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Up until junior high, I thought it was fun just to play with everyone. That was what volleyball was to me. But that’s not it…that’s not it…I want to be like the others, and…I want to be able to make my body move right! I want to control the ball! I want to play on the same level as the other, better players! 

happy birthday micah my everything @choutarous

When Eleven moves in with Hopper he paints her room pink because he read it was a soothing color and that it represents love . Later he thinks he painted her room with pink but she paints his life with pink. Where there once was an overwhelming emptiness there is now overwhelming love.

happy 420 connor day

i cant believe the greasy boi is growing up yall


The moon is visible in the fading orange glow of daylight. It hangs low, swelling rounder and more pale gold as the stars peek out from behind the clouds.

Your shift ends, and the night air of the festival is yours to take in. Finally, after wandering a great distance through the garden paths, you come to a shallow stone well in a clearing surrounded by flowers. Some, you recognize – others are as foreign to you as the starlight echoing from millions of miles away in space. Still, it carries; everything in Hive City does.

There’s a tree beside the well bearing fruit. Apples, maybe. As you draw close, you cup a hand at the bottom of a ripe one, admiring its speckled yellow skin and plump shape. Must be Ginger Gold, or maybe Golden Delicious?

Picking your chosen apple from the tree, you hold it up beside the moon, smiling faintly.

A butterfly lands on its surface, blue and black wings flapping softly. It startles you, and you turn to see someone else nearby, on the other side of the well’s clearing.

“Oh, uhm,” you blink, lowering the apple. The butterfly lands on your head, but you don’t notice. Your hair is fluffy enough to make a butterfly nest. “Hi, Zero…”

“Are you admiring the flowers, too?”


It’s already the 24th here in New Zealand & Japan so Happy Birthday to the King of Strong Style himself, Shinsuke Nakamura! ✌❤✨ @asylumxclub @fuckyeahbulletclub @screamersdontdance @hardcorewwetrash @happiness-in-reznor @bizclizbaybay @sammiielli @daintymissdevitt @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @flawlessbalor @mistressbalor @wwesavedme @sailoralderaan @culturalrebel @alexahood21 @sjwriteswrestling @lambchopviking @saywecan-die