happy birthday zachary quinto

#WentworthMiller, star of #PrisonBreak, is celebrating his 45th birthday today!

#MorenaBaccarin, actress of #Deadpool, is now 38!

#ZacharyQuinto, the new Spock of #StarTrek, turns 40!

#JewelStaite, actress of #Firefly, celebrates 35!

#DominicCooper, leading man of #Preacher, is now 39!

#JustinLong, who can be seen in #GoingtheDistance, also turns 39!

#LiamCunningham, #GameofThrones’ #DavosSeaworth, completes 56!

Happy Birthday :)




🎉🎉“It’s almost his BIRTHDAY” @zacharyquinto ~ Miles
Miles shares a photo of his Birthday Bae, Zachary 🎁🎂🎈❤

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🎂 “Some seriously beautiful pre-birthday flowers from @milesmcmillan to make me feel special (and remind me how lucky I am) heading into the big weekend.  forty…feeling fantastic” ❤🎉❤ ~ Zachary

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Happy 38th birthday, Zachary Quinto!

There were periods of my life in which I didn’t have the confidence to put myself out there as assuredly as I can today. That was a process of self-acceptance and discovery that unfolded over time. I’ve always been outspoken — but confidence doesn’t always equal sensitivity or emotional accessibility. Those things evolve as we do, and I think the best thing any of us can do is be gentle with ourselves. And be specific about the direction in which we want to go in life. I happen to always want to go deeper.