers on his side to help him win this fight, whatever this fight may be. You’d obviously refused as you knew of his past and everything he was quite capable of. He was the reason your planet was almost destroyed a few years ago so why would you trust him let alone help him?

 However the more you refused the angrier the Asgardian became and then your overprotective brother just had to walk through the front door at the wrong time, hence how you were in this predicament right now.

 Your mind raced, you couldn’t figure out a way to save your brother that didn’t involve handing yourself over to Loki. So, letting out a sigh as your shoulders slumped you gave in. "Fine. I’ll help you Loki, i’ll go with you. Just put Zack down.”

 At your words a smirk appeared on the demigods face as he mercilessly dropped your brother to the floor, his body landing on the ground with a loud thud! "Finally. Come on Y/N don’t just stand there, we have things to do and lives to ruin.“

 You visibly winced at the last part of his sentence but never the less followed the man out the door, not even bothering to say goodbye to your brother as it would only end in him trying something stupid to get you to stay. You were certain Loki wouldn’t bat an eye before ending your brothers life if needed. 

As you followed the man outside and onto the street you already regretted not trying hard enough to find a way out of this. You shot a quick glance across at Loki as his mind remained unreadable, for some reason you couldn’t access his mind and that frustrated you deeply. Boy..this was going to me a long next few days.

It had been a day since you arrived at Loki’s place, being practically locked away in your room the entire time. Of course you’d already tried multiple times to escape but you were starting to find the possibility of your escape becoming slimmer and slimmer as your attempts continued to fail. Attempting to clear your mind so you could think of another way of escaping, you’re interrupted by a knocking on the door. Letting out an audible groan you sat up from your position on the bed and rose to your feet. “What is it?” The tone of your voice was dry as you lacked any type of happiness considering your circumstances.

The deep voice that belonged to Loki came from the other side of the door sounding as demanding and menacing as ever. “Come have dinner with me. That’s not a request." 

A scoff left your lips as you rolled your eyes, was he serious? "You make me your prisoner and now you want to have dinner with me?! Are you insane?!”

 A loud bang sounded from the other side of the door causing you to jump a little in fright. Loki’s voice boomed throughout the house and you were positive you heard him let out a growl…like some kind of beast! “I said you will come have dinner with me!" 

Anger began to bubble inside of you as you marched towards the door as you too let your fury out on the wood, hitting it with your fist. "And I said no!”

Silence was all that could be heard and you could have sworn you could hear his heavy breathing on the other side. You felt his presence leave after a few more moments, leaving you confused as to why the demigod just gave up on your argument so quickly. Maybe Loki had finally met his match you thought, because if he thinks I will obey his every command he has another thing coming. Sighing you slid against the back of the door to the ground and placed your head in your hands. “I can’t wait to get out of this place.”

Happiness is found in waking up for salaatul Fajr… It’s found in reciting the Qur-aan daily regardless of how hectic your day has been… It’s in forgiving others… It’s in knowing your purpose and pursuing to live by it regardless of any circumstances… Happiness is found in being content with whatever you have… It’s found in waking up alone for qiyaam al layl while everyone else is fast asleep… Happiness is found when you remember Allaah subhaanahu wa ta'aala.

Avitus Rix

So, we know Avitus doesn’t exactly have the most content in Andromeda. We know he’s been subject to the live end of the “bury your gays” trope. But there are a lot of things about Avitus that suggest potential for him being a deeper character in ways that aren’t fully fleshed.

1. He was Saren’s protoge. When you talk with him on Havarl, he’s shown to still respect Saren, and defends him, even to the point where he almost seems to know Saren wasn’t doing what he did out of his own will, despite the council having covered it up. Losing Saren the way he did likely hurt him similarly to the way losing Macen does.

2. He shoots a Roakaar in the head after shooting him in the gut, after muttering something about a shot to the gut being a painful way to die. This is a very small thing, but seeing as he and his team were alone on Havarl for what was likely months trying to survive, ammo was probably extremely precious. He didn’t know at that point that they’d been offered a way off-world. He chose mercy over conservation of ammo. It was a short, but telling intro.

