happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Happy 19th Birthday Misha!!!!!!! pcdolski


It’s been about… I’m gonna say… 3 months since we’ve met. And you’re already teaching me German, we’re already writing a fic together, I am the person you send drunk texts to, and I already tell you all the personal shit that goes on in my life. I have to say I haven’t met a person quite like you, in a good way I swear. You relate to be on every fucked up level and I SWEAR we were meant to be friends all along. If only there wasn’t a fucking ocean between us… *grumbles* I’m so glad you put up with me (especially being about 3 years younger) and I love writing to you everyday. Maybe someday we’ll find a way to meet in person but God knows when that will actually happen. You’re definitely one of my absolute best friends on here and I couldn’t be happier to be your friend and mutual (we better be mutuals you shit ;) ) ANYWAYS. I LOVE YOU. AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS DRAWING I MADE FOR YOU. GDHGIOAHGGFDGKJHDL;K DJKSLF;JEI;OWF

<3 Tara  Dein Hase (fight me)