happy birthday you beautiful creature!


first  ,  i  want  to  give  a  shoutout  to  solstice’s  mother.  for  ,  if  it  wasn’t  for  her  ,  we  would  have  never  met  and  i  dont  think  my  life  (  and  other  lives  )  would  have  as  much  fun  as  they  do  now  without  you.  bby  ,  you’re  truly  the  best  presence  i  could  have  on  my  dash  and  i  really  can’t  explain  to  anyone  how  much  you  mean  to  me.  it  isn’t  just  your  writing  that  captivates  you  but  it’s  your  personality.  you’re  hilarious  ,  easy  to  speak  to  and  i  just  love  that  that  if  i  have  anything  wrong  ?  i  can  come  to  you  with  no  judgement  and  only  understanding.  i  also  love  that  we’re  so  in  sync  sometimes  that  we  both  get  irritated  with  the  same  crap  at  the  same  time.  or  we’ll  see  something  that  reminds  one  another  of  something.  it’s  truly  a  blessing  to  have  clicked  so  easily.  this  is  the  type  of  relationship  you  thrive  for  in  this  community  and  i  can  honestly  say  that  you’ve  become  my  best  friend.  i  went  from  this  timid  lil  shit  ,  too  scared  to  talk  to  you  to  .  .  .  well  ,  talking  all  the  time  !  today  was  a  true  gift.  you’re  basically  wrapped  up  in  the  best  paper  with  the  prettiest  bow.  beautiful  ,  talented  ,  and  unbelievably  amazing.  everyone  needs  to  know  these  things  because  they’re  100%  true.  i  love  you  soooo  much  ,  bby  and  i  cannot  wait  to  keep  building  and  creating  worlds  with  one  of  the  best  friends  /  roleplayer  i  could  ask  for. i  hope  that  your  birthday  was  perfect  because  you  deserve  nothing  but  the  absolute  best! @shadcwpreacher & @moonjeweled


Oikawa is totally whispering filth in his ear and if you don’t think our dear Iwa-chan is getting his “proper” gift later, you’re wrong [wiggles eyebrows]

[edit: I wasn’t entirely happy with the colours so I had a fiddle today. Much better now! Will try not to rush things so much in future…]

The Timeless Gardens

Happy belated birthday @monsoondownpour, you beautiful, ethereal creature! You asked for ereri in a garden, and this is what I made for you, though it doesn’t hold a candle to how I feel about you - you are the sun and I am powerless in your orbit.

The Timeless Gardens

Levi felt as if he’d visited this particular garden before, although he couldn’t remember the last time he’d travelled so far south.  Not since his childhood, but he wasn’t certain. His Uncle hadn’t been one for niceties and visiting national parks and famous gardens hadn’t quite made the list. 

He’d been walking for some time, but it was one of those perfect, warm days that made everything feel more pleasurable. The late afternoon sun was bright but not unbearable, and Levi was glad the weatherman’s prediction of rain had held off. 

It had taken him a few wrong turns, but he’d made it through a small hedge maze. Directly in front of the exit was a peaceful garden surrounding a rather large pond. Rows of different colored tulips gave way to bright red poppies and then emerald grass. Beyond that, small grey and tan stones lined the pond.

There was a man sitting on a bench off to the side, closer to the banks. Levi was a bit startled—it was the first person he’d seen all day.

“So deceitful, little prince,” the man’s voice rang out suddenly. He didn’t turn his head as he continued to speak. “Do you feel the wolves at your heels?”

Levi turned around to see if there might be someone else to whom this stranger might be speaking, but he was alone in the garden. Little prince? He was at least 15 years older than the man seated on the bench.

“Um,” Levi said slowly. “I don’t, that’s not…who — who are talking to?” 

“You don’t remember me?” the stranger asked, turning his head to meet Levi’s gaze over rows of brilliantly colored flower petals.

Brown skin, green eyes, and a lazy smile. Something heavy floated behind his eyes, and it gave Levi pause. But he was almost certain he’d remember meeting someone so striking.

“Sorry, no,” Levi answered.

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“I’m just supposed to be, not the mirror, but sort of a surface of reflection. The job of the actor is to really faithfully reflect what the author’s intentions are. If I impose my opinion, my personal morals, my personal view of the world on to that, we would get a hell of a mishmash.”

