happy bones day!!


Happy Father’s Day, Trekkies!

Spock reminds you that a father who’s distant or reserved doesn’t love you any less than a father who easily displays that love.

Bones reminds you that if you can’t be with your father today, it’s alright. Know that he loves you and will be with you as soon as he can.

Ben and Hikaru remind you that if your father doesn’t accept you for who you are, they’re now your new and improved space-dads and they love you very much and think you’re perfect just the way you are.

Carol Marcus reminds you that if your father treats you badly you are allowed to walk away, and if you’re stuck with him for now, don’t worry. One day you’ll be able to leave and never look back. She’d also like to add that she would 100% square up with your father to protect you.

Kirk reminds you that he knows how hard today is on those who have lost a father or never known one, but he reminds you that your father can be anyone who loves and supports you, and he’s more than willing to fill that role!

(And to anyone who has two moms… you might feel like you’re missing out, but don’t worry! You get to have 2x the mother’s day fun!)


“You’re a bastard,” she spat, without thinking. “Just like your f a t h e r.”  

Draco stiffened. A brief flicker of emotion darkened his eyes: it could have been hurt or rage, or simple surprise. Then it was gone. “Actually,” he said, and his voice was bitter, “I’m a bastard in a way that’s entirely my own.”

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Happy Valentine's Day 💖 McKirk headcanons?

  • Jim’s never celebrated Valentine’s day. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. The only way he’s ever really celebrated it is by going out and finding someone to spend the night with. So he doesn’t even think about it the first time valentines day rolls around while he’s dating Leonard. Bones thinks about it, though. Mr. Sensitive and all that.
  • And so Jim finds himself in the park on their day off. “What is this?” he asks curiously as Bones sits down in the soft grass, and Bones frowns. “It’s Valentine’s day, man. I arranged us a picnic.” “A picnic,” Jim repeats, sitting down next to Leonard with a grin, “you’re so cheesy.” “Oh, you have no idea,” Bones replies. Turns out, he’s right. It’s not overly romantic to sit and eat together, and Jim is grateful for that because he doesn’t really know how to romance. It’s still just nice to sit together, the artificial sun warm on their skin and Leonard’s eyes somehow lighter because he’s not worried or annoyed. Rather than actually enjoying most of that food Bones has brought, though, Jim’s more interested in pressing Bones down to lie on his back, and just leaning over him to kiss him and run his fingers over those always smoothly shaven cheeks.
  • They’re in space the year after when Valentine’s day rolls around, and one day feels like every other, so again - Jim doesn’t really think about it until he comes home to his quarters and finds an expensive bottle of bourbon (– that’s definitely contraband). “What’s this for?” Jim asks, holding up the bottle and facing Bones when he enters his quarters, too. “Dude, it’s Valentine’s Day,” Bones says, “C'mon. Take the bottle.” And so Jim follows him to the bar, where they quietly sit together in front of the giant window that displays the countless stars, planets, and galaxies they pass. It’s the most romantic thing, and Jim’s often just distracted by the view - every bit as amazed by space as he was since day one. “What’s your biggest wish, like, within the next five years or so?” Jim asks eventually, and Bones just shrugs. “I’m pretty happy where I’m at right now,” he says, and Jim smiles. He reaches out for Bones’ hand, squeezing it gently. “How ‘bout you?” Bones asks. “Oh,having sex in the captain’s chair. Definitely,” Jim says, and laughs when Bones pulls his hand back. “You’re the worst.”
  • Jim doesn’t forget the year after, but he doesn’t do romance as much. Or so he claims. They’re on Earth, so he drags Bones along to an old fashioned laser game match. “Why are we doing this?” Bones asks, and Jim grins. “Because. Valentine’s day. Keep up.” “This is your idea of a date?” “Hey, I’m going to protect you from angry aliens, okay?” Jim says, leaning in to gently to press a quick peck to his lips. “Cover me,” he says, and then runs towards the battle zone – and then gets shot down by Bones almost immediately.  
  • They come up with ridiculous things: Going on a long walk around the ship at night. A movie marathon in the holo dec room, they go on a pub crawl through York Town one year to hit every single happy hour they can find.
  • They’re back in space, and Jim largely forgets about it again because he’s kept  busy for most of the day (and night) on the Bridge. He receives a bunch of nagging messages from Bones, too, so he’s busily typing away on his PADD to keep the other off his back. It doesn’t work, though, because Bones arrives on the Bridge just seconds later. “Bones,” Jim groans when the other approaches, though he smiles when Bones leans in to press a kiss to Jim’s lips, “I’m fine, I don’t need a check up.” “I know,” Bones says, and it leaves Jim momentarily confused. Especially because Bones’ lips are on his chin, and his neck, and Jim shivers. “Bones, we’re on the Bridge-” “Wasn’t that your biggest wish? Been almost five years,” Bones says, and Jim’s eyes widen. “But the Bridge-” “Empty,” Bones says, taking Jim’s PADD away, “we have 30 minutes.” “I don’t need that long,” Jim replies, grinning lightly and Bones rolls his eyes. “I know.“ 
  • Jim pulls him in, arms sliding around Bones’ waist when he pulls the other down on his lap. Jim smiles, almost arrogantly so because he’s definitely the first captain to get laid on the Bridge - which has been one of his fantasies since day one in the Academy. How Bones even pulled this off is beyond him, but he’s not gonna question it. His mind just blanks when Bones’ hands gently push up his shirt. “Marry me,” Jim breathes, before he even realizes it, and both of them just freeze at the same time. “… what?” Bones asks, sitting up straight. Jim briefly regrets it, but then; “marry me,” he repeats. “Are you drunk?” Bones asks, and Jim shakes his head. “No,” he says, “Bones. Leonard; you should marry me.” Bones glances at Jim’s expression. “Okay,” Bones says, and Jim looks up. “Really?” “Yes,” Bones says, “figured, since I’m already stuck with you, I might as well-” but Jim doesn’t let him finish his sentence. Instead, he pulls him in closer and kisses him. Bones’ arms wrap around Jim’s shoulders, and both of them feel a little breathless by the time Bones pulls away. “Happy Valentine’s day, Jim,” Bones breathes, and Jim smirks. “Happy Valentine’s, my fiance,” he says, his fingers running through Bones’ hair. “So, my love,” Jim continues, lips still curled into a devious grin, “you going down on me or what?”

