happy birthday you amazing human being

A Wonwoo appreciation post for his birthday!

Happy Birthday to the extremely handsome

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Wonwoo has great rap skills, great dance skills and a voice so deep yet so sweet that it stops everyone in their path.

Wonwoo can be cute

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He can be sexy

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Dangerously sexy

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His smile is so precious

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I mean, his smile (and generally he) make so many peoples day better

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The smile is so bright!

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What did we ever do to deserve to be able to see such an amazing and beautiful smile?

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Fun fact, Wonwoo is also really knowledgeable as he loves book and reading which is something that I really, really, really love about him.

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And he is so friendly

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He seems like such a supportive person

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Wonwoo is someone who has grown a lot since before his debut and he continues to grow, improving at rap as well as showing us peaks at his singing. He has a very interested and funny personality making people feel comfortable (or roll their eyes one of those).

Look at little pre-debut Wonwoo.

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Born precious

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So happy birthday Wonwoo!

I hope he talks with his members and others and lets whats bothering him to get off his chest.

I hope that he stays true to himself and continues to be the Wonwoo he wants to be.

I hope he stays healthy both physically and mentally.

Wonwoo has come so far and keeps growing as a person and as an artist.]

He is such a sweetheart that gives us all heart attacks.

I hope he is having fun and enjoying life and what he is doing and is getting different experiences and gains new knowledge.

He seems like such an amazing human being and he deserves nothing but all the best.

I’m so glad he got to spend the countdown until his birthday surrounded by fans, members and maybe family (I’m not sure on which day they came).

Happy Birthday Wonwoo! You make so many of us happy and i hope we can make you happier too. Hopefully we can help protect Wonwoo and try to make sure that smile on his face stays!

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961122. Happiest 22nd Birthday Lee Jihoon! There’s no end to how many times you’ll surprise me, amaze me, and leave me speechless. You’ve done so well these past few years, and you deserve so much happiness. Continue sharing your wonderful music, and continue being such a brilliant human being. Shine brighter everyday Jihoon. Let’s be together for a long time~ 우리 지훈이 사랑해요 #VOBOWOOZIday #천재작곡가_우지야_생일축하해


to the most caring and special boy: thanks for always being this amazing human, friend and idol. for always being there for both bangtan and army’s. i hope you realize how amazing, beautiful and talented you’re and how much we love you. may this special day be filled with love from your loved ones and lots of happiness, because that’s what an amazing person like you deserve! remember: you were a star but now you’re the whole universe. keep lighting up the world with your smile 태어나 줘서 고마워요♡°◌̊ ‧˚₊*̥ #HappyJiminDay #지민생일ㅊㅋ

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Okay, so like, a little over a year ago I had the absolute pleasure of meeting @kyleehenke. I was feeling very down that day and lost a few friends. However, someone came over to comfort me, and to my surprise it was Kylee. She was an absolute angel that day and I really won’t ever forget it. Ever since then I sort of considered us friends, but this pas year I’ve been way too damn shy to start a conversation again, in fear of being annoying or something.

I want to change that tho, I want to be more confident, because if I wanna be friends I shouldn’t be intimidated!!! So Kylee, since you made my birthday special, I wanted to do something for YOURS :0!!!!

So here you go sweetpea, an outfit design fit for a queen, because that’s what you are, with AND without the memes! You’re an amazing human being, and I’m glad I met you that day, and I’m sorry the prezzie is so late but I hope you like it nonetheless ; u; 

Happy late birthmas! Hope it was a good one!

29th of June, 1958.

That day not just a legend was born. That day the purest, most loving soul that ever walked this earth was born.

Michael Jackson, my idol since I have memory. I can’t put into words what this man means to me.
When people ask me why do I love him, I can’t give them an answer because there are so many things and it’s impossible to pick just one.

I can’t remember when I discovered Michael, it’s like he’s always been there. Like, I know him from the start. That’s what Michael is about. He’s there with you, all the time.
But what I do remember is the first time that I saw one of his concerts, I was 7 years old and my dad let me watch his concert from Wembley Stadium, from the Bad Tour.
As my dad has told me, I was trying to imitate all his dance moves while singing all the words to his songs with such a big smile on my face.
His music just gives me life.

Then as I got older, I started to know about the message that he wanted to spread all over the world, which is: LOVE each other.
This man tried to do everything that was on his hand to make the world a better place. He did so much for so many people, yet a lot of those people along with the press tried to bring him down with everything they could.
Yet he stayed strong and got through all of that shit and he continued loving people.

Every time Michael says: ‘I love you more!’ , to the fans it really brings me to tears because he loved us as much as we loved him. He was such an amazing human being, always taking care of us.
I’m really sorry that we couldn’t do more for you Michael. So, in behalf of mankind, I’m sorry.

Michael, I just want to let you know that I love you. I will ALWAYS love you. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me, everything you have taught me. Thanks to you I am a better person.

I love you so much King, happy birthday 💜


Happy birthday my Lima Bean!! I hope you have an amazing day with the ones you love. I’m very proud of everything you’ve achieved so far in this new era of your work. Keep being this amazing person you are. I love you a lot 💜

Happy Birthday my precious tootsie patootie!! You’re an amazing human and I love you so much forever 5ever. Thank you for being the best waifu! kissu kissu <3

You’re so important to me, you deserve all the love and happiness in this world! *hugs tight* 

This is something small I wanted to make as a thank you and as a birthday gift for an incredible human being. Happy Birthday to one of the best people I’ve ever had the chance to meet!
Happy Birthday Riley ♥ @paintedghoul
Riley, you have no idea what an inspiration you’ve been for me these few years I know you. Because of you, I started writting, I got better at art, I evolved. You are amazing. You trully have a heart of gold. Don’t even change, angel.
P.S. I’m planning on making a digital version of this as soon as my exams end (>^ω^

Happy 100th Birthday, Jack Kirby, you amazing man, you...

“Since I’ve matured, since the war itself–I’ve always been a feisty guy, but since the war itself, there are people that I didn’t like, but I saw them suffer and it changed me. I promised myself that I would never tell a lie, never hurt another human being, and I would try to make the world as positive as I could.” ~ Jack Kirby

Thank you, Jack, for everything.  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSEPH GRAHAM SUGG!!! ❤️ I love you more than I could ever explain! You’ve been brightening my life and making me smile and laugh more than I probably should since 2014. xxx You are the most amazing human being. I hope you have the best day (and that morning sex with Caspar was fantastic)!!! ❤️❤️❤️ SO MUCH LOVE!!!

042. businessman!namjoon (M)

042. โ€œmy parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on.โ€œย 
(M) for very, veryย suggestive content. aka why itโ€™s under the cut. ๐Ÿ™ˆ

From the moment Namjoon walked out of the door, heading to work in a suit that could make hundreds of women (and men) fall to their knees for him, you had been the one person that could make himย do just that. There are days where you feel playful and albeit it may get out of hand (and decency to the public), today, at least, youโ€™re doing very well at being private with your needs and with that, only a voice message.

That drives Namjoon insane that he took a break from work to drive all the way home to hit homeย the moment he walks through the door and pins you down on the sofa.ย 

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Happy Birthday Park Jimin!

Happy birthday mochi, manggaetok, chim chim, chimmy, bangtan’s baby boy ;) lolol

Happy birthday to the most beautiful and amazing human being ever.

I just love everything about you.

Your flaws are my most favourite thing ever,

Everything about you, from head to toes, 100% perfect

Please remember that we are so glad you are a part of BTS because without you there is no BTS

I love you so much,

May u have the best birthday ever

an army who can’t stop crying bcs of how much jimin had grown up to be the best human ever