happy birthday you perfect human being you


Happy Birthday Park Jimin!

Happy birthday mochi, manggaetok, chim chim, chimmy, bangtan’s baby boy ;) lolol

Happy birthday to the most beautiful and amazing human being ever.

I just love everything about you.

Your flaws are my most favourite thing ever,

Everything about you, from head to toes, 100% perfect

Please remember that we are so glad you are a part of BTS because without you there is no BTS

I love you so much,

May u have the best birthday ever

an army who can’t stop crying bcs of how much jimin had grown up to be the best human ever


I Can’t believe you are 23,now I’m wishing I was 23🔥(See what I did there?No?okay then) You are such a talented human being, funny, adorable, nice, such an amazing Boy. Seeing you happy is the most amazing thing ever. I’ve seen you on my First R5 concert like month ago And Just looking at you And the rest of R5(And Ryland, Bc I love them ALL) being all goofy,happy And making music was Just perfect. I hope you have the best Birthday ever. I know you Will not see this because I’m posting it here but I love you,you Rock(y)star🔥💞

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                                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Here’s to a fabulous human being and the perfect person to play Jemma Simmons! We at Team Biochem wish (both of) you the happiest of birthdays and thank you for all that you do! 

Below is a culminated list of all of the different aspects Team B members love about EH/JS, as seen in the team project, “Biochem Birthday Bash” <3

Jemma’s love for tea // The way Jemma learned to lie // How Liz is the ultimate Fitzsimmons shipper // Jemma’s wardrobe // Liz’s leopard print obsession // Women in STEM representation // Jemma’s strength // Elizabeth + Maggie = BFFs 4 lyf // Jemma’s culinary skills/the sandwich origin // Jemma’s drive to protect people // Jemma’s love of space // Liz’s “fashion blog” // Jemma’s smile // Liz’s charitable efforts (Smile Train) // Jemma’s love of science // Jemma’s skepticism/refusal to believe in magic // The many expressions of Liz // Mental health rep - PTSD // Jemma’s Bravery // How well power suits Jemma (B is for Boss) // Team B <3 Elizabeth Henstridge & Jemma Simmons

Happy 30th Birthday, Elizabeth Henstridge & Jemma Simmons!!

Happy 23rd Captain Swan Day!

Hello My Friends!

What a wonderful day!

Today we can celebrate perfect CS Day thanks to Jen and Colin and all this amazing shipmates who share everything what happened on con with us! Thank you!

I’m so happy right now!

Captain Swan epic True Love story is one of the best in history!

Jen and Colin as always are perfect human beings that make our life better, brighter and happier!

I think Jen fluffed my aura because all i feel right now is happiness and love!

Here is Jen fluffing our auras:

(gifs by brilliant @swanemma who let me use it for this post - here is hers)

So few weeks ago i asked you about your birthday dates, from your responses, i made a list.

I put that list under the cut - check if date is correct.

If anyone wants to be added - please tell my your bday date!

CS Fandom B-Days List:

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Happy birthday to the love of my life. Can’t believe you turned 32 already. It seems like yesterday when I first saw the 19 year old Ronny being this perfect human being you really are! I guess I never put of my rose-colored glasses. Thank you for everything you inspired me (and millions of others) to do. Especially thank you for what you archived in the last year. Honestly. Thank you! Thank you for showing the world what you can archive if you believe and fight for it. Sonhar é grátis. You’re absolutely right! I’m wishing you all the best from the bottom of my heart. Please stay healthy, please stay fit, please never listen to all the dumbass haters, please stay the perfect human you are. I love you. I’ll always support you. I’m always staying by your side. Day by day, month by month, year by year. Happy Birthday, my love ❤

How The Story Ends

Originally posted by hogwarst

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader (platonic)

Word Count: 5,454 (not sorry)

Warnings: physical abuse, angst, broken Credence, magic attack

Summary: You had met Credence in the same home when you were young, having lost touch when he was adopted by Mary-Lou Barebone. Years later in New York, you meet him once again, but how long until he’s taken from you once more?

A/N: So I wrote this for @bewithme-forevermore‘s birthday!! Happy Birthday you wonderful Hufflepuff-ian human - I look forward to continue being lame with you :P (sorry this is late - I wanted it to be perfect before posting)

Also, I am writing this and alternating the story (does that count as AU?) a tiny bit, so it’s assumed knowledge that Credence is aware of his magic, also reader’s, and is aware of the important parts of the wizarding world. I still tried to honour the characters as they are with the changes, so feedback is immensely appreciated. 

I used the song “Rescue Me” by Kerrie Roberts as inspiration for our precious cinnamon bun Credence.

