happy birthday.. junghwan


140320 happy birthday lee junghwan! #23RDSANDEULDAY

happy birthday my baby duck! :‘3 I don’t have a lot to say but I hope you have fun on your birthday and that the members treat you well no violent train again! Eat lots of cake and celebratory food because fatdeul is the best deul c: I love you so much and although I’m not as active anymore, I will always love you. These last two years have been really fun biasing you and I’m sure the next year will be just the same! Happy birthday!! ♥

To Lee Junghwan:

Happy birthday to the bubbliest rowdiest funniest person I know. Whenever I feel sad, just looking at your face makes me feel instantly happier. I love your gummy laugh and how you’re not afraid to show it. I love your voice. How you flawlessly seem to belt out long high notes. I love your modesty and humbleness. When you talk about your appearance, it always makes me sad because you are a handsome man with or without your glasses. Even touchy subjects such as your weight really pains me. I can only hope that you won’t let such comments affect you too much. And most of all, I love your compassion for your members. Even though they bully you now and then, you don’t outwardly complain and let them. And when they are in need of help, you are always willing.

Thank you for existing and being a part of B1A4. I wish you the best of luck! I love you, Lee Junghwan!

March 20th 1992 - Lee Jung Hwan

Happy birthday, Junghwan. Today is your day and I hope it will be a great one. Thank you for lighting up any dull day, with your smile, your silliness and your talent. B1A4 and the world wouldn’t be the same without you. I hope your birthday will be filled with joy (and loads of food ofc). I love you. ♡