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A summary of the hardships of the “addicted” universe

I’m writing this not only because I’m a blogger, but because I’m a fan of quality cinematography, well written works and good people. 

The queer themed web series “addicted” or “heroin” was a small budgeted web drama airing in china that hit it big and it reached such a height of popularity that the government banned it from being aired on any Chinese portals. The production crew then had to create a YouTube account where they uploaded the videos every week. Despite YouTube being blocked in mainland china, the shows popularity did not die down, in fact the international audience expanded all across Asia and the rest of the world. 

After the show was done airing, it was announced that season 2 will start filming in MAY this year. that would leave around 2 months promotion time, fair enough right? no. THEY CANCELLED THE FILMING!!

After the government banned, they promoted together just for a bit, this is a 0.05% promotion together compared to 90% counterattack stars did. Their schedules strangely never matched with each other despite just being rookie actors.

  • Top music awards:

Turns out a censorship law was placed that didnt allow them to be appear on screen together.

They had to appear on the news in Thailand without jingyu, even though he was there with them:

and when leaving and arriving in Thailand, they had to go at separate times, even though, the staff obviously books the tickets, they could have booked them together but didnt

  • The fanmeeting:

In a normal fanmeeting, the otps always stand next to each other. its the law of the BL drama promotion but ….this happened…

they stood next to each other for a minute before the manager pulled them apart.

  • The Happy Camp episode that they filmed together got cancelled:

The cast cried:

insert my crying heart

And these are only things im aware of as an outsider/international fan. Its tragic and heart breaking. the production crew is getting punished for doing an outstanding job and the actors are getting punished for their choices of script.

We can’t even expect them to fight because this is their career they will be risking. Its sad also because you know how the actors are such close friends and they cant even hug each other in this emotional moment.

We the fans cant do anything, because honestly, i feel so helpless i dont know what to do. petitions? strike? how? how to help?

The filming crew announced a few days ago that season 2 will not happen and officially been cancelled due to “budget shortages” uh no, this show hit 10 million hits in a few hours and now its above 100 million hits. Their fan meetings sold out tickets in 5minutes.

My point is I dont know how to stop feeling sad over this. I thought I could write a long article but I cant go on anymore because Im too upset.

i will continue to support xu weizhou, huang jingyu, chenwen, fengsong and chai jidan. hugs

EXO react to seeing their significant other at an event/concert

Xiumin: You and he had pre-arranged where you’d be sitting so he’d know where to find you and show off his sexiest moves, smirking the whole while, laughing when the other members start showing off for you too to try to outshine him.

Luhan: (gender-biased gif) At the ‘Back to 20′ presscon, he sees you as you blow a kiss to him and gets a little shy. Granny Zishan sees and laughs, grinning. “Ah! My grandchild-in-law is here!” Embarrassing her on-screen grandson further.

Kris: When he sees you at the Challengers Union meeting, he completely loses it, laughing - he turns to Fan BingBing and points you out. “My baobei came today to see you, too! We’ve been watching all your movies together.”

Suho: During the middle of promoting his song on a variety show, he sees you and gets embarrassed, unable to control the grin on his face. The others would kid him about what made him blush afterward.

Lay: He’d take time to acknowledge you once he sees you, blowing kisses and eye-smiling until the other members pull him to perform, laughing. It would seem like he’s just doing fan service, but at home, he’d smother you in hugs and affection.

Baekhyun: (sorry, this gif’s age/gender-biased ㅠㅠ) When you secretly come to the fansign, he only notices you once you’re right in front of him and talking. “Jagi?! If you wanted me to sign your album, I would at home.” But he’s grinning brightly.

Chen: When he sees you waiting in line to get an album signed, he’d start with the cheesy fan service and when you hand your album to him, he’d quietly tease you as he writes ‘for my favorite fan in the whole world xoxo - your Jongdae’.

Chanyeol: During ISAC, he sees you sitting with other EXO-Ls holding a Chanyeol fan sign, so he calls the other members, pointing to you. “Look! My jagi came here to cheer just for me!”

DO: To tease him, you brought another member’s sign to hold up so he gets mad - when he sees, he runs toward a group of his own fans to get back at you. Though he wouldn’t be able to help smiling at you throughout the concert.

Tao: At the Happy Camp filming in Changsha, he laughs brilliantly spotting you making a face when He Jiong kids him during a pause in taping. “Even if none of the others pick me as the most handsome, my baobei will.”

