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peachy-mari  asked:

Maybe a gifset appreciating jimin's one dimple when he smiles? His slightly swollen eye from the stitches he got as a kid? The cute crooked tooth? The way he covers his face w his tiny hands?

ahhhhh thank you for sending these! but i actually already giffed his slightly swollen eye and his crooked tooth (twice bc i love it so much hehe) but omg ye s his dimple i think i could start working on it tomorrow thank you so much! and the way he covers his face with his tiny hands.. he’s so endearing omg :-(


“ More because I was  f a k e  before. I was just lying at home watching Narcos and gaming and stuff. And I’m over that. Now I want my life to be  r e a l

belated birthday present for @molded-from-clay !!!

moldy is an incredible friend and has been hugely supportive of me ever since i first started getting more involved in the fandom, and i cannot thank her enough for all the kindness and encouragement she’s given me. 


I know life can be hard...

I know that there are low moments,

Moments that make you want to cry. 

It might feel like everything is over, 

And that you have lost. 

I know there are times you want to give up, 

And just let go,  

But remember that it gets better.

There will be happy moments, 

Moments that make you want to dance, 

Moments that make you want to laugh, 

Or hug, 

Or just smile. 

But either way, it does get better!

So feel sad, it’s ok. 

But don’t forget to be happy. 

There are people that love you (like me)! 

Embrace your wonderfully brilliant flaws, 

Do something that’s terrifying, 

Maybe just do a dance, 

Or even just climb out of bed. 

Either way, remember that it does get better. Wait to see it. 

Spell jar for happiness and protection

Sea salt for protection and emotional cleansing
Dried daffodils for happiness
Dried sunflower petals for joy
Dried rose petals for love and affection
Eggshells (powdered or in pieces) for protection
Cinnamon for energy and power
Citrine chips for happiness, confidence and good fortune
White, yellow or pink candle

Combine as you please and activate by burning your candle on top of the sealed jar. When you feel it needs recharging simply burn another candle on top while focusing on your intention.
Erik Klose and the Twinyards

I’ve been thinking about this and (this is so long, gosh):

  • Erik doesn’t like the twins
  • at all
  • and he hates that because he knows Nicky loves them both to death, and he wants to support him and that tiny speck of family he has left but
  • indeed
  • he loves Nicky
  • and it’s hard, you know?

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ummm, them getting the goddamn chips and sitting all tangled up on the couch, watching trashy tv and feeding each other??? just dipping them into sauce and pushing those pieces of potato into each other’s mouths cause they are sick like that. john misses and smudges cheese all over sherlock’s chin. sherlock does the >:o face until john kisses it all away