happy birthday zachary


Feliz cumpleaños gmt-gabir !!!

Espero y te haya ido bien en tu dia ^^ y perdon por subir esto tan tarde….siempre me pasa esto con lo regalos de cumpleaños :’D

Te quiero >w< y espero que te guste mi regalo.


Avenged Sevenfold’s third album, City of Evil, turns *10 years old* today!
It was released June 6, 2005.
Here are some comparisons of each band member from 2005-2015.
This decade-old record was probably the most influential for modern A7X, and the band would have been shaped much differently were it not for COE.
Though the Rev wasn’t able to celebrate this milestone, he’s still eternally keeping time for us so long as this album is played.
Happy birthday, City of Evil!