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today is a glorious day – it’s mod ellipsis’ birthday! in honour of this wonderful occasion, i’ve drawn her with her struggling husbonedo. thank you so much for everything you do, ellipsis! 

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FredxHermione "I wonder... maybe a buzzcut won't be too terrible" (unsolicited prompt, i know. but it's my birthday so I thought I'd try my luck :D

“Oh come on, Georgie! It doesn’t look that bad,” Fred attempted to comfort his brother, but as much as he might try there was no stopping the chuckles bubbling from within. His twin looked hilarious.

“Never. Again.” George tugged at his eyebrows, feeling the length of them run all the way down to his shoulders. “Bloody growth serum.”

“At least we know it works now,” said Lee. “People will be clamoring to regrow their hair easily and without the hassle of applying the usual potions. It even smells better, for starters!”

“You do it next time then, if you love it so much,” said George. “I’m going to cut it off. All of it.” He slammed the door to the bathroom behind him, leaving Fred and Lee alone to grin at his behaviour on their beds.

“All right, might as well have some fun with this batch before George decides to toss it all down the drain,” said Fred. He gestured to Lee. “Help me get it on.”

Down in the common room, the rest of the Gryffindors gasped and laughed at the sight of Lee and Fred coming down the stairs, twirling around and making their long hair flow from side to side.

“Angelina, how do you feel having me rock these locks better than you?”

The Gryffindor Chaser looked him up and down, her nose scrunching up as he proceeded to dance around her, throwing his locks in her face at every opportunity. “I will hex you ‘till there’s no tomorrow, Jordan.”

While people laughed at that sight, Fred had found his sister sitting on the sofa by the fire. “How do you feel, Gin? Knowing that I’m now the fairer one?”

“Go away,” grunted Ginny, pushing him to the opposite direction. He laughed and let himself be pushed.

“Hello, Granger,” he grinned.

Hermione, who’d until now had buried her nose deeper than usual in her book, sighed at being unable to escape notice. She let the book fall to her lap and faced Fred sitting next to her.

“Hi,” she said.

“Well?” Fred continued. “How do you feel being in the presence of this? Jealous?”

Hermione didn’t answer at first, busy rolling her eyes and displaying her obvious annoyance at his antics. But after a few seconds she looked and her expression shifted. Her lips thinned the tiniest amount and a frown grew in place.

“Yes,” she said. Before Fred had any chance to respond, she rose and escaped through the door leading to the girls’ dormitory.

“Well done, Fred,” said Ginny. “Hermione gets comments on her hair almost daily. Maybe think before you speak next time.” She left him alone, following her friend to no doubt tell her how stupid he was.

And he was.

“Can’t believe George is missing this,” said Lee, seating himself next to Fred. “What’s up with you?”  

Fred pouted. “I wonder … maybe a buzz cut won’t be too terrible …”

“Are you mad?! This is the best thing to happen since—“

“Well, maybe people should be happy with the way they look already. Don’t they know that . . .doesn’t she …”

As Fred struggled for words, Lee took out his wand. “All right, let’s do this. I can’t take you being pitiful mess. Off it goes!”

Suddenly pulled back to the present, Fred inched away from his friend, holding his hands up, “Wait, no—Lee, mate, I’ll just do it myself! It’s fine!”

“Bollocks to that, it’ll be quick!”

“No, please! Remember what happened last time!”

“Madam Pomfrey regrew that piece of skin for me, it wasn’t a big deal—now, sit still!”