happy birthdayyyy~

Inky black strands like silk across her shoulders were growing longer as the colder months had come. Winter settled in and Lebreau was unaccustomed to seasons changing. Almost two-decades of living inside the cocoon built of artificial energy, the lithesome brunette knew nothing of the chill that awaited on Pulse. It was forever summer on the shores of Bodhum, yet the bygone traditions of Christmas clung to the seaside town. Even now, long after the purge and settlement of Pulse, Lebreau finally found how fitting the fir trees and holly looked hanging around the cafe. Tourists and locals  vacated New Bodhum this time of year for warmer climates; work was slow. She wrote from her desk on a wintery morning as the first snow covered the icy boardwalk.

Wedge visited that afternoon at her request. He knew the way. 

Happy birthday, Dawnnnnn!

Okay, so first of all everyone go wish @gemodawn (or @goodmenhavenorules) a happy birthday because it’s her birthday. I wanted to post this a long time ago but hahahaaaaaaaa having a job is the worst.

So ANYWAY, Dawn, happy birthdayyyyyy, you massive nerdzilla! I’m super sorry my gift is going to end up being late, like that’s the lamest thing in all of Westeros tbh. I am working on another thing, and that’ll probably end up being a couple of days late too, but I can still make this post talking about how cool you are and have it done on time no prob so here we goooooooo.

It’s been four years since we met (well, nearly), and I can’t honestly remember my life before you came into it?? Like I remember it, but I just can’t remember you not being there because I feel like you’ve always been there and the thought of that ever changing is like woah no pls. You’re just way too important for me to even want to imagine that.

Honestly, just thank you for putting up with me and my shit, idk what I would even do without you, but I’m positive you know that already. There are a LOT of people in my life, but you are absolutely one of the most important ones there is, I can tell you that without a doubt, and I don’t ever want that to change. And I really hope you know that because I mean it with my entire being. 

I hope you have a super awesome day, Dawn, go have a pizza pie since you hate cake. We need to have a talk about your life choices on that btw.

chamyleon  asked:

Happy Birthdayyyy, fellow Gryffindor~ Quick-- you have 5 seconds to come up with a witty/funny joke to say to a potential friend/cute boy. What's your line?

you got some great jeans and im not just talking about your pants ;))))) 

(jeans and genes if you dont get it) ((im sorry))


Happy 18th 19th Birthdayyyy Karl ! HAHAHAHA

Hindi ako makapagdecide kung ano ipopost sa sobrang dami ng pics natin hahaah. Tapos late pa binigay ni sam. lol pero eto naaaa yeyyyyyy. 

Thank you for being a very good and generous friend. Hahaha. Napakaswerte namin at naging kaibigan ka namin. Sobrang saya mo kasama. I will never forget you. Napakarami nating di malilimutan na memories. 

Take care always. And wag pababayaan sarili, okay ? Wish you all the best. Thanks for everythinggg :) *hugs*