happy birthday you awesome person you

Hey Peatea~ I wasn’t aware your birthday was coming up until today, but it got me thinking about the old Collabs again. You’re the first person I think of when it comes to Kirby related tomfoolery.

I wanted to do a little something for you, so I doodled you a keby for the occasion.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Keep being awesome~

NO WAY!!! man this is so precious I want to cry! thank you so much for such a heartfelt gift! I always look back on the Kirby quilt project with fondness, and I am so happy that you were a part of it :’)

thanks again this is SO stinking cute!


Sweet dreams with ✧ | Victuuri |
Happy Birthday to my awesome king Minji! ( @vvictor ) ♥  º\(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )


You have to do the opposite of what people expect.
                                                  How else will you surprise them?

Victor Nikiforov for @miyukei​, happy belated birthday Dan! ♡ [09.17.17]

Hey @therealjacksepticeye hope your day is going well.
I wanted to say you’re an amazing person and that no matter how many subscribers you have or what age you have…
you still feel grateful of what you have in the present
you smile at what happened in the past
And you come up with awesome ideas for the future
I would continue but I’ll save it for when I meet you in person someday
Thank you and Happy 27th Birthday Sean
Sofia from Argentina

HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY @sweet-childhood-dreams !!!!!!
You’ve been so fun to get to know these last few months and you’re honestly the SWEETEST person I know!! I’ve always looked up to you and your art and I can’t wait to see more!! Love you Lisa!! Have an awesome day!!!

“Her eyes resembles those of Moon’s that’s embed with a thousand Stars

Happy Birthday @gravityfying! You might be asking “what the heck was that first line for?” Well if you look closely to her eyes (and the 19) there are stars and constellations! :D

Anyway, this is Part 2 of the collaboration I did with @quietbugfriend (she’s wonderful, go follow her). She did the lovely line art and I did the color for this piece and vice versa for Part 1

We both love your wonderful AU so we decided to make you a gift for our collab! :D You deserve more honestly cuz you’re a wonderful person and an awesome artist! (And this is also a late present for your friendo Paneyneygirl)

Hope you like it! :D (this may or may not be a way to celebrate my 2 month of dating @thefandombytes)

Do not repost without credit! We have Instagrams so if you do repost please tag us to let us know! [Instagram: @minthia_ren and @quietbugfriend​]


gift time! a big happy birthday to a beautiful angel: @silveramoebasquid!! aka terushira ambassador, shirabutorizawa enthusiast, precious sunbeam, pastry person of the void… blessed miracle child, I hope you have a really great day!!  (ノ*゜▽゜*)

go check out her kickass fics on ao3!


HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY @jarofloosescrews!!!!! A lil FootyBootyWingyBlingy for you! ^_~

Thanks so much for being such a kickass person and awesome friend! Hope you have a great year of happiness and fun! Wishing you success and luck and footybootywingyblingy every day \^____^/

With love from @dailydurian (lines) and me!

Birthday gift from my two awesome besties evem if they still don’t understand my obsession with Clexa :D

gosh if you’d all know how much I flipped out and how weird all my friends looked at me cause nobody here at my school in Barcelona (Spain) knows about Clexa…
And thank you so fucking much to @waitingforshow for her amazing art!!!


A bunch of doodles of An and A!Sans I did for my dear waifu’s birthday ~ 

An belongs to @psukho​ and me 
Apocalyspe!Sans  belongs to the lovely @paintingit
Doodles poses-references by @blesstale and @cursetale !​


Finally, you’re an adult ! I’m so proud of you !! 

I wish I was here with you to cut and eat the cakes (again, our mum is incredible) and sing meme songs while dabbing or else…. You’re a wonderful person, PT. I know you’ll maybe cry by reading all of this but I won’t stop. Sadistic waifu, remember ? 

You’re wonderful…. But also amazing, awesome, full of kindness and you’re so funny ! Incredible, sweet, with pretty platypus eyes, beautiful, helpful and you’re always here when something’s wrong… How do you do this ? I’ve said it already a million times, but I’ll never say it enough… Thank you ! 

Thank you for staying determined despite everything ; thank you for waking up at 3am (geez…) when I have an exam or just because you want to say “Mornin ~ !” ; thank you for being such a sweet and cute person that will check if I’m fine all the day ; thank you for sharing your art, it’s stunning ! I can’t get tired of it, it’s trully beautiful ; thank you for telling me if you’re down and letting me try to cheer you up ; thank you for trusting me ; thank you for making me smile everyday, every second ; thank you for trying french and making me laugh, it’s adorable, you’re great ; thank you for your answers to the rp, it's…. wow ! ; thank you for the flirtship ; thank you for believing in me that much, I can allow me to believe I can do it ; thank you for the memes ; thank you for not giving up ; thank you for taking care of your family ; thank you for the pictures of your cats when I wake up ; thank you for all the time you take to spam me with compliments ; thank you for not caring too much about all the english mistakes there will be in that text ; thank you for always being so enthusiastic ; thank you for loving my art ; thank you for being such a caring friend, you’re my sunshine ; thank you for being alive ; thank you for being you ; thank you for loving me that much ; thank you.. 

Just thank you. 

And happy birthday from your sappy flower ! 

(Thank you for our little rp at night) And I promise, one day <3