happy birthday you perfect human being you

Happy birthday to the love of my life. Can’t believe you turned 32 already. It seems like yesterday when I first saw the 19 year old Ronny being this perfect human being you really are! I guess I never put of my rose-colored glasses. Thank you for everything you inspired me (and millions of others) to do. Especially thank you for what you archived in the last year. Honestly. Thank you! Thank you for showing the world what you can archive if you believe and fight for it. Sonhar é grátis. You’re absolutely right! I’m wishing you all the best from the bottom of my heart. Please stay healthy, please stay fit, please never listen to all the dumbass haters, please stay the perfect human you are. I love you. I’ll always support you. I’m always staying by your side. Day by day, month by month, year by year. Happy Birthday, my love ❤


Oh, God. It has been only 2 years since I saw you for the first time and I feel like running out of tears right now. Every day I see you I notice that I’m gazing at the cutest human being in the world. I’m the proudest girl because of you, Sarah. Thank you for everything you do, it is simply perfect. I’m sure that you will reach anything you would like to just for the fact that you deserve it. I love you so much, Sarah. HAPPY 42TH BIRTHDAY.


happy birthday to the eternal sunshine boy, our hope, our angel, jung hoseok~ 

thank you for blessing us with your beautiful smile and personality which never fail to brighten up our days~ thank you for working so hard to do the best you can for us, for pushing yourself harder and harder to show us a perfect performance. thank you for staying so positive and keeping up your happy image even when you’re tired and when you’ve your own burdens to bear. thank you for being so amazing, adorable and the actual human form of sunshine! and finally, thank you for loving us!

                     you’re our hope, you’re our angel and we love you~ 

Have some Makoto’s perfect smiles!!

(most of these are towards Haru i am so jealous rn)


Follow your dreams and keep your angelic smile, I love you so much 💚💚💚

Happy Birthday To @thevelvets here’s reasons as too why you the best and the most perfect human being (goddess)

•You’re so fucking funny like I know I laugh easily but you take me to a whole other level

•You’re beautiful, like beautiful to the extreme

•You put up w my memes, 10/10 friendship

•You’re runway walk, bitch perfection. I love seeing you in the hallway strutting ur stuff.

•Brain, intellectual af 💛

•You give the best hugs, like warm toasty
hugs. The best hugs.

•fashion sense on point, I need to see you walk an actual runaway one day.

•In general you light up my world w just being there, I’m so happy to be able to know you and I love you so much 💛💛💛


HAPPY 116TH BIRTHDAY HUMPHREY BOGART | December 25, 1899 - January 14, 1957

I’m not good-looking. I used to be but not any more. Not like Robert Taylor. What I have got is I have character in my face. it’s taken an awful lot of late nights and drinking to put it there. When I go to work in a picture, I say, ‘Don’t take the lines out of my face. Leave them there.


Happy birthday Jack Johnson!! I can’t believe your 19 already! You’re so adorable, sweet, funny, a good rapper, hot as fuck, loving and much much more. To sum it up your perfect. Don’t listen to those stupid haters who say that you aren’t as good as Gilinsky because you are! You are a wonderful human being and keep on doing what your doing. Have a blessed birthday and Ilysm. ♥


The Korean Man - Leonardo Da Vinci
It’s a widely know fact that Leonardo Da Vinci considered Seunghyun a perfect specimen of a human being. 

“People call me a ghost
Da Vinci has come back to life, yea my brain.”


This is a birthday gift for choiseunghnngh. I know it’s not perfect but I wanted to do something special, because Li… you’re so special. I am so happy BigBang brought us together. 

You’re the friend I always wanted to have. 



You made me forget my insecurities. You made me realize no one is perfect. You made me love my flaws and made me grow. You gave me my confidence back and inspired me to live my life the way I want. Most importantly you gave me hope at the darkest point of my life. Thank you Ji.

Happy Birthday to the amazing human being who keeps touching peoples lives and making us forget our worries through his music. Happy Birthday to the Gorgeous Sweet Amazing G-Dragon  *:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)


Happy 23rd Birthday, JHutch! <12.10.1992>


Happy Birthday to B.A.P´s super talented maknae, this giant baby with a lot of moms around the world who wants to protect him at all cost…to my sunshine, my prince, my baby..all i want for your life is happiness, blessings, success, a life full of love with your family, friends and members…God bless you always, have an amazing and bright future because you deserve it….keep being this amazing human being that you´re, always listening and following your hyungs

Happy  #PrinceJunhongDay!!


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I mean look at that smile

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he goes from dork to 

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daddy real quick.

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@ god, let me that log.

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I could go on

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don’t even get me started when he looks like a soft puppy that I could cuddle all day

and those sick dance moves

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he’s the perfect specimen; dorky, hot, incredibly kind, and overall a ray of sunshine.

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Not to mention that he’s a superhero both on the big screen 

and in real life.


On your birthday I want to thank you for being such a kind hearted human being, for doing your absolute best to please your fans but at the same time taking care of yourself; you’re an inspiration to many, myself included. Thank you for being such a gift to the world. So keep killing us with your charm and good looks, keep inspiring others to really believe in themselves, but most importantly, keep on living life to the fullest, laughing without holding back  

and keep on holding your left boob (and the others around you).

Happy 35th Birthday Chris! 


Your sunny smile, your tender voice,
I’ll love them forever
To my beloved, Happy Birthday 

On your special day I’ll congratulate you and say
“Thank you for being born…" 

To this human being whose perfect existence has been ruining my life for two years now (and counting), HAPPY HAPPY 32ND BIRTHDAY, YOU HOT DAMN OSSAN!

Just continue being your adorkably gorgeous and amazing self! Enjoy this special day of yours to the fullest!