happy buns


Happy Birthday, BTS!

i can’t believe our little baby bun, the one who used to cover his mouth to hide the way he laughed, the one who used to cry if anyone kept asking him to sing for them, the one who used to be so serious and quiet in front of the camera, the one who cried when his hyungs pranked him on his birthday,  is now this real life meme who openly shows affection for his hyungs, cackles and makes weird noises like it’s nobody’s business, is constantly humming and singing and will break out into crack versions of songs when asked to, pranks his hyungs unapologetically as a way of showing them affection (and that he is a force to reckon with), and is so grown in every which way possible.  i can’t believe we’ve had the privilege of watching him grow and change over these past 4 years. we are so lucky to have him, to be a part of his life, and this world doesn’t deserve such a precious bun like jungkook. the happiest of birthdays to our golden maknae, you are truly golden 💕