Happy 58th birthday you beautiful creature.

My lovely spirit animal, this is the day an angel was placed on earth. Anyone that is lucky enough to have you in their lives are truly blessed. It is the most beautiful thing to see how passionate you are about things that matter and mean the most to you. I believe with everything in my heart that you would defend me to absolutely no end. I hope you understand that I would also do the same. I love when we watch the news and come across an issue that’s important to you and you speak on how you want to be the one to start some sort of movement by taking action and changing the world for the better. I see and have come to understand your desire for people to respect and value one another. I find it refreshing and admirable seeing a young beautiful women utilizing her platform in creating an awareness for something much greater than herself. You have such a phenomenal way with words and I seriously can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you. I want you to remember that whatever it may be that you are blessed with is specifically for you and no one can ever take it away. I thank you for always supporting me and being my outlet when in times I felt like my voice wasn’t being heard. I can’t imagine riding on this wild roller coaster without you. It brings me comfort knowing that whatever the situation may be that you’ll be right next to me. I love you to no end 😌 I’m waaaay up I feel blessed to have you in my life lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful creature #19 @laurenjauregui by normanikordei


okay before you say anything this was @sovietsoldier1120‘s idea, he ordered this, scream at him not  m  e 

Happy Birthday Demun! You beautiful creature you-

We rarely talk, but I do silently follow your blog now and then; you’re freaking awesome, not just art-wise, but personality-wise, to your followers too.

I really admire that from you and I’m sure a lot of them can say the same. Jeebus, if I could give you more support for the stuff you make, I would. (esp your stuff on redbubble omg I want that lineless you drew printed on a sketchbook cover for me to carry around)

P.S - The reason I asked what your fav. song was is to just get in a mood while drawing, that’s it, it helped sdjhlsdkjhdskhkl

And uh- super rushed extra because I have to get back to work now and also because I am still excitedly waiting for the t-shirt to arrive:


It’s my birthday tomorrow
No one here could know
I was born this Thursday
22 years ago

Happy birthday, darlin.

Hidden [Outlaw Queen Prompt]

Sequel to Kleptomania and belated BIRTHDAY PRESENT TO MY FAVORITE EVA OF ALL EVAS, how-wonderful-lifeis. Based on a prompt she gave me a million years ago and I just didn’t know what to do with it until now. I treasure our friendship always, my dear :) And here’s the ffn link as well.

Robin doesn’t think anything of it at first, when she slips away for an hour or two at a time after supper has been cleared from the table and the dishes are sparkling in their cupboards once more.

“I’m just heading out to meet some people,” Regina tells him with a swift kiss to the temple, a brief caress of her hand down the side of his neck, “town business,” before gathering her bag from the counter and her keys from the hook by the door. “Don’t forget to help Roland with his project while I’m gone.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it,” he responds dourly, casting a dubious eye to the fireplace where said “project” has taken up current residence. The Fabergé egg that Roland had unwittingly stolen from Mr. Gold once upon a time has mysteriously achieved twice its original size ever since Regina had helped him relocate it there. (Robin also suspects that whatever she and his boy had been up to in her study for the preceding weeks, with brightly colored smoke emitting from behind closed doors every time he happened to pass them by, has something to do with this miraculous transformation as well.)

They won’t disclose to him exactly what he’s helping with as far as this egg is concerned, and when he chances to ask Henry about it, the lad looks positively giddy but remains steadfastly mum, which only disconcerts him further. Nevertheless, he has the distinct feeling that there’s something unquestionably alive about it, something that has grown rather active of late, rattling the egg in its copper kettle and causing quite a racket with little regard for the hour or the sleep he’s most assuredly not getting when he stays up that night, waiting for Regina to come home.

He’s just started to doze off on the couch again at a quarter past two, after waking briefly to stoke the fire, and it’s significantly later than he’s grown accustomed to when he feels the cushions dip beneath her weight as she settles in behind him. He murmurs a drowsy “love you,” hands tightening around the arms she’s encircled at his waist, drawing her closer, enveloping his back in her warmth. She presses a kiss to his neck, and his last thought before sleep finally pulls him under is that something smells faintly of incense, ash and spiced rum.

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“You are never to be repeated again in the history of humankind? So why not just be the most beautiful, authentic version of yourself?”