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Are there ever any sweet moments between the baby and Gaster?

Yup. There are and Gaster would probably give plenty of examples.

But I’m apparently only willing to show stuff like this cuz that’s how I roll!

At least the whole family finds THIS humerus!

Happy Dadster Father’s Day!


ONE LAST TIME. ALL TOGETHER FOR THIS. FOR THEM Yes. It’s bittersweet. BUT. Let’s do this again just like good old times. One last time. I’ve been crying the whole day and I’ve been thinking how fun this was back then so I’m recreating it ;)






(which btw also means YOU’LL SEE THEIR WEDDING RINGS)


(listen, I’m dying here too. I really am, but I’m very nostalgic honestly. Just, add yours if you’re down with this idea. We can cry together, but, let’s celebrate this show together too <3 )

Anything for you

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Pairing: Bone x Reader

Rating: teen?

Characters: Leonard McCoy, Reader, Violet McCoy

Summary: Reader is super busy with Violet and doesn’t notice that it is Valentine’s day. Bones surprises her with a romantic night

Warnings: UNEDITED, Kissing, Bones being a great husband, and a great dad, implied sex

Tags: @yourtropegirl

Author’s note: I had to do a holiday themed fic. Going to try and write one for my Kirk series too!

Part One, Part 2, Part 3

“Violet May, get your cute little butt back here!” You yelled as you chased her around your quarters. Oh, how you missed when she could only walk. She was growing far too fast. It was the 4th month of your extended break. You were going to keep working, but after the knife accident you decided against it and took time off from work. Finally, you caught up with her and scooped her up. She giggled and squealed as she tried to wiggle down.

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Happy mother's day to bones. 😂

Hahahaha! Oh nonie! 😂 all I could think about when I read this was Jim making Bones a macaroni art card or something handmade, just to be cute, for all this “children” he takes care if on the Enterprise(mainly Jim). Jim would make a big deal about it, trying to be funny, teasing Bones, and Bones would grump and growl and roll his eyes at Jim for being an “infant”. Secretly though, he’d find it a pretty funny, and he would keep that card for forever and pull it out when he’s having a particularly bad day in the MedBay and just smile down at it, thinking of Jim. That idiot. Now this makes me want to write more McKirk!

The procrastinating bone cleaner’s greenhouse aesthetic