happy birthday zanney

Birthday request items for Zanney.

Since I had already done a Broadway Karkat pipe cleaner figure, I decided to ask Zanney if xe wanted a personal request, and this was what xe asked for. I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough grey to do both, but I managed to finish with a few strands left over so I’m very happy, hehe :3

Karkat comes with a Homes Smell Ya Later sickle, and Terezi comes with a Dragon Cane (whose dragon head portion is probably too big but fuck it, it looks badass anyways). And they both come with plenty of snuggles together.

Happy birthday Zanney, hope you like my gift and hope you have an awesome day today!

Happy Birthday Zanney! <8D <3

This didn’t turn out how I wanted it to :C I was trying to sort of do a mix of what Zanney had explained in a stream and also keep what the fandom has pretty much made Broadway!Karkat. Sparkley and pink! aaand then I relized I couldn’t draw chibis… or Karkat… or the outfit.. So.. wahh :C

I hope it’s okay though! I’m just going to sink back into my little hole now eue/

So, it’s a special person’s birthday today. Some of you may know this special person, some of you may not, and that’s okay either way. 

I just want to say happy birthday to Zanney. We fight and we argue, and I’m pretty sure there’s days when she wants to punch me upside the head for being an idiot. But we wouldn’t be such good friends if it weren’t for that! Along with being one of my best friends, Zanney is the one constant father figure in my life. Yes, there’s my brother’s dad, but he’s half way across the country. Zanney on the other hand, lives 10 minutes away. She’s always there for me. Did you know she and Jackie walked an hour to my house at 1 in the morning once because I was having a shitty day and they wanted to cheer me up? If that isn’t friendship at it’s best, I don’t know what is. They’re literally my second set of parents, and Zanney is one hell of a dad, I can tell you that. 

So Zanney, thank you for being amazing and I hope you have a wonderful birthday today, because you really deserve it. <3