While sitting around the apartment with Queenie one day, Tina had come bursting through the door. Immediately Queenie had begun racing around the apartment after her, having read Tina’s mind the minute she’d been close enough.

“Tina, please, calm down. We will think of something.”

Queenie’s soft voice cut through Tina’s chaotic reverie, her pacing paused.

“There is nothing else Queenie, I need to go there and help him!” Her voice was high with distress, her words breaking her out of her thoughts and springing her into action.

“Will someone explain what’s going on?” You felt like your voice was lost in the action, but it had a calming effect on the sisters who stopped and finally looked at you - remembering you were still there.

“It’s Credence.” Queenie stared at you, knowing how you’d react, torn between calming you or her sister.

“What’s wrong with him?! I have to help him if he’s in trouble!” You ran towards the front door, ripping your coat from the rack as Tina moved to follow you.

“It’s his adoptive mother, she’s beating him.” Tina’s voice was small, something you weren’t used to hearing from her.

You felt your stomach drop and your chest tighten as you pictured that sweet little boy frightened under the hateful hand of her

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Have some Makoto’s perfect smiles!!

(most of these are towards Haru i am so jealous rn)


Follow your dreams and keep your angelic smile, I love you so much 💚💚💚


happy birthday to the eternal sunshine boy, our hope, our angel, jung hoseok~ 

thank you for blessing us with your beautiful smile and personality which never fail to brighten up our days~ thank you for working so hard to do the best you can for us, for pushing yourself harder and harder to show us a perfect performance. thank you for staying so positive and keeping up your happy image even when you’re tired and when you’ve your own burdens to bear. thank you for being so amazing, adorable and the actual human form of sunshine! and finally, thank you for loving us!

                     you’re our hope, you’re our angel and we love you~ 

Isn’t loving Mark the purest feeling.? Is not about wanting to marry him or wanting to meet him and living a fanfic, is about knowing he is there, somewhere in the world, and truly hoping he is happy. Loving him is hoping that he ate well, that he had enough sleep, that he is not mad, that he has someone to love and take care of him, that he is not worried or fearing the future, that his relationship with his friends and family is stable and healthy. It is nothing but hoping. Loving Mark is not about seeing him as this perfect human being that likes everything you like, that never does things wrong and that is born to be your soulmate, but exactly about knowing he is not perfect, that he is different and that you might never see him, but still loving him deeply, just because he’s alive. So, do you love him right? May we all express our love for this puppy on this special day

Journal 8/24/14

What is love?

Love is coming home after a long night of no sleep, looking into your little brothers eyes, and realizing you’ve never seen anything so beautiful or perfect, anything you’ve ever cared about so much. That moment, the first time you see something you would die for.

Love is watching a street performer in St. Louis with a dozen strangers, raising your hands up and singing. Clapping with that handful of people you’ll never know and being thankful you’re alive to feel the breeze kiss your face and the swelling in your heart that tells you you just touched on something great.

Love is sunsets in the car with the windows down and Tom Petty blaring Free Falling into the wind.

Love is listening to a song and crying because it touched somewhere so deep inside of you, it makes you wonder if it just showed you where your soul is.

Love is realizing when you love someone, like looking at your dad and finally seeing that the reason you want to protect him so much is because he yells too much and doesn’t smile enough. It’s just wanting someone to be happy. Always.

Love is the perfect birthday party, surrounded by all your childhood friends and knowing that while you may not be friends forever, this moment, this feeling, will always connect you.

Love is screaming at your first concert and feeling the pull of a thousand bodies around you pulsing with the heat of the same exhilaratingly undefinable emotion. Like a piece of the universal puzzle falling into place.

Love is realizing infinity, accepting mortality, knowing that while not everything has a definitive beginning and end, everything begins and ends. It’s testing the boundaries of human comprehension, feeling infinite, questioning everything, being yourself, and constantly searching for one more little understanding piece in the universe.


#btsimagine (use headphones) • you’re in a long distance relationship with Tae and you’re meeting again tomorrow after being weeks apart

Happy birthday to my best friend @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff ♡♡♡ You were one of the first people I started talking to on tumblr and I still can’t get over how easy it was to talk to you. After five minutes it was like I had known you for years. Now, less than a year later, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you in my life. Our late night talks mean more to me than you’ll ever know. I’m not great at sharing and often hold things back, but you made it so easy to get comfortable. Maybe a bit too comfortable haha, I don’t think I’ve ever shared the sides of me to anyone else that I’ve shown you. You are such a beautiful human being, inside and out, and you really do mean the world to me. I love you to the moon and back, happy birthday! ♡