happy birthday you precious human being


Happy birthday to one of the most precious human beings in the Universe. Thank you for bringing us joy and making us smile, thank you for being the person we can be proud of, thank you for inspiring and motivating us, thank you for always working hard. Simply thank you for being YOU…

Have a beautiful birthday :)

We love You, Jonginnie <3


Happy 86th Birthday  Leonard Simon Nimoy  March 26, 1931 - February 27, 2015 — forever…

Happy birthday Leonard!  My hero, my inspiration, my role model. I miss you and love you every single day. You’re still here for me and for every one around the world. You’ll live forever in our hearts and minds. Thank you for everything! LLAP!  

❂  - your muse finds mine injured (w/ vampire!yoongi)

On most days, you’re a careful person.

Today, not quite.

You should’ve known better than to try to change the nozzle of the machine on your own because this shit is - “It’s not everyday I find you in this position, Y/N,” A familiar voice muses into your ear and you can only groan at the tone of his syllables and sarcasm because it’s none other than - “Yoongi,”

“Which do I work on first? The machine… or you?”

You can’t help but allow the blood rush to your cheeks and it is evidently, painfully obvious to Yoongi when he cocks a brow with a smirk. You’re a sitting duck at this point, bent over the counter to the point it’s starting to hurt your hips with your arms tangled around this piece of concoction. With a small whine of please just help me out of this, Yoongi chuckles and nods, already getting to it with a brush of wind and cold fingertips working its way to dismantling your fingers and arms from however the hell you got to this point.

In no more than five minutes Yoongi has you free and you can hardly hold yourself up, slumping to the floor and Yoongi only laughs, not bothering to keep you standing when your weight is already following gravity’s purpose. He joins to level your eyes together, his hand gently reaching to push your hair away from your face. With a deep sigh you let out, it encourages him to say something.

“If I hadn’t come sooner, you would’ve turn purple,”

“…I bet I would look great as purple,”

Yoongi snickers and rests his hand on your thigh, shrugging, “I think so too,”

As your tired eyes flicker up to his, you’re waving a hand in front of his face before it joins his over your lap, “Whatever you have planned in that mind of yours, I am not up for it now. I’ve been stuck in that thing for God knows how long-”

“Fifteen minutes,”

“-and-okay fifteen minutes of a pain in the ass and I am not about to receive one from you,”

Yoongi lets out a tsk before standing, eyes pointing at - “If I fix this, would you let me take you home?”

Scoffing, you lean your head back against the cabinet behind you, knees folded up with a grin, “If you can fix that, you can take me anywhere.”

((”…i was not expecting you to finish so fast,”

“and now that you let me take you anywhere,” yoongi props you up onto the counter, smirking, “let me take you right here.”))


Happy birthday to My Sunshine 💓
Today is the day a beautiful human being was born, thank you for bringing smiles and happiness to everyone you meet ❣ I hope your birthday is filled with nothing but laughs, happiness, and a lot of 🎂 you’ve brought so much happiness to my life, and to thousands of others. I wish I could return the favor 100x more! Thank you for your beautiful smile and precious laugh, thank you for loving all the fans, thank you for being alive. You’re the most precious, the most beautiful person that I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. You’re a talented and hardworking artist who deserves everything and more! Your dancing and singing skills are a million to one, you’ve got hidden talents such as playing guitar that I can’t wait to see as we spend more time together. You’ve opened up more to the fans this comeback, slowly coming out of your shell. You love the members so much and they love you just the same, I hope you know that your efforts do bare fruits, I’m so happy that you’re apart of sf9. Thank you for bringing light to my life thank you for bringing countless smiles and laughs to me. Thank you for existing, I love you, my angel ❣
-Nathaly 🥀

Happy Birthday my precious tootsie patootie!! You’re an amazing human and I love you so much forever 5ever. Thank you for being the best waifu! kissu kissu <3

You’re so important to me, you deserve all the love and happiness in this world! *hugs tight* 

How The Story Ends

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Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader (platonic)

Word Count: 5,454 (not sorry)

Warnings: physical abuse, angst, broken Credence, magic attack

Summary: You had met Credence in the same home when you were young, having lost touch when he was adopted by Mary-Lou Barebone. Years later in New York, you meet him once again, but how long until he’s taken from you once more?

