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happy 29th birthday 🎉 🎂 !! kim taeyeon !!

Q: “Through this album, what do you want to communicate to those listening to it?
T: “Questions like this are the most difficult. This album’s title is ‘My Voice’. From the chorus, it’s only filled with my voice, and I put in an abundance of emotion when I was working on it. Personally, I believe that fans will recognize that emotions like that. I hope you will listen to it in the most comfortable position. Considering my records will come out countlessly going forward.”


the last shadow puppets - everything you’ve come to expect // 01 april 2016

All ready for matsuri date~


DL Lost Eden Vol. 01-04 Covers [Cleaned]


[ Rejet Friends ] - Yuugen Romantica

  • Hifumi was at the Old School Building!
    It’s pitch dark and scary!
  • Utashiro was on the Stairs!
    1 step, 2 steps, 3 steps… … 12 steps, 13 steps… …! There are… … 13 steps… !?
  • Zakuro is in the Science room!
    There are Fire Balls floating around in the Science room!
    How dangerous!
  • Iriya was at the Infirmary!
    We did a cheers with Cola!
  • Meri was in the Broadcasting room!
    He said he’ll die of embarrassment when the eyes meet!
  • Arahagi was at the Music room!
    He plays the Piano well!
  • Toneri was at the Gym!
    The howl is echoing!
  • There’s Hanao in the Toilet!
  • Wow! He said he’s a Friends who’s good at Acting!
    Even though it’s the toilet!

The Toki Project - Week 2 : February 6th-12th

Until April, I will try to draw as many different Tokiya pictures as I can, all with different outfits and themes. I take a bit of freedom with the weeks…I just try to upload them 4 at a time. That seems like a good deal, I think.

But either way, the themes of the second week:

5, Absolute Luna (April Fool’s 2014)
6. Marching Band (Music 3)
7. Live (UtaPri Maji Love Live 4th stage)
8. Perfect Diamond (Joker Trap)

The next batch will be for the start of next week.

You may not upload these pictures on other websites, alter, edit or claim them as your own in any way.

week 1

PS: I am going to open commissions again this week, before I do, however, I am going to change a bit here and there as I think I have changed a bit since I last updated that list.

━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ Update news regarding this drama CD especially the synopsis of its tokuten CD (that got me bamboozled);

Stellaworth Tokuten [End of Love]

[I was born to love you… Now and from now on] An after story with a warm happy ending.

Animate Tokuten [End of Madness]

[To continue loving you while regretting my sins in this place. I was born for that…] An after story with a very bad ending.

( ꒪Д꒪) I suppose I’ll be buying from Animate Online for this one. Hopefully I don’t regret with my choice for a bad yandere ending.

Diabolik Lovers Versus III Vol. 3
Subaru (CV. Kondo Takashi) & Kou (CV. Kimura Ryohei)
Diabolik Lovers Versus III Vol. 3

Diabolik Lovers Versus III Vol.3 // Subaru vs. Kou Translation

(。「´-ω・)ン  Heyyo sinners~! Subaru and Kou are like my favorite rivals in the series. So! I decided to take a crack at translating their versus.  (๑꒪▿꒪)*    Aaaaah. This is my first DL CD translation and I’m not too confident when it comes to audio translating. So please go easy on me haha.  

  ʅฺ(・ω・。)ʃฺ  As for other versus translations, there’s a good chance I might give Shu and Yuma a go. Doo bap da dop~~ ♪♫

The audio is the entire CD. ヽ(・ω・ゞ) After a track finishes, you will hear a quick ding. If you’d prefer to download the CD, then here’s a link. Rest of the tracks are after the read more.

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑  I enjoyed the CD and I hope you do too!

Track 01: Invitation To A Party

Subaru: Sigh, that damn guy. To send us an invitation? Just what is he thinking? I’m not in the mood to go.Kch! *starts ripping the invite* Ggh! *rip* Hegh. Ahh. Damn it! The old man’s power really pisses me off. He doesn’t even need to be here to irritate me. And her! Pisses me off how she always accepts this crap so readily!  What a pain.

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