Kai: He hears you and a group of his fans screaming his name over the noise and turns to look, eyes immediately sliding to you and mouth opening in surprise. For the rest of the concert, he’d favor your side of the stage, performing for you.

Sehun: Once he gets over the giddy shock of seeing you there, he sends heated glances your way. He’d make sure to pull you up onstage for EXO‘s XOXO performance, standing right in front of you as they do the hip thrusts.

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sockpup  asked:

Some EXO fans have conveniently forgot about EXO-M, and that EXO began as a Korean-Chinese group taking on two countries. How hypocritical could the fans get? Most of the Korean members have solo schedules; they don't have to miss group promo because the group mostly stays in Korea. Chinese fans could very well ask where their oppas at. But let's blame Lay for missing Korean promo, when 1) SM debuted him for China, and 2) he's done more Korean promo than any Korean member has done Chinese

this!!! exactly omfg. It always bugged me how sm brought exo-m to korea, i guess it was the best decision to promote them as 12 than 6 and 6 in two countries because they will get lot more attention as a group. But i never thought promoting as 12 members in both countries meant exo12 staying in korea, most of the schedules in korea, as for chinese promotion once in a while they’ll go to china to perform on some sort of award show or film happy camp and thats about it. It might have favoured most of the members  *cough* korean members *cough* it was not really convenient for the chinese members. I’m sure they wondered what the fuck they were doing in Korea, when they supposedly debuted in china for chinese audience. SM didnt really try for exo-m since wolf era, kfans were delighted that all 12 of them were promoting in korea, spending most of their time in korea because what could be more important than korean fans right? which is true but they took it for granted. Exo-m, esp the chinese members could have been promoting in china, expanding their fanbase over there, getting their names out there in chinese market but nahh they were rotting in korea in order to please koreans. The fanbase they have in china is the one they built in short amount of time they were in china during MAMA era, it could have lot bigger if sm made them promote over there, giving them as much opportunities as the korean members in korea. While the 12 of them were in korea, most of the time they had group schedules but when it comes to individual schedules only few korean members get to be on varieties, radio shows, mc-ing  dj-ing and stuff, the only time i saw yx doing individual schedule was 2 radio shows with kris and minseok. Same goes with other chinese members, and you wonder how and why there was mistreatment for chinese members. Exo-m not only was slept on by their own company, but also by korean industry, and their own fans. No wonder Krishan left. for health reasons or not it was the best decision they could have made for themselves because sm totally wasn’t making it for them, look where they are now. Don’t get me wrong im not one of those people who blame sm for everything but i gotta admit that sm fucked up pretty bad for exo-m.They could be easily selling chinese versions of the albums more than the korean versions if only they had the same fucking opportunities in china as the k members were getting in korea. People gotta stop acting like Yixing alone is getting lot of attention now, he’s got so many solo schedules its not good for the group etc i dont see you all complaining about how chanyeol pretty much representing exo in every goddamn korean variety. The individual schedule isnt even a new thing for exo members, kyungsoo started acting since last year, baekhyun had musical last year, suho&baek started mc-ing last year, chanyeol was in variety last yr. what was yx doing in 2014 tho? he was not getting half of what the other k members were getting in korea but he persevered, he worked hard so he could show his worth. Yixing is getting these opportunities a year after everyone else but somehow it’s unfair because he’s not spending 100% of his time for exo and korean fans. News flash: Kfans aren’t the only fans he has and needs to please. Some koreans have serious superiority complex, like they’re the only fans that matter, like yx is supposed be in korea all the time to please them. Some intl fans adapt this from kfans and start demanding yx to be present at their korean schedules. You’re right yixing is debuted for china, thats why his studio is in china not in korea. He also said himself that even tho he debuted in korean-chinese band, spends most of his time in korea, he’s a chinese person. He wants to be close to home too. His future is in china and he’s already started building it in china. It’s time people wake up and realize,not all of exo members are gonna walk down the same path. Yes exo is their priority but not their everything. It happens in every group, 3 4 years after debuting, everyone starts focusing on their individual goals, be it acting, variety, solo debut or anything else. It also makes them realize that they are capable of so many things, they don’t have to limit themselves to be just a member of an idol group, but they also can be an actor, solo artist, a radio dj, mc, producer, composer, restaurant owner or whatever the fuck they want to be. This is only the beginning. This is not a bad thing. They are growing up and its time fans grow up too.