A/N: So I wrote this for @bewithme-forevermore‘s birthday!! Happy Birthday you wonderful Hufflepuff-ian human - I look forward to continue being lame with you :P (sorry this is late - I wanted it to be perfect before posting)

Also, I am writing this and alternating the story (does that count as AU?) a tiny bit, so it’s assumed knowledge that Credence is aware of his magic, also reader’s, and is aware of the important parts of the wizarding world. I still tried to honour the characters as they are with the changes, so feedback is immensely appreciated. 

I used the song “Rescue Me” by Kerrie Roberts as inspiration for our precious cinnamon bun Credence.

While sitting around the apartment with Queenie one day, Tina had come bursting through the door. Immediately Queenie had begun racing around the apartment after her, having read Tina’s mind the minute she’d been close enough.

“Tina, please, calm down. We will think of something.”

Queenie’s soft voice cut through Tina’s chaotic reverie, her pacing paused.

“There is nothing else Queenie, I need to go there and help him!” Her voice was high with distress, her words breaking her out of her thoughts and springing her into action.

“Will someone explain what’s going on?” You felt like your voice was lost in the action, but it had a calming effect on the sisters who stopped and finally looked at you - remembering you were still there.

“It’s Credence.” Queenie stared at you, knowing how you’d react, torn between calming you or her sister.

“What’s wrong with him?! I have to help him if he’s in trouble!” You ran towards the front door, ripping your coat from the rack as Tina moved to follow you.

“It’s his adoptive mother, she’s beating him.” Tina’s voice was small, something you weren’t used to hearing from her.

You felt your stomach drop and your chest tighten as you pictured that sweet little boy frightened under the hateful hand of her

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Happy Birthday Kim Junmyeon! 💕🐰💕

So, one of the most precious human beings to ever grace this earth is having his 27th birthday today and since I can’t offer any other appreciation post but a writing on how happy I am being his fan I’m going to write a long sappy ass post so scroll to the end if you don’t fancy that kind of content or keep reading if you want to find out just how much cheese I could produce.

I started stanning him late 2014 but I did watch MAMA’s MV when they debuted in 2012 and my eyes were drawn to him and noone else. Since I wasn’t actively following Kpop back then I just went “ok he’s cute” and then I watched Growl in 2014 and again my eyes focused on noone else but him so to Google I went and that was when my life took its turn for the better (or worse depending on perspective)

The past few years wouldn’t have as much positive notes if it weren’t for him. No, I’m not exaggerating because some of us do turn to fandom and our idols when we’re having one of those bad days. He’s proven many times to be capable of putting huge smiles on my face just by seeing gifs and photos of him smiling and by reading his jokes.

Seeing how much love he has for EXO, his fans, his job, his family and friends, and everything else he does in his life has been an inspiration for me because I know nobody’s 100% happy all the time and yes he has shown negative emotions on occasion because hey he’s human too but somehow he always does his best to his ability in everything and he’s determined to make people who love him happy and proud, who doesn’t want to be that kind of person?. Did I say he was perfect? No he’s not and I won’t pretend he is but overall this post is just a form of appreciation and my gratitude for him because he’s inspired me to be a better person for reasons I can’t possibly outline in one post.

If I ever got the chance to meet him and could spend a second or a minute or an hour saying whatever I want to say to him, the first thing to come out of my mouth would always be “Thank you”. For bringing more happiness to my life. For cheering me up when I’m down. For performing to the best of his ability in every stage. For loving his fans. For being in EXO and loving each one of them. For working so hard and not giving up. For being Suho. For being just Kim Junmyeon. For always being himself and striving to make people smile upon seeing him and hearing his jokes. So many times I was close to tears from frustration and anger but then I heard his puns and his proud yet bashful laugh following right after and suddenly whatever I felt dissipated and was replaced with a seed of happiness. I can’t say enough thank yous to cover what he’s brought to me since I started being his fan.


aaaaa my poor heart they are so precious. markiplier just drags him in, he’s such a sweetheart. and therealjacksepticeye just looks extremely confused but then he quickly improvises. they’re so adorable i love them. <3 

edit: the gif was made by me so please don’t take it as your own i guess? idk i’ve never really “made” my own stuff but yeah. reposts are a-okay as long as you credit me though!