Happy birthday! 🎁🎉

I wish you: many happy moments with your bass on stage, to have fun during performances with Guns N’ Roses, no arguments (with old friends ;)), to be proud of your wife and daughters, more and more fans, to never change!

I love you so much 💝😍🎂


Happy 24th birthday to the beautiful, strong, amazing Bonnie Bennett ❤ such a powerful witch, wish you all the best for a wonderful friend.
Thank to the beautiful Kat Graham who brought her character to life
~credit to the edit makers:)

dance-with-me-gavin sordu:

Not a confession, but I just really wanted to tell someone, I finally got my AKF sweater today!!! Just in time for my birthday! I'm sooo excited and happy, I just had to tell someone! Anyways, have a nice day! Cheers!

(sent December 13th 2015)

Sorry we’re late on the birthday wishes, but we hope you had a GREAT birthday and you enjoy your sweater! Always Keep Fighting :)