3. He’s especially secretive about the nature of his relationship with Ryder at first, on Havarl. He’s insecure about it, for any number of reasons, including having experienced homophobia. I do realize this could just as easily be bioware trying to be vague about having a mlm relationship, but it doesn’t mean it can’t also suggest something about his character.

4. When you ask him how he feels about what happened to the Turian ark he says “I’m not really a feelings type of guy.” Which is a curious statement given how deep his love for Macen is, despite continuing to be vague about it even after it’s obvious. He’s not used to being vulnerable, or maybe he just isn’t, doesn’t let himself be. Maybe not with anyone but Macen, and now he’s gone.

5. Up until the moment SAM tells them otherwise, Avitus believes Macen is alive, because SAM hasn’t passed to him yet. He mentions this on Havarl. Once he finds out, you can hear him fall apart in his voice. Being pathfinder, accepting SAM, becomes accepting Macen’s death.

Overall I think Avitus is a character that has experienced a lot of loss in the worst ways, and probably feels a little lost himself. He’s uncertain, insecure, and hesitant, but comes through time and time again. I also get the feeling he’s an astoundingly empathetic character, despite his claim to the opposite. I wish we had just a little more to go on for him, a little more chance to befriend him, a little more time to see him grow and find a way to be happy despite the circumstances.

Touka's words - of the past and present and what she wanted to tell him on the bridge

When she asked about how he felt and talked about how she’d feel, of course it completely applies to AkiraxAmon’s case ( goes to say how many parallel there are between them).
But the way she looks on, the expressions in her eyes, so lost in thoughts - she’s clearly thinking about a certain someone.

Now, my initial thoughts were connected to the events around Haise Sasaki. But on a second thought, her words have a much deeper meaning/more deep rooting. It not only applies to the situation around Haise but goes way back to part 1 of TG. Let’s digest this bit by bit:
“While you were just aimlessly roaming about” - Kaneki was aimlessly roaming when he left Anteiku. He tried to find answers but didn’t know exactly where to find them and what to find. He was a little lost - in mind and in finding his way back home (as she said herself in the end of the manga) This situation then continued with Haise, although the circumstances were different.

“did you ever feel like wanting to go see her?” - You know, I think there was another underlying factor that urged her to ask “did you want to see her?” - she’s also curious about what Kaneki might think and feel (although I’m sure she has already thought her own part about it).

Amon admits he did and Touka’s basically like ‘then you really should go see her. If I was in her situation I’d be happy no matter the circumstances or if the person himself has changed.’
(ahh i just almost killed myself with the feels. She loves him for who he is and would welcome him back in whatever shape or form. That’s true love~)

(They’re basically exchanging insights about each other’s significant person. I liked that dynamic of the conversation.)

>>“Even if time has passed, even if our bodies have changed, even if he’d forgotten me completely… as long as he came back home, things’ll be alright.” This is addressed at Kaneki. This is what she’d also want to tell him. Those are her feelings. Who’d have thought Amon gets to hear them first lol
(The question is, will the Touken talk go as smoothly as this conversation? Will she be just as open about her thoughts and feelings when facing Kaneki? I do believe so. She’s the one who asked to talk bc he’s been avoiding it. And this whole conversation embodies her growth in character and she seems to be very aware of what she feels and how to put them into words.)

When Kaneki left right after the Aogiri arc, when she went so far and risked so much to save him and she probably didn’t notice just yet how important Kaneki has become to her. she missed him terribly but she was also confused. Confused about their relationship and her own feelings. And when Kaneki finally visited Anteiku and left just before her arrival, she dashed after him without a clear plan of what to do or say when she’s finally faced him. And then things went wrong very quickly. Actually, both didn’t find the right words to say. Kaneki’s words hit a nerve with her and she failed to contain herself and later regretted it.

^ And those words she said now, they’ve probably been on her mind for the longest time, in one form or another; Long before Haise showed up.
-> Making the connection to how this has a much deeper root, I feel like this is what she’s probably wanted to tell him after he left, after his body gravely changed from the weak boy who couldn’t control his kagune to the infamous Eyepatch ghoul. This is the kind of message she wanted to get across on the bridge. But back then she was confused and talking (about her feelings) has always been her weakest point. In these past years though, she has experienced a lot and had plenty time to think.

The Touka now is a result if her own past and her failures. I love that through this conversation we’re able to see an actual example of how these things connect and influence each other and helped her grow. Knowing that she’s been thinking continuously, that she’s worked on herself and that her efforts bear fruit, I love this character exploration.

// They’re in a similar situation - Her and Akira and of course Kaneki and Amon (who pretty much have been walking in each other’s shoes for the past years).
So Amon talking about his fears/insecurities regarding Akira also indirectly shines a light in Kaneki’s feelings. We’ve seen how he’s “acted a little off” when they had their first casual conversation after all that’s happened. The difference between Kaneki and Amon is that Amon expresses he’s feeling guilty because he actually had to chance to meet her but Kaneki kinda didn’t as he lost his memory. (But then again, Kaneki actively left them and avoided her throughout the rest of TG part 1 until it was too late…)

Again, this whole conversation had so much meaning to it and I never thought it’d give us so much additional insight about their relationships and especially Touka’s changes. I’m really happy about it.



The subplot tonight involved a guy moping because he’s been into his (now) coworker since… pretty much episode one, but she’s recently gotten close with another guy. Guy #1 even went so far to complain about being in the friendzone and wanting a way to convince her to go out with him.

And then he gets some sense talked into him (nicely, thank you, there’s ways to correct someone politely), and ends up agreeing that yeah, if she’s not interested in anything more that’s fine. He’s okay with just being friends. In fact, he’s happy just being friends, she means that much to him.

And it ends with the guy and Awesome McBadass Ladyhacker going out to lunch, flailing about Resident Evil, and her giving him tips on how not to be a creepster while trying to get a date.

I just. I’m so happy. Thank you, MacGyver writers, you are awesome.

You are allowed to feel happy when...

Things are going well for you overall…or when they’re not. 

When you’ve lost weight…or when you’ve gained weight. 

When you’ve taken on more hours at work…or decided to take some time off. 

When you’ve gotten into your top university…or when you decided university isn’t for you.

You are allowed to be happy under any circumstance that you feel happy.

With You By My Side - Seven

A/N: I am now finished writing this series. There will be in all ten parts, and I will try and post every day, but I make no promises. Thank you to everyone that has liked, reblogged or commented on this series. I loved writing it, and it keeps me motivated to read all of your kind words. Special thanks to my beta @thorne93.

Characters: Jensen x Reader. Jared x Genevive

Warnings: This is pure fluff.. All the way. I got cavities writing this.

Wordcount: 2731

Catch up HERE

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“What?” you whispered in disbelief.

“Marry me..” he repeated a little more confident this time.

“We can’t get married, Jay!” you exclaimed, shooting out of the bed. “I can’t make any plans for the future when I don’t know how long it’ll be. I can be gone within a year.” You paced the floor, running a hand through your hair.

“All I know is that I want to be with you, for as long as I can. I don’t want to waste anymore time (YN), I want you, and I have wanted you for years now. Take this leap with me,” he pleaded, placing two strong hands on your shoulders, making you look into those emerald orbs of his. Before you could say anything he was down on one knee in front of you, looking up at you. “I love you, more than I ever thought possible. You are an amazing woman (YN), and you make me a better man. You have been there to support, encourage and motivate me for years, and you always manage to put a smile on my face. Will you (YN) (YLN) make me the luckiest man in the world and spend the rest of your life with me?” he finished with a smile.

“Are you really serious about this?” you asked